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Sony's A6300 Is A 4K Shooter In A Tiny Mirrorless Package 

Sony’s mirrorless cameras have long been some of the best you can buy. Its new A6300 is positively loaded, and pleasingly compact. And it will cost you.

Sony's New G Master Lenses Are Made For Pros, But The a6300 Camera Is For Everyone

Canon has its red-ringed L lenses for professional (read: cashed-up) photographers, and Nikon has its own gold-ringed competitors. Sony’s the newest entrant into the ring (ha, get it) with its G Master professional lenses; the first three pieces of likely-very-expensive glass for its full-frame E-mount cameras fill two of the three most-demanded focal length ranges for serious snappers.

Say Hello To Sony Interactive Entertainment

Today, Sony announced that it is bringing together Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment in a new entity. It’s called Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Apple, Samsung And Sony Linked To Child Labour Claims In Cobalt Mines 

A new report by Amnesty International claims that Apple, Samsung and Sony are consistently failing to perform the basic checks which are required to ensure that mining operations for essential minerals do not take advantage of child labour.

Who Cares What The Back Of A TV Looks Like?

Over the past few days I’ve heard top executives of two massive electronics companies brag about the design of their television. Normal! Well, it would be if they weren’t talking about the backs of their televisions.

The Future Of TV Is Beautifully Boring And That's A Good Thing

You could say that, historically, televisions are the star of CES. After all, it was at CES in 1998 that the world saw the first ever high-definition TVs. Plasma TVs debuted at CES in 2001, and OLEDs appeared in 2008. This year, however, everything was pretty damn boring. That’s not a bad thing.

Sony's Best CES 2016 Gadgets Are Made For Your Ears And Eyes Alike

Sony’s onto something this year. Its TVs are incredibly bright, but that’s not what caught my attention. It’s the company’s persistence in pushing Hi-Res Audio, and its range of high-quality headphones and speakers, both wired and wireless, that is finally paying off.

Sony's Blinding TV Tech Is So Intense I Can't Even Photograph It

When I walked up to Sony’s new demo for its forthcoming Backlight Master Drive technology, a rep asked me to please not stand so close with my camera — the technology is still patent pending.

Sony's Sleek New Turntable Makes Me Want To Rob A Record Store

While Sony attempts to resurrect the Walkman brand as a high def media player, it’s clear that music lovers prefer something more disk-like. No, not CDs. Records!

Sony Jumps On The HDR Ultra HD 4K Bandwagon With New Bravia TVs

At CES 2016, one of the big iterative improvements to the TVs that we’re seeing — that you’re going to be buying in the near future — is Ultra HD Premium, with explicit support for 4K video with high dynamic range. Sony is very much in the 4K HDR camp, with eight new TVs in its fifteen-screen Aussie line-up supporting the brand new standard.

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