Monster Machines: NASA's New Recoverable Telescope Will Float Above The Clouds By Balloon

Both terrestrial telescopes and their orbital counterparts have some pretty significant limitations — ground based observatories must deal with the obscuring effects of the Earth’s atmosphere and space telescopes are incredibly expensive to launch. But NASA’s newest telescope will deliver space-quality observations at a Earth-bound ‘scope price.

New Interstellar Poster And Trailers Show More Of The Spaceship

I’m so stoked about this movie that I may start wearing my spaceman pyjamas out of the house. So stoked that, even while I’m always against trailers, I’m glad they keep releasing new material, like the banner and the barrage of international and TV trailers below.

A Real Battle In Space Would Be Boring, Slow And Deadly

No one really knows what an actual space battle would look like, or even how it would be conducted. The conditions we’re used to on Earth — having an atmosphere and the pull of gravity — aren’t so applicable in the vast expanse above us. Of course, we can still theorise about the details based on our current knowledge and well, if you were expecting Star Trek or Star Wars to be on the money, prepare to be disappointed.

7 Gadgets Rosetta Is Sending To The Surface Of The Comet

Last week, the European Space Agency announced a final date — November 11 — for when it will release its Rosetta lander, a tiny pod called Philae, down to the surface of the comet. Like a cosmic hobo carrying a stick and bindle, it will travel laden with only the essentials. Thanks to Universe Today, ESA, and NASA, we know what it’s bringing.

Each Of These Panoramic Pictures Is Its Own Tiny Twisted Planet

There are heaps of 360-degree panoramic images out there, but Russian photographer Andrew Bodov’s latest work totally twists my mind. He depicts rockets, Mars rover Curiosity, statues of science and faith all embraced into lovely micro worlds, so simple and neat they could make a sweet set of scenery for a 21st century Little Prince. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

India's Space Probe Successfully Enters Mars Orbit

India just cemented its place as a space power and put NASA’s billions to shame, with the news that its $US74 million space probe just entered Mars orbit.

A Bunch Of US High-Schoolers Broke The Paper Airplane World Record

A ‘science’ project for high school kids normally involves making a poster of the periodic table, or perhaps torching things with a small gas burner if your science teacher is a bit Walter White. If you’re also a cadet with the Civil Aviation Patrol, on the other hand, you can make a computer-controlled, record-breaking paper airplane.

10 Strange Projects In Development At NASA

NASA is pursuing future cosmic exploration with some rather unexpected whimsy. Occasionally fantastical but always backed by concrete science, here are 10 of the most awesomely strange projects NASA’s scientists are cooking up.

We're Finally Going To Be Able To Track Missing Airliners

It’s only taken two major crashes and untold millions in search operations, but the world is finally going to have the capability to track airliners anywhere in the world. A collaboration between Iridium and Nav Canada will see a constellation of 66 — count ‘em — satellites in orbit by 2017, and hopefully the tracking will be operational a year after that.

Monster Machines: Everything You Need To Know About NASA's New Mars Orbiter

It took just ten months for NASA’s water-seeking satellite to traverse the 711 million kilometres between Earth and Mars. And, now that it has successfully entered stable orbit around the red planet, it’s time to get to work figuring out where the heck all that water went.

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