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Julie: A Windows Phone 7 Handset That Never Was

Prototypes come and prototypes go — and some, like yesterday’s WALT prototype, get put up on eBay for silly money. Then they vanish again. That appears to have been the fate of a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 prototype that appeared briefly on eBay yesterday as well.

HTC's 2012 Phones Will Be Playstation Certified

Sony Ericsson made a lot of noise in 2011 regarding ‘Playstation’ phones, but aside from a single model, it’s all been a bit quiet since then. Now it’s emerged that the first company outside of Sony to get Playstation certification will be HTC.

Can The New Xperia LT28at Live Up To Its Leaked Specs?

Details have leaked about Sony Ericsson’s new “super phone”, and the specs sound impressive. But given the track record, can an Xperia even actually be a phone that really matters?

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Review

For this week’s Mobile Monday column, we look at the Xperia Arc S. It’s not a high end model, sitting more in the high end of the mid-range given its feature set. Is that enough to make it an enticing prospect?

Xperia Arc HD Photos And Specs Hit The Web

Shots of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc HD (also known as the Nozomi LT26i) revealing its new, LED-enhanced look and chunky hardware specifications, have found their way onto the web.

Sony And Ericsson's Marriage Is Over

Sony-only phones are coming back as predicted. The Japanese electronics giant has announced that it will acquire Ericsson’s share of Sony Ericsson partnership, bringing it into the Sony ‘platform of network-connected’ products.

Sony Ericsson To Go Smartphone-Only From 2012

Amid the numbers and percentages in Sony Ericsson’s latest financial data is a quote from CEO Bert Nordberg, in which he says the company will move “the entire portfolio to smartphones” by 2012. That K600i update isn’t happening, folks.

Rumour: Sony Considering $US1b Control Of Sony Ericsson Phones

Sony sure had itself a day recently, and rumour has it the tech giant may soon obtain full control over the mobile phone joint venture it has with Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray Review: Is Bigger Better?

Sony Ericsson sent me an Xperia Ray to review. Can I get on with a phone that’s a bit smaller than I’m really used to?

Gas Cylinders Are Great For Smuggling Mobile Phones

Smugglers in China will go to great lengths to get their contraband like mobile phones into and out of the country. In the past, they’ve used housewives and even crossbows and pulleys. This latest operation used gas cylinders.

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