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SolarCity To Start Manufacturing The Most Efficient Rooftop Solar Panel Ever 

Normally, 22.04 percent wouldn’t exactly inspire awe. What about the other 78 percent? Where is it being wasted? But for solar panels, it’s a leap forward.

Australia's Electricity Companies Will Fight Tesla Over Powerwall Batteries

Opinion: Tesla’s Powerwall battery is coming to Australia later this year, and it promises to lower your power bills by charging from your house’s solar panels or when off-peak energy generation tariffs are in effect. But it may face competition and obstruction from Australia’s existing energy suppliers and retailers, whose current businesses are built around power generation and consumption, not storage.

Australia Gets Tesla's Powerwall Battery Later This Year

That’s right. Tesla’s much-talked-about Powerwall — the battery that can power your entire house — will be available in the Australian market from late this year. Tesla, the company best known for its Model S electric sedan, is launching Tesla Energy in Australia, which will bring products including both the residential Powerwall and the industrial scaled Powerpack to our shores.

Transparent Batteries That Charge In The Sun Could Replace Smartphone Screens

A group of Japanese researchers have managed to improve the design of a transparent lithium-ion battery so that it’s now able to recharge itself when exposed to sunlight without the need for a separate solar cell.

Obama's Big Plan To Make Solar Energy More Efficient And Affordable

Earlier this month, US President Obama launched an ambitious plan to move states away from coal plants and towards more renewable energy generation. Now he’s focusing on the consumer side with a suite of initiatives to help Americans collect energy at home, encourage manufacturers to make more efficient appliances, and — perhaps most critically — boost research to find new energy technologies.

Google Sunroof Will Map Our Houses' Solar Potential

At least on paper, installing solar panels on your house makes sense; after the initial slug of the upfront cost, they’ll save you money on your power bills and can even eliminate your reliance on the grid entirely with a battery backup. Getting a trained surveyor to check your roof is expensive though, especially if it’s not suitable and you’ve wasted cash. A new Google project will work out how much money you might save from a solar panel installation, and it’ll eventually roll out to Australia.

33 Queensland Homes Are Trialing Residental Solar Power And Battery Energy Storage

With a bit of help from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the Queensland government’s Ergon Energy and California-based Sunverge and SunPower are collaborating on a pilot program, using a combination of solar photovoltaic power production and battery-based small-scale storage, inside 33 houses in Townsville, Toowoomba and Cannonvale.

Getting Started With Solar Power At Home

There are numerous benefits to making your home solar powered — and more than a few pitfalls. Here’s what you need to know about solar powering your home in Australia.

A Paper-Thin Solar Panel Can Charge Your Phone On The Go

Solar panels keep getting lighter and tinier — good news for rugged on-the-go types who can charge their devices on the trail with sun-fuelled chargers. And this particular solar charger on Kickstarter is so thin, you can slip it in your Lonely Planet while it feeds your phone battery.

The Government's War On Wind And Solar Hurts Homes And Businesses

Opinion: Over the weekend, we learned that an Abbott government directive has banned any more investment in wind farms by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, a government body that encourages investment in the renewable energy sector. Recently revealed cuts to finance for small- and medium-scale solar power, too, make it harder for individuals and households to effectively lower their reliance on fossil fuels.

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