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Researchers Just Discovered Hundreds Of Galaxies Hidden Behind The Milky Way

Astronomers just uncovered hundreds of hidden galaxies a mere 250 million light years away from Earth — well within our own galactic neighbourhood. But how did they stay unknown for so long? The fault isn’t with them, it’s with our own Milky Way.

This Snowy Soyuz Launch Looks Like A Space-Themed Christmas Card

Image Cache: On Sunday, a Soyuz-2.1b rocket was successfully launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia’s northern space port, carrying a 1415kg Glonass navigation satellite into orbit. And boy was it snowy.

A Suspected Meteorite Has Killed A Man In India

An 11 gram object, believed to be a meteorite, has killed a 40 year old bus driver in Tamil Nadu, India.

This Is How NASA Transports Spacecraft In An Aircraft

Image Cache: One of our favourite weird cargo aeroplanes, NASA’s Super Guppy, was caught in action again last week. The Megamind impersonator carried the Orion crew module pressure vessel from NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility, in New Orleans, to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

These Are The First Photos Taken From The Surface Of The Moon In 37 Years

In 2013, China became the third country to land a vehicle on the moon. Now, a trove of photos from Chang’e-3’s historic expedition — 35 Gigabytes in all — are easily searchable on the web. These are our first fresh images taken from the surface of Earth’s nearest neighbour in forty years.

SpaceX Is Gearing Up To Build Lots And Lots Of New Rockets

It’s been a few really good months for SpaceX, and now, the commercial spaceflight company is kicking rocket production into high gear in anticipation of a packed launch schedule.

There's Something Very Ominous Going On Near This Supermassive Black Hole

What’s this, you ask? Oh, it’s nothing. Just a supermassive black hole blasting a giant x-ray beam over a 300,000 light year-wide gulf of intergalactic space.

The Mystery Of Pluto's Moving Hills Has Finally Been Solved

Something strange has been happening on the surface of Pluto. There’s a series of hills, each about a couple of kilometres across, and they appear to be moving.

The Long Hunt For New Objects In Our Expanding Solar System

Recognise these planet names: Vulcan, Neptune, Pluto, Nemesis, Tyche and Planet X? They all have one thing in common: their existence was predicted to account for unexplained phenomena in our solar system.

While the predictions of Neptune and Pluto proved correct, Nemesis and Tyche probably don’t exist. Now we have another contender, Planet Nine – the existence of which astronomers predicted last month – but we may need to wait ten or more years for it to be confirmed.

We Finally Know What's Inside Rosetta's Comet

Scientists have long pondered what lies beneath the surface of comet 67P, but a study out in Nature this week has the answer: dust. Lots and lots of dust. I was hoping for space gremlins, but to planetary scientists this result is almost as exciting.

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