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Males Born Through Popular Reproductive Technique Have Low Sperm Counts

A popular fertility treatment introduced in the early 1990s has been linked to low sperm counts in men born from the procedure. Scientists aren’t entirely sure why this is happening, but it’s entirely possible that fathers are passing their fertility issues down to the next generation.

Scientists Have Bred Live Mice With No Need For Fertilised Eggs

For the first time ever, scientists have produced live mice without a fertilised egg cell. The potentially revolutionary technique could one day allow gay men to produce biological offspring, or — even more radically — allow both men and women to self-fertilise.

Freezing Your Sperm For The Olympics Is A Silly Thing To Do

In preparation for the upcoming Olympics in Brazil, a British long jump champion is planning to freeze his sperm just in case he contracts Zika. It’s meant as a precaution to prevent any future children from developing birth defects, but in reality it’s a complete overreaction based on unfounded fears.

Why Do Tiny Fruit Flies Have Giant Sperm?

Fruit flies have enormous sperm. This is a well known fact in the scientific community — so well known, in fact, that there’s a name for it: the big sperm paradox. But the massive, spermy problem has long confounded scientists, who couldn’t figure out why such a tiny creature needed such humongous baby batter soldiers. Until now.

This On-Off Switch For Sperm Could Lead To Better Male Birth Control

Researchers have just found an on-off switch for sperm movement. This has the potential to help men who are infertile, but it also has the potential to help all men. It could be an effective form of male birth control.

Scientists Have Created Functional Sperm From Stem Cells

Scientists from China have made history by taking a cell that’s not a sperm cell and then used it to create a live animal. A similar technique could be used one day to treat infertility in humans.

The Older You Get, The More Likely It Is You'll Have Mutated 'Selfish' Sperm Cells

It’s well established that older men are more likely to pass on a genetic disorder to their offspring, but we’re learning more about why this happens: As men age, their sperm mutates more frequently. This is bad news for men who want to have children later in life.

Cyborg Sperm Could Revolutionise Fertility Treatments

Some men produce sperm that are poor swimmers, a major cause of infertility. To help, researchers from Germany have developed motorised cyborg “spermbots” that can be guided directly to an egg.

Scientists Can Now Make Fake Sperm Swim 

What you’re seeing in this video is obviously a sperm cell, except it was made in a lab, not a testicle. It’s designed to show how passive elastic swimming can mimic, fairly well, the motions that allow sperm (or fish) to swim.

This Is Why A Mouse's Sperm Is Longer Than An Elephant's Sperm

A mouse’s sperm is much, much larger than an elephant’s sperm. A fruit fly produces the longest sperm known to science. Why do tiny animals make big swimmers, but large animals make small ones?

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