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Power Strip With USB Ports Solves Very Obscure Problem

Maybe it’s a little too particular to complain about your gadgets not getting the exact kind of charge they’re supposed to get. Oh well. The Kopi KBAR power strip fixes that issue with with a switch that lets you change the wattage when your phone’s juicing up.

You Won't Want To Hide This Gorgeous Power Bar Under Your Desk

When jammed full of plugs and adaptors, your typical power bar is an eyesore you’re happy to stash out of sight. But Punkt’s new ES 01 wrangles all your power cables in a beautiful UFO-like design that you just might want to put on display right next to the photos of your kids.

Adaptor-Friendly Power Strips Never Get Old

The Pivot Power strip isn’t the first to try and solve the bulky power adaptor problem. And like others, its rotating design probably won’t top the Power Squid in sheer utility. But others aren’t nearly as attractive as this one.

Disguise Those Valuable Power Sockets As A Book

You may be trying to stop pesky house-guests from charging their phones in your lounge, or just want a couple of secret sockets squirrelled away for yourself – either way, this Stekkerboek power board hides away in bookcases, disguised as a tome. Just don’t let your guests start browsing your library, and those sockets should be all yours. [Stekkerboek via OhGizmo]

Pencil Holder Disguises 6 Available Charging Sockets

From the designer of the Xbox 360 and Kinect, to the TikTok and LunaTik iPad nano watches, comes a very minimal powerboard that doubles up as a pencil holder. Taking the storage compartment off reveals six sockets for plugging into – along with a power switch. The Power Pod is available now for $US99 at Coalesse. [Coalesse via Core77]

All Power Plugs Should Be Like The Stanley Safety Socket

For years, only deep fryers and Apple laptops had breakaway cords. Stanley’s new Safety Socket adds breakaway protection to anything with a power plug. Expect it within the month for something like 20 bucks. []

Could A Plane Still Fly If Every Seat Had A Power Socket?

To you and me, it’s probably more painful settling down for a long flight and realising there’s no AC socket for your laptop than hearing there’s a crying baby behind you. It’s not stinginess that’s withholding the juice, it’s physics.

I Leave Shit On

I woke up from a nap in a fit of terror, realising mid-dream that I left the stove on for five hours.

Air New Zealand Adds USB Ports, Power Sockets To Each Seat

When you’re flying 90 odd hours just to get to Auckland from the States, you’d be wanting to charge your iPod or laptop at least once. Air New Zealand’s done a major overhaul of its Boeing 777 plane, with sockets and USB ports galore.

Cute Cube: A Socket For Squares

As chargers and power adaptors – and the number of gadgets we carry – become ever more unwieldy, a solution like the Cute Cube is going to be less a luxury than a necessity. A necessity that is just adorable!

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