Sony's New LED Bulb Is Also A Bluetooth Speaker

As David Bowie well knows, sound and vision are a wonderful pairing. Now, Sony is following in his footsteps: its latest LED bulb is also a Bluetooth speaker.

Top 5: The Best Android Smartphones

Chart: Looking for a new phone? Here are the best Android smartphones available in Australia as of April 28, 2015.

Sony Launches Selfie Smartphone

As annoying as the whole selfie fad is (don’t get us started on the sticks), sometimes it’s actually pretty handy to be able to snap a picture of yourself. But is it worth buying an entire phone for?

Sony SmartWatch 3 Stainless Steel Australian Review: An Apple Watch For Android Users

Smartwatches have been a bit dorky in the past, let’s be honest, but in the last year especially they’ve enjoyed a renaissance. The Apple Watch has changed a lot of minds who never thought they’d ever buy one; one upswing of that is that Google’s smartwatch platform is enjoying some time in the sun. So, may I present to you, one of the best Android Wear smartwatches you can buy right now — the metal-clad, super-bright, super-sporty Sony SmartWatch 3 Stainless Steel Edition.

Sony's Touchless Shutter App Takes A Photo Without Touching The Camera

If you’re the owner of a Sony camera with an electronic viewfinder, Sony just released a nifty little app that will let you take a photo without touching your camera — just wave your hand over the EVF instead.

New Zeiss Lenses For Sony A7 Cameras Have OLED Displays For Some Reason

The new Zeiss Batis lenses are the first the German manufacturer designed specially for Sony’s awesome full-frame compact cameras. Their defining feature is an OLED display that replaces the old-school depth-of-field scale.

Sony's Z4 Flagship Smartphone Will Give You A Serious Case Of Déjà Vu

Well, look at this. Sony just revealed a new flagship smartphone. The new Xperia Z4 comes with spec bumps in both the processor and camera department, all wrapped in “haven’t I seen this before” design. It’s a modest flagship update at best, providing little improvement over last year’s Z3.

Report: BBC And Sony Keen On Doctor Who Movie, Show Runners Less So

Movies of TV shows sound like a good idea, but they don’t always pan out. If handled improperly, they can easily feel like two episodes strung together, rather than a cohesive, blockbusting whole. Sony and the BBC are keen to give the latter’s flagship franchise, Doctor Who, the silver screen treatment, however, the creative forces behind the show are not so eager.

This Hacked App Lets You Play Bloodborne In Any Room Of The House

Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to play a little Bloodborne tonight? Shame my wife will be using the TV. If only I had a way to stream the game from my PlayStation 4 to another device. How about a hacked version of the PS4 Remote Play app that works on Android phones and tablets — and my Nvidia Shield? Yes. Yes. That will do nicely.

Anyone Can Buy The Malware Used To Hack Sony

The Sony hack was the worst corporate cyberattack ever, and now anyone with $US30,000 in Bitcoin and the ability to use Tor can buy the type of exploit used to hack Sony on underground cyberweapon websites, according to ex-hacker Jon Miller.