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Distant Dwarf Planet Makemake Has Its Very Own Moon

Researchers working with the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered a moon in orbit around Makemake, a distant minor-planet that’s about two-thirds the size of Pluto.

We Finally Know What Happened To Japan's Lost Black Hole Satellite

After a full month spinning out of control in space, Japan’s Space Agency has finally figured out how it lost control of Hitomi, a very expensive satellite that was hunting for black holes. This also means the agency will never get it back.

Why On Earth Are Saturn's Rings Crossing Each Other?

Image Cache: If this feels like an optical illusion, your Saturn sense is dead on. The gas giant’s rings don’t crisscross at 90 degree angles. They do, however, cast shadows, a fact which the latest shot from the Cassini spacecraft illustrates beautifully.

An Electric Look At A Solar Flare On The Sun

Video: It always makes for a beautiful video whenever the suns lashes out with a solar flare. Here’s one from earlier this month. You can see how electric its movement are — it just whips up and explodes. The footage was captured in different wavelengths and then colour coded so that we can see what’s happening in better detail. In this case, in 4K detail.

Saturn's Moon Titan Is Looking Even More Earth-Like

The Cassini mission is sending us better and better data and images of just what’s happening on the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan. And it’s beginning to look awfully familiar…

Researchers Discover Ancient Observations Of A 1006 AD Supernova

Ancient astronomers have long been providing observations of supernovae, such as SN 185 by Chinese astronomers in 185 AD; SN 1054, which produced the Crab Nebula; and SN 1006, the brightest stellar event ever recorded. Now, a new paper has uncovered a new observation of the 1006 event.

A Dozen Black Holes Are Mysteriously Spewing Energy In The Same Direction

Something strange is going on in a distant corner of our universe. About a dozen supermassive black holes are all shooting enormous jets of energy in roughly the same direction. It could be a cosmic coincidence — but some astronomers suspect there are larger forces at play.

Astronaut Tim Peake Ran The London Marathon Onboard The ISS

Here’s a way to keep in shape while in space: run a marathon. That’s what UK Astronaut Tim Peake did as he orbits above the Earth on the International Space Station.

Pluto Isn't The Only Thing New Horizons Is Studying

New Horizons has been sending back some incredible information about Pluto, but the Dwarf planet isn’t the only thing it’s been studying. NASA recently noted that the spacecraft’s vantage point is ideal for studying solar wind and it’s been doing just that.

Breathtaking Visualisation Of The Universe Will Make You Feel Like An Ant

On the grandest scale, our universe is a network of galaxies tied together by the force of gravity. Cosmic Web, a new effort led by cosmologists and designers at Northeastern’s Center for Complex Network Research, offers a roadmap toward understanding how all of those tremendous clusters of stars connect — and the visualisations are stunning.

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