MIT's New BioSuit Shrinkwraps Astronauts To Hold Them Together

Our current spacesuits are awesome pieces of technology, but they certainly have their limitations. This is why MIT scientists (and NASA itself) have been working on a next generation spacesuit. And their latest innovation is super futuristic.

An Organisation Wants To Send You To Space For Free (Maybe)

Always wanted to go to space, but put off by Richard Branson’s beard (or the hundreds of thousands of dollars he also wants)? A US not-for-profit might be able to get you there on the cheap — but better get crossing those fingers.

I Want To Live In These Cool Visions Of The Far Future By Alex Ries

I love Alex Ries’ sci-fi illustrations because they feel more close enough to our current reality to be truly believable, like some lost far-future NASA concept mission designs. Even his alien creatures feel biologically plausible.

Impressive Photo Of A Spaceship Over 400 Million Kilometres From Earth

Photo: You are looking at a photo of a spaceship flying 402.3 million kilometres away from Earth. It’s Rosetta, floating in the pitch black vacuum of space photographed by its Philae daughtership, a lander that will soon arrive to the object on the background, the comet Churyumov — Gerasimenko.

This Magestic Mess Is Lake Gairdner National Park In Australia

Briefly: This majestic mess of curves and swirls isn’t modern art but Lake Gairdner National Park in Australia. Hot and dry in the summer but a flooded salt lake in the wet, it’s perhaps most majestic when seen from this angle. [ESA]

Virgin Galactic Has Delayed Its First Flight

Things don’t always run smoothly for Virgin Galactic, although it is increasingly making progress. Now, those eager to make it into space on a plane may have more of a wait than they’d like though — because the company has had to push back its maiden voyage.

Short Film: A Cute Cat With A Mean Spacesuit Faces Some Evil Alien Bees

Video: This short film by French director Loïc Bramoullé displays the coolest spacesuit I’ve ever seen. Not just because its mean range of weapons, but also for its (artificial) intelligence to make decisions that protect its owner — a cute cat that seems a bit out of place — from things like evil alien bees.

Low Gravity Makes Astronauts Fall Over

In the good old days of moonwalks, NASA astronauts fell over quite a lot. But they weren’t being clumsy or struggling with their suits: despite what you might think, low gravity actually makes it harder for astronauts to say upright.

Here's The Rosetta Spacecraft Lining Up Its Asteroid Landing Shot

After a decade of interplanetary travel and a harrowing orbital entry, the ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft is finally cruising within 50 kilometers of its target, the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko asteroid. To commemorate the momentous event, the Rosetta snapped this selfie with its target in the background. Up next: landing on the rapidly spinning space rock.

Here's Some Great 4K Space Porn To Test Your Expensive Display

Like space timelapses? Spend a lot of money on monitors and TVs? Then today is your lucky day, because this time-lapse, shot by astronaut Alexander Gerst, will let you enjoy both at once. (It also looks perfectly lovely on a normal display too.)

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