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This Is Just Too Much: Lightning Illuminates The ISS With The Milky Way As A Backdrop

Briefly: What could be more majestic than seeing a flash of lightning on Earth reflecting on the solar panels of the International Space Station, soaring at 27,600km/h 400km above us? How about all of that, with the expanse of the Milky Way twinkling in the background. I can’t imagine a view better that this one, which was captured by NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren a few hours ago. Thank you, flight engineer Lindgren!

Yesterday's AtlasV Launch Was Nothing Short Of Stellar

Special atmospheric conditions created amazing views for today’s United Launch Alliance launch as an Atlas V rocket carrying MUOS-4, the fourth Mobile User Objective System satellite for the US Navy was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral at 6.18am EDT (8.18pm AEST), just before sunrise.

You Can Now Buy The Standards Manual Behind NASA's Lost Logo

You know it when you see it: The smooth, soaring typeface with two uncrossed A’s. NASA’s so-called “worm” logo is a beloved symbol of space exploration even decades after it was retired. Now, thanks to Pentagram, you can relive the glory days of design and America’s space agency on your coffee table.

A Really Small Telescope Captured This Gorgeous Galaxy Image

Astronomers say this view of the Andromeda Galaxy is probably similar to what the Milky Way Galaxy would look like from outside.

Part Of A Rocket Engine Landed In This Guy's Living Room

Part of a rocket engine crashes through the roof of a house in northeast China’s Shanxi province early Friday morning.

NASA Just Sealed Six People In A Dome For A Year To Practice Mars

Life on Mars may sound glamorous, but in reality it’s going to mean a lot of time crammed in a small bubble with a few other humans. This could end very badly. So to practice, NASA has taken to sticking people in domes and keeping them isolated for months on end.

A Double Black Hole Powers A Brilliant Galactic Star Factory 

Six hundred million light years away, a pair of black holes spiral furiously about one another at the brilliant core of a starburst galaxy.

New Orleans' Marshes Are Still Recovering From Katrina

Hurricane Katrina’s damage wasn’t all to man-made objects: the storm also hit the marshes and swamps surrounding New Orleans. The city has done a good job of regrowing over the last decade, but the landscape is still showing scars.

Buzz Aldrin Has A Plan To Get Humans To Mars

Everybody’s talking about heading to Mars these days. But Buzz Aldrin, legendary figure from a space long past, might actually get to the job done.

This Video Of A Soyuz Redocking At The ISS Is Better Than Any Sci-Fi Film

The Russian Space Agency published this stunning video a few weeks ago, showing how a Soyuz spacecraft dedocks at the International Space Station — from the perspective of the spacecraft.

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