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Video Of All 135 Space Shuttle Launches Is A Rocket Tribute To Space

YouTuber “lunarmodule 5″ is back with another NASA compilation video. This time, it’s a four-screen tribute to the Space Shuttle, showing every launch of the Shuttle’s 135 missions. It will make your spine tingle.

This Fantastic Timelapse Takes You On The Space Shuttle's Final Flight

It may be hard to believe, but it’s already been a full two years since the Space Shuttle Program completed its final mission and put its magnificent fleet of ships into retirement. The last of these to settle into its final resting place was Endeavour, and professional launch photographer Scott Andrews caught it all in this fantastic stop-action video for Time.

This Is What A Shrink-Wrapped Space Shuttle Looks Like

I’ve seen the space shuttle in every possible way and angle. Even at the launch pad at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. But I’ve never seen it completely shrink-wrapped, as if someone just ordered one from Amazon.

Describing Saturn 5 In Simple English Is Difficult But Hilarious

Describing any form of technology in simple English can sometimes be tricky. But try describing a space craft, and suddenly things get much, much harder.

NASA Dismantles The Last Traces Of The Space Shuttle Program

When NASA cleans their garage, they always end up with the largest yard sale in the world. The giant platforms in the photo above are just part of the shuttle-era equipment being removed from the Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building.

Not Even Space Shuttles Can Withstand Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy damaged the Enterprise’s tail. According to a report by, the shelter protecting the shuttle has collapsed, leaving the Enterprise exposed to the elements. [Space]

Is This The Most Stunning Shuttle Flyover Ever?

I don’t know if it’s the most stunning or not — NYC was pretty awesome — but Endeavour looks absolutely magnificent flying over Los Angeles en route to LAX. The sense of scale is absolutely fantastic. What a beautiful shot. Click to see the ultra-HD version. [APOD]

Up Close And Personal With Enterprise, The First Space Shuttle Ever

The Space Shuttle — a wonder of American innovation. Except now the program is dead, and these behemoths are no longer making treks into the great unknown. But that doesn’t make the sight of them any less awe-inspiring.

Watch All The Space Shuttle Launches At Once

Today marks one year since Atlantis roared on Launch Pad 39A en route to the International Space Station. It was the last of the 135 launches in the history of the space shuttle program. Here is an amazing video that shows them all at the same time.

Watch The Space Shuttle Enterprise Float Merrily Up The Hudson River

Today, Space Shuttle Enterprise is making its way up the Hudson River towards the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. See a snippet of the journey, which was rather fantastic, in this video.