Square's New Reader Works With The Smart Credit Cards Of The Future

Magnetic strips are an outdated credit card tech. In the future, we’ll hopefully all be on chip-based smart credit cards that help prevent fraud. To that end, Square has plans to push out a new version of its mobile credit card reader that can read the EMV smart cards that will be adopted by some of the biggest banks.

The Commonwealth Bank Is Launching A Square Competitor

Square hasn’t even launched in Australia yet, and already the Commonwealth Bank is running scared. The bank has plans this week to launch a small, portable mobile payments device to gobble up the small business payments market before competitors Square, PayPal, MYOB or local rival Westpac have the chance. Meet Emmy.

Square Is Coming To Australia According To Malcolm Turnbull

Federal politicians get downtime during the non-sitting period, and with it they’re encouraged to go on discovery tours overseas, exploring businesses and organisations related to their portfolio. Right now it seems Malcolm Turnbull is in San Francisco with Jack Dorsey, and has broken the news that the mobile payments start-up will expand to Australia soon.

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey's 60 Minutes Interview In Exactly 140 Characters

Last night’s 60 Minutes in the US featured Twitter founder Jack Dorsey timidly answering questions about his company Square, not having an office or desk, and tweeting. Riveting stuff.

Square's Business In A Box Is An One-Stop Startup Kit

Square’s quest for small business domination continues in the form of Business in a Box, a convenient, all-in-one package that intends to get small businesses up, running and using as many Square products as possible.

PayPal Here Australian Hands-On: Beating Square To The Punch Down Under

We’ve all been slowly waiting, wishing and hoping that Square, the mobile payment brainchild of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, would make it to Australia some day. If you can’t wait any longer, maybe try the PayPal alternative? It is free after all.

The Cash Register Of The Future Wraps The iPad In Beautiful Bamboo

You can add the cash register to the list of endangered technologies that tablets and smartphones are killing off. The iPad and Square-powered Cashbox promises to give them one last hurrah before they completely fade away.

What The Hell Happened To Google Wallet's Cash-Free Future?

Almost a year ago, Google held a press conference to announce Google Wallet, an ambitious, multi-faceted plan for a cash-free future in which mobile phones would replace hard currency.

Obama Is Using Square To Take Donations Now

President Obama wants to get re-elected! No surprise there. He also needs your money! Big whoop. He’s going to use Square to get those donations! Hey now, that’s pretty convenient. According to Politico, campaign personnel for Obama are being issued Square credit card readers

Is Digital Money The New Way To Buy Drugs?

I’m not gonna name names, but someone just mentioned paying for weed with a Square account. It’d be equally easy to use Paypal, Venmo, Bitcoin (RIP) or any of the myriad mobile payment systems that allow you to send money from your phone.

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