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Pluto's Liquid Water Ocean Might Be Insanely Deep

In recent months, there’s been growing evidence that Pluto is hiding a liquid water ocean beneath its frozen surface. New models by researchers at Brown University support this hypothesis, and take it one mind-boggling step further: Pluto’s ocean may be more than 100km deep.

We Now Know What Caused The Weird Eruptions On Rosetta's Comet

Last winter, something strange happened on Rosetta’s comet. After a period of calm, the comet began erupting, throwing huge jets of comet dust into space before abruptly stopping. Now, we finally know what happened.

SpaceX Figured Out Why Its Expensive Rocket Exploded

Earlier this month, we watched a SpaceX rocket — fully loaded with its satellite — explode suddenly and inexplicably. At the time, the cause remained a mystery, but now SpaceX’s engineers have traced the flaw to its source.

How The Rosetta Spacecraft Will Crash Onto Comet 67P

In just seven days, the Rosetta spacecraft will smash into Comet 67P. A new visualisation shows how it will go down.

Astronomers Solve Mystery Of Enormous Space Blob

It’s a happy day when astronomers figure out what’s up with an enormous space blob — and the answer doesn’t imply the immediate destruction of humanity.

NASA Is Just Trolling Flat Earthers Now

Flat Earthers, in addition to believing the world is flat, also believe that every single image of earth taken from space has been photoshopped.

And honest to Christ, looking at this new photo of Saturn, I’m starting to wonder myself.

The Best Astronomy Images Of 2016 Are Truly Out Of This World

Image Cache: The winners of the annual Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year have been announced. From eerie eclipses through to battered lunar landscapes, these images are an absolute treat.

Pluto Is Emitting X-Rays, And That's Really Weird

Something very strange is going on around Pluto. The icy world that sits some 5.9 billion kilometres from the Sun appears to be emitting X-rays — high energy radiation associated with gases with temperatures of a million degrees. That makes Pluto the furthest known X-ray source in our solar system. If confirmed, the finding could reshape our understanding of the dwarf planet’s atmosphere.

Watch The World's Fastest Rocket Launch Into Space Live [Updated]

Look up — but make sure you do it quickly. The world’s fastest rocket, United Launch Alliance’s Atlas V, is launching into space this morning, and you can watch it happen at 4:30AM AEST.

Our Best Glimpse Yet Of A Disintegrating Comet

Astronomers working with the Hubble Space Telescope have captured unprecedented images of a comet in the process of disintegration. It’s our clearest view yet of this celestial phenomenon in action.

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