You Could Soon Slap Barcodes On Your Sperm Or Egg

It seems like we’re putting QR codes on pretty much everything these days. And that could soon include your sex cells.

In A Snake Orgy, Ejaculate Can Get Expensive

Every spring, male red-sided garter snakes enter the mother of all meat markets. While mature males can breed every year, females are only fertile once every three years, which puts them in very short supply. The result? Snake orgy, obviously. But for male snakes, this sexual free-for-all comes at a surprisingly high cost.

Ant Sperm Can Swim Faster Than Other Sperm Because It Works As A Team

I know you didn’t know you wanted to know about ant sperm but now you know: This weird spaghetti monster is sperm produced by the desert ant Cataglyphis savignyi. According to a new study published in Biology Letters, its sperm can swim faster because it works in teams.

These Robotic Sperm Could Change The Way In-Vitro Fertilisation Works

A team of Dutch engineers just published the details of a curious new invention: tiny robotic sperm that can be controlled with a weak magnetic field. Like real sperm, these so-called MagnetoSperm flip their tails to swim towards their target. Unlike real sperm, they’re made of metal-coated polymer.

Australian Researchers Find The World's Oldest Sperm

You’re looking at the world’s oldest sperm. At 17 million years old, it’s not quite as lively as it once was — but it still took scientists some serious investigation to identify it.

Your Sperm Are Ticking, Mutating Time Bombs

Everyone knows that as men age so do their sperm, slowing a little and becoming less… potent. But research suggests that sperm actually mutate with age — which in turn could increase the chances of fathering a child with a genetic disorder.

Heart Cells Power This Swimming, Sperm-Like Robot

Say what you will about these sperm-like bio-bots; they have heart. The beating of live heart cells propels a tail back and forth, so that these self-powered swimming bio-bots — the first of their kind — could one day wriggle through your body delivering drugs. No batteries needed.

This Tingly Cold Underwear Will Make Your Sperm Swim Better

Your underwear can save your sperm. Or at least that’s what Snowballs believes. What’s Snowballs? A type of cooling underwear that basically uses ice packs for “scrotal cooling”. Ball air conditioning, basically. It’s for the kids.

Why Is The USDA Storing 700,000 Vials Of Frozen Sperm In Colorado?

When a drive through America’s heartland showcases kilometre after kilometre of cow-filled field, it’s easy to overlook the most sobering of all possibilities. These wonderful delicious animals could all get wiped out one day, leaving the world burger-less and milk-free. Don’t worry. The USDA is on the case.

Sperm Captured In 3D For The First Time Reveals Corkscrew Swimming Patterns

Scientists, bless their brains, have finally tracked the paths of sperm in 3D. It’s the first time they’ve been successful in 3D-mapping the trajectory of sperm and it’s revealed a few things about those drippy critters: some sperm swim in corkscrew-like patterns and others are ‘hyperactive’ and hectic. Your sperm has strokes, dude.