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Whether a beginner, a serious aviation enthusiast, or just a fan of gadgets, many of you will have received drones as Christmas gifts. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have surged in popularity and affordability in recent years, and there’s no doubt that recreational drone use is on the rise as a result.


It took "one of the most significant severe thunderstorm outbreaks in recent decades", with seven tornadoes and a storm producing phenomenally damaging wind speeds, to bring down South Australia's power grid and cause a blackout in late September. Although the national electricity market operator and conservative commentators were quick to blame renewable energy, it's now clear that the entire network was at risk — and the blackout could have been lessened had precautionary steps been taken.


Following severe weather taking down vital parts of the electricity network, the entire state of South Australia was plunged into darkness this week — with some areas yet to fully restore power.

Although the cause was seemingly clear, some were quick to blame the state's continued shift towards using renewable energy sources. We spoke to four leading experts about the blackout, and what effect — if any — reliance on clean energy had.


The South Australian Government today announced the legalisation of ride-sharing apps in the state, paving the ways for operators like GoCatch's GoCar and of course, UberX.

Uber has received the news less than enthusiastically, stating "We will review the detail of the Government's proposal and decide whether or not we launch uberX in South Australia. We hope the Government will consider the removal of arbitrary red tape, including unnecessary costs or time delays, that would prevent South Australians from being able to access flexible work when they need it."


Back in November, Attorney-General for South Australia, John Rau, called on the Classification Review Board to reassess how the ratings system was being applied to several high-profile video games on Australian shelves. It was criticised as a huge waste of money, but the Classification Board undertook the review anyway, and now the verdict on said games is in.


You may have seen this ad floating around your social media channels this morning. Just take a second to read it, because if you’re an adult gamer, it will probably see you spit out your corn flakes. What you don’t know about the image is the broader campaign behind it, and the South Australian government appearing to say one thing while doing another, systematically demonising video games and those who play them.


It's been an interesting afternoon in games classifications-land. First off, the South Australian Attorney General John Rau claimed that he'd support an R18+ rating on the proviso that the MA15+ rating was scrapped. Then Gamespot reported that Rau was claiming South Australia would go it alone and launch an R18+ rating regardless of what the Attorneys-General decided at the next SCAG meeting. Turns out that may not actually be the case.


Here's a Gizmodo Pro-tip: If you own a smartphone that's capable of accessing the internet, make sure you've got a data plan as well. Otherwise you'll end up like South Australian MP Russell Wortley who ended up with a $10,500 bill from Telstra after his son downloaded a couple of footy games to his iPhone over NextG.


Yesterday South Australian premiere Mike Rann named John Rau as the new South Australian Attorney General. And the appointment could mean good news for adult gamers...