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Meet The Protein That Plugs A Sperm Into An Egg During Fertilisation

The successful union of egg and sperm in fertilisation depends on a sperm cell’s ability to get through an egg’s thick protective coating and latch itself to its membrane. A study published in the journal Andrology yesterday gives us our first look at the protein responsible for the tie-down.

What Happens To Sperm Once They're Inside A Woman?

A sperm’s journey from vagina to egg is only 15cm long, but it’s a race with attrition.

Here's How Men Make 200 Million Sperm Every Day

Human testes are masters of mass production, spitting out sperm at a rate of 200 million per day. But that doesn’t mean the process is fast — it takes 64 days to make a sperm. The organ keeps the count high with an assembly-line anatomy that scales up sperm development from a trickle to a flood.

Why This Adorable Australian Squid Cuddles For Hours After Sex

Southern dumpling squids (Euprymna tasmanica) are natives of shallow, sandy Australian sea beds, and their small, squat bodies and huge eyes combine to make them one of the most frickin-adorable animals on the planet. They spend their days hiding under the sand, but at night they’re tenacious lovers.

A New Way To Track Sperm Could Make IVF Easier

When men don’t have any sperm in their ejaculate and they’re trying for a baby with their partner, doctors try and extract the swimmers directly from their testicles instead. Success rates of the process are strangely low — but a new way of tracking sperm could help improve things.

The First Person Who Ever Saw Sperm Cells Collected Them From His Wife

It’s a bright day in 1677, in the city of Delft, and Antonie van Leeuwenhoek is making love to his wife. But moments after he shudders with orgasm, he hurries out of bed to grab his microscope. After all, he’s not just spending time with his wife: he’s running an important scientific experiment at the request of the Royal Society in London.

You Could Soon Slap Barcodes On Your Sperm Or Egg

It seems like we’re putting QR codes on pretty much everything these days. And that could soon include your sex cells.

In A Snake Orgy, Ejaculate Can Get Expensive

Every spring, male red-sided garter snakes enter the mother of all meat markets. While mature males can breed every year, females are only fertile once every three years, which puts them in very short supply. The result? Snake orgy, obviously. But for male snakes, this sexual free-for-all comes at a surprisingly high cost.

Ant Sperm Can Swim Faster Than Other Sperm Because It Works As A Team

I know you didn’t know you wanted to know about ant sperm but now you know: This weird spaghetti monster is sperm produced by the desert ant Cataglyphis savignyi. According to a new study published in Biology Letters, its sperm can swim faster because it works in teams.

These Robotic Sperm Could Change The Way In-Vitro Fertilisation Works

A team of Dutch engineers just published the details of a curious new invention: tiny robotic sperm that can be controlled with a weak magnetic field. Like real sperm, these so-called MagnetoSperm flip their tails to swim towards their target. Unlike real sperm, they’re made of metal-coated polymer.

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