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Why People Pirate: Funny Because It's True?

We’ve asked before if you buy, rent, beg or steal music or movies online. The question is why? Is it because – as Mark over at Kotaku and the founder of Reddit separately point out – some quarters of the industry make it harder and slower to purchase content legally than it has become to grab it free? Geek comic The Oatmeal picks up on this thread, and as ever, captures the problem perfectly.

US Senate Trying To Sneak In New SOPA Bill?

After the internet bandied up together and killed SOPA, you’d think the government would be a little weary of introducing SOPA-like bills less the internet start a revolution and start calling out dumb politicians. Guess not though, because it looks like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid still wants to censor the internet with a new bill hidden under the mask of cybersecurity. SOPA in sheep’s clothing.

Should You Act On ACTA? What Australians Need To Know

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement certainly sounds, just on the name of the thing alone, like not such a bad idea. But for the basic principles of personal privacy it is, and it’s the latest in the recent rash of acronymic acts that the Internet’s up in arms about. Here’s what we in Australia need to know.

The Newest Internet Law To Worry About

Following in the proud, wide, footsteps of SOPA and PIPA, the US Senate is set to vote on another internet regulation bill this week — and the web is worrying already. Justified? Maybe. Unfortunately, the public isn’t allowed to read it.

Politicians, Please Stop Supporting Laws You Don't Even Understand

Another bill which would have violated the civil liberties of many — Hawaii’s H.B. 2288 Internet Dossier bill — has been pulled off the table following public outrage. And for good reason; the law would have tracked every website Hawaiians visited and linked that browsing history to a name and address. It opened the door to profound first and fourth US amendment violations. But worst of all, it was born out of ignorance.

Hey Nerds, Don't Protest Against The Wrong SOPA

Before a few dense US senators threatened to start shutting down websites without any semblance of due process, there was another SOPA: the Scottish Organic Producers Association. And unfortunately, this small band of farmers found themselves on the receiving end of last week’s public fury.

US Senator Hacked Hard (By Anonymous?)

Senator Chuck Grassley, previously documented for his inability to express a coherent thought via World Wide Web, just had that burden removed: his Twitter account has been hacked. For the first time ever, his tweets make sense!

This Is The Game That The RIAA And The MPAA Want To Play With You

This game doesn’t look like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Unless you are an MPAA and RIAA executive, that is. They love all that handcuff role-playing.

The Australian Government's Stance On Our Own SOPA-Like Law

The Stop Online Piracy Act is on ice for now in the US, but has all the noise it created given our own government ideas on how it would approach the issue of online piracy? There’s some slight cross-over with the filter, yes, but the far-reaching powers that a SOPA-like piece of legislation would grant go way beyond keeping the kids safe, as it were.

US Government Puts SOPA Bill On Hold

According to CNET, US House Rep. Lamar Smith — aka the most vocal proponent of the proposed SOPA legislation — just announced that the House will put the bill on hold.

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