The Russian Space Sex Lizards Are Dead

I hope you’re sitting down at your desk or on a train or something, for I have tidings of great sorrow: the Russian space sex lizards have died.

Just Look At This Majestic Image Of Light And Dark In Our Universe.

Image Cache: Just look at this majestic image of light and dark in our Universe. The latest image from the Hubble Space Telescope, it shows young stellar objects, a number of bright stars and a reflection of the nebula known as [B77] 63. Ain’t it pretty. [ESA]

Monster Machines: NASA Approves Construction Of The World's Most Powerful Rocket

For all the super-cool and otherworldly space vehicle and satellite concepts that NASA engineers dream up, only a very small percentage of them ever make it off the drawing board and onto the production line. But the next generation Space Launch System is now part of that select few, having completed NASA’s rigorous review process and been found worthy of actual development.

Over 650 Photos From Astronauts Onboard The ISS, In One Amazing Map

Follow any astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station on Twitter and you’re guaranteed to see stunning photo after stunning photo, showing off the glorious wonder the stars have to offer. If you’d like a more organised way of viewing this constantly evolving gallery, complete with a map of Earth pointing out where each shot was taken, there’s now a website for that.

We'll Soon Know What Space Whisky Tastes Like

Along with being insanely awesome, having a permanent, human-inhabited structure such as the ISS orbiting Earth gives us the opportunity to just put stuff in space simply to see what happens to it. NASA’s got the whole plants-on-the-moon thing covered, leaving the ISS available for more important work… like observing, and eventually tasting, zero-G whisky.

Why Are Stars Star-Shaped?

Our sun is spherical, so why is it that other stars look… star-shaped in the night sky? Actually, it’s all down to the quirks of light and your (imperfect) eyes.

Monster Machines: NASA Is Tearing Down One Of The Last Vestiges Of Its Shuttle Program

How do you strap an 80-tonne Space Shuttle to the back of a 19m tall 747? You use this metal monstrosity. Or, you did, before the program ended in 2011. Now, after nearly four decades of service, NASA’s tearing it down.

Scientists Find Water Clouds Outside The Solar System For The First Time

This beautiful purple jewel is an artist rendition of W0855 — a Jupiter-sized brown dwarf 7.3 light-years from Earth. If the scientists who just published a new paper on its composition are right, it’s the first object outside the solar system in which we have observed water clouds – an amazing discovery.

This Is Where Rosetta's Lander May Touch Down On Its Comet

It’s not long since Rosetta reached Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, but European Space Agency scientists have already been working out where its Philae lander may be able to touch down on the piece of rock. In fact, five candidate sites have been suggested so far.

A Sneak Peek Into The Guts Of The New European Space Shuttle

Briefly: Photographer Enrico Sacchetti got a peek of Europe’s new experimental space shuttle, the Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle, and sent us this cool photo of its guts. The IXV will be launched from Kourou, French Guiana, in October 2014.

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