Not Quite Human Bones On Mars

Briefly: Wait, is that… human bones on Mars? Not quite, conspiracy theorists. In fact it’s just a rock that happens to look a little bit like a femur thigh bone. It was snapped by the Mars rover Curiosity using its MastCam. [NASA]

SpaceX Rocket Exploded In The Air During A Test Launch

Video: Well, that’s not supposed to happen. A SpaceX rocket exploded during a test flight in Texas earlier today. This was the second test for the three engine version of SpaceX’s reusable Falcon 9 rocket. There were no injuries.

Why NASA Launched One Of The Blackest Materials Ever Made Into Space

A few years ago, we looked at NASA’s long project to design a paint so black, it would absorb nearly every bit of light around it (that’s it above, in the “D” spot). Now, NASA has finally launched the stuff into space — which means that the six-year effort to make it is finally paying off. So, why is this such a vital project for NASA?

What Is The Massive Green Oceanic Glow That Surrounds Bangkok At Night?

This stunning picture of the city of Bangkok, Thailand at night time was taken from the ISS by astronaut Reid Wiseman. Well, the concentrated bright white light was the city at least. The emerald green surrounding it? The astronaut had no idea. Was it nuclear waste? Glow in the dark algae? Alien sea monsters?

Cargo Ships Arriving At The ISS Are Guided In Using A Plastic Ruler

You’re looking at the European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst as he guided in the Automated Transfer Vehicle 5 to dock with the International Space Station on August 12th. In his hand? A simple plastic ruler.

Space Station Cosmonauts Find Life In The Vacuum Of Space

The Russian press agency ITAR-TASS is reporting something so surprising that I’m having a hard time believing it: Cosmonauts have found microorganisms on the exterior of the International Space Station. Russian scientists are shocked by this discovery and can’t really explain how it is possible.

Beautiful Images Of Astronauts Releasing Nanosatellites Into Space

This is Oleg Artemyev. In his hand is a tiny satellite, known as a nanosatellite, called Chasqui 1 — and he’s about to throw it into the wilds of space.

NASA Wants You To Sift Through Its Astronauts' Photos

NASA has a problem, and it wants you to help. Since the ’50s, it’s amassed 1.8 million images of Earth from space — and it needs your assistance in working out exactly what they’re of.

A Little Blurry?

Briefly: A little blurry? Perhaps, but this is a three-second exposure taken from aboard the ISS. As astronaut Reid Wiseman points out, it “shows how crazy our atmosphere really is.” [Reid Wiseman]

What Is This, Breaking Bad In Space?

Briefly: Not quite. This is actually European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst venturing into the Automated Transfer Vehicle Georges Lemaitre for the first time since it recently docked with the ISS. The face mask is to avoid the inhalation of any dust or debris created during its journey. [ESA]