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Here's What Being On Mars Sounds Like

Video: None of us will probably never make it to the red planet, but if you want to get a feel for what Mars would sound like (or hear what it’s like from inside an airlock), saddle up with this video from Cody’s Lab. He drops a camera inside a vacuum chamber and then turns down the pressure to mimic what it’s like on Mars. He actually makes it so that there’s no air inside the chamber at all, which means that sound can’t be created. It’s pretty chilling to hear that sort of silence (even if we hear silence all the time).

How Life Could Survive On The Newly Discovered Exoplanet Proxima B

After a week of rampant speculation, astronomers have officially announced the discovery of Proxima b, a potentially habitable world circling our nearest neighbouring star. But even as engineers prepare for an interstellar voyage to scope out Proxima b for signs of life, some experts warn that M dwarf systems like Proxima Centauri may be unable to support life at all.

These Images Of Saturn's Wavy Rings Hurt My Brain

Space is a freaky place, and few people understand that as well as NASA software engineer Kevin Gill. He regularly uses real data to inspire works of art he renders using complicated computer software. In the past, he has created visualisations of what Mars would look like if it were inhabited and what Earth would look like if it had rings. Now, he’s released a series of images that show Saturn’s moon Daphnis and its unusual relationship with the planet’s rings.

We Get A Happy Ending To The Saga Of NASA's Lost Spacecraft STEREO-B

If movies about space have taught us anything, it’s that no one can hear you scream. If you get lost in space, nobody’s going to find you. Unless you’re a spacecraft with a direct link to NASA. Then there is hope for you yet.

This Is What The Perseid Meteor Shower Looked Like Around The World

Looks like the logo for our 1950s film production company. Actually, it’s more complicated than that (even though we would still like to use it when we go back in time to take down Universal).

Maybe We Don't Have To Nuke Mars (So Much) After All

Terraforming Mars could be our only option once we screw this planet up beyond repair, but how exactly are we going to do it? One popular scheme involves releasing truckloads of nuclear warheads over the poles, unlocking billions of tonnes of frozen carbon dioxide and triggering a runaway greenhouse.

A Zombie Star Just Went Thermonuclear

In 2009, a binary star that had been flaring up for years suddenly exploded, growing millions of times brighter in a cosmic blink. Now, after carefully studying the lead up to and aftermath of the extraordinary event, a team of Polish astronomers describes what happened in a new scientific paper. Basically, a zombie star charged up and went thermonuclear — and it could happen again.

SpaceX And Boeing Are Getting A Parking Spot On The ISS

Late next year, if all goes to plan, SpaceX and Boeing will begin sending American astronauts up to the International Space Station, ending Russia’s monopoly on the ticket to orbit. In anticipation of the new space taxis, NASA is now building its commercial partners a parking spot.

A Fireball Over The Grand Canyon Makes Planet Earth Look Extraterrestrial

Image Cache: If you, like me, are a space nerd living in a city, then you can appreciate the struggle of finding clear skies to watch a meteor shower. But while I couldn’t make it out from under Philly’s omnipresent light pollution umbrella last week, I got a taste of the Perseid meteor shower thanks to the brilliant work of astrophotographer Harun Mehmedinovic.

In Case You Missed It, SpaceX Successfully Launched Another Satellite

SpaceX’s eighth launch this year proved successful Sunday morning, when a Falcon 9 rocket landed on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship after launching a Japanese communications satellite into orbit.

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