New Balance Teams Up With G.I. Joe And Cobra For Some Slick Sneakers

It seems that Cobra’s latest plan to take over the world involves bankrupting those with a soft-spot for nostalgia with a couple pairs of ’80s toy-themed kicks from New Balance and BAIT.

Iconic Basketball And Running Sneakers From The '80s And '90s

Pop Chart Lab made this cool poster featuring basketball and running sneakers from the ’80s and the ’90s, or as they call it “the illustrious, ultra-rad ’80s and ’90s”. If you are like me and often leave the store thinking that most of today’s sneakers are not even half as cool as they used to be, you’re going to love this.

Sneakers Inspired By Vintage Space Suits Are Back

Although not actually worn by real-life astronauts, ‘Moon Boots‘ were still an incredibly popular fashion fad during the ’80s. And, 30 years later, designers like Raf Simons are still being inspired by the complex space suits that NASA developed to allow astronauts to safely walk in the vacuum of space.

They Should Make These Tron Sneakers For Real

The French illustrator Romain Trystram thinks sneakers are an important part of the contemporary culture, and he is right. That why he decided to make these cool series of digital drawings where he mixes them with popular culture icons like Tron, Futurama, Star Wars or even Kebabs.

Adidas Is Letting You Make Instagram Shoes

Looking at every meal, snowflake and sunset through a sepia-toned screen is nice, sure, but you’re going to run out of battery at some point. Now, thanks to Adidas, you’ll never have to spend another Kelvin-free minute again — just look down.

A New Flexible Filament Lets You 3D-Print Custom Sneakers

Are you tired of waiting for Nike to design the perfect sneakers for your tastes? Thanks to a new flexible filament from Recreus that can be used in standard 3D printers without clogging the nozzle, you can finally design and print your own kicks in a wide variety of colours. The only limiting factors are your imagination and sense of taste.

Nike Designer Says Marty McFly's Power Laces Are Coming Next Year

If there was one disappointment about Nike’s awesome Back to the Future II Air Mag, it’s that the shoes didn’t have Marty’s power laces (and that they only made 1500 and neither you nor I own a pair). But Nike designer Tinker Hatfield says that’s about to change — power laces are coming in 2015. The future is here!

Remote-Controlled Sneaker Lights Blind Your Friends With Awesomeness

These days, a set of Velcro straps across the top of your kicks just isn’t enough to impress your sneaker freak friends. To guarantee you’re the envy of everyone on your block, forget about dropping hundreds on the latest pair of Nikes — instead, strap a pair of these Light Kicks LED strips to your feet.

Adidas And Run-D.M.C. Made A Pair Of Christmas In Hollis Sneakers

Forget the ugly sweaters, the Santa hat, the light-up tie, even that pair of green pants you only wear once a year. Adidas and Run-D.M.C. have created the only garment you’ll need for holiday parties and family dinners with their new Christmas in Hollis-themed Superstar 80s sneakers.

Nike Fridge Magnets Let You Design The Perfect Sneaker

Nike doesn’t realise it yet, but it could single-handedly make your fridge the most entertaining spot in your home — at least if you’re a sneaker freak. Because instead of poetry or Scrabble, the shoe maker has created a wonderful set of magnets that lets anyone be a sneaker designer, as long as you’re OK with never being able to wear your creation.

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