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Can We Create Artificial Gravity?

Yes, we can. We can totally create the artificial gravity seen in movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey or Elysium, it will just cost a lot of freaking money and require a lot of freaking resources. Real Engineering explains how centrifugal force works as artificial gravity and estimates (using maths cribbed from how much the ISS costs) the cost needed to build it: only around five trillion dollars and 10 years of the world’s total aluminium production. And that’s just for starters.

We're Getting Really Close To Jupiter

Image Cache: On July 4, NASA’s Juno spacecraft will arrive in orbit around Jupiter for a new scientific mission that seeks to solve the decades-long mystery of what lies beneath the gas giant’s swirling cloud tops. As the latest stunning image from the spacecraft’s approach shows, we’re getting really close.

NASA's Mars-Bound Rocket Just Passed A Major Test

To get the world’s most powerful rocket off the ground, it’s going to take some serious thrust from its rocket boosters. Today, NASA successfully tested one of those 70-tonne rocket boosters by lighting it up at full power — all while never leaving the ground.

This Picture Shows Something Strange Happening In Jupiter's Atmosphere

Next week, Juno — the solar-powered spacecraft that’s been closing in on Jupiter since 2011 — will arrive to orbit the planet and send us back photos and data. But already, researchers have taken an infrared view of the planet that reveals an incredibly active atmosphere.

Ancient Mars Was Even More Earth-Like Than We Imagined

New findings from NASA’s Curiosity Rover provide evidence that significant amounts of oxygen once permeated the atmosphere of ancient Mars. The Red Planet, it would seem, was more Earth-like than we thought.

The Detail In This Apollo 11 Poster Is Almost As Amazing As The Trip Itself

Apollo 11 is the most famous space flight of all time, due to it being the trip that first brought human beings to the moon. Now, you can get a bit closer to what Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins experienced back in July 1969.

These Astronauts Are Getting Sealed In A Cave To Practise Life In Space

An underground cave is precisely the wrong direction if you’re hoping to go into space — so why is the European Space Agency sending the latest batch of ISS-bound astronauts on a spelunking expedition? To practise for life in a sealed tin can, of course.

What Those Frost Patterns On Your Car Window Have To Do With Ice In Space

As we head into winter, many people will see these frosty figures show up on their windows, or on the hoods of their cars. And even though you’re seeing them here on earth, such patterns are excellent examples of how ice forms in outer space.

Hubble Will Continue To Fly Until 2021

Fact: The Hubble Telescope is a better photographer than you or I will ever be. Now, it’s going to keep right on showing us all up… at least for the next five years.

A Mysterious Dark Vortex Just Appeared Over Neptune

No need to worry, everything is fine! It’s just that a mysterious dark vortex has opened up in the skies over Neptune.

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