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This Smartphone's Packaging Turns Into A VR Headset

Alcatel has been synonymous with cheap and somewhat cheerful Android phones for years now, but its latest play could be surprisingly interesting: not only does the handset sound good, but even the box it comes in could be useful.

LG G5 Rumours: Everything We Think We Know

Last year’s LG G4 was fantastic. It kept the best features of Android alive (like having a removable battery and expandable storage), while ushering in a few new things, like a slight curve to the phone’s body, optional leather cases and a camera that’s actually worth a damn.

21 Must-See Google Street View Locations That Aren't Streets

You don’t have to spend all your time on Google Street View time looking up the addresses of your friends: Google has added all kinds of landmarks, buildings, remote trails, underwater worlds, aeroplanes and even fictional alleyways to its database of sights you can see from your laptop or smartphone. We’ve picked a few of our favourites but there are plenty more to explore.

Report: Apple Will Take Your Broken iPhones As Trade-In

According to Apple shaman Mark Gurman, Apple will soon be expanding its iPhone trade-in program to include busted handsets.

Oppo Is Launching Its New $299 F1 Smartphone Next Week

A relative newcomer in the world of smartphones, Oppo is making a splash in Australia’s mid-market ($250-$500) smartphone sales, creeping up on the likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei. After the success of its $450-$550 R-series, the F1 is the first device to be introduced from Oppo’s new F-series, coming with a further reduced price tag.

Did Telstra Text You About Electromagnetic Radiation? Don't Worry, You're Safe

If you’re a Telstra mobile subscriber, you might have received a message yesterday sharing some slightly mysterious information on “electromagnetic energy”. But don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumours: Everything We Think We Know

Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones have been the most popular Android phones for years. They’re fairly easy to use, have a bright Super AMOLED display and recently ship with a pretty decent camera. This year’s Galaxy S7 won’t stray far from that familiar strategy.

Samsung Will Unveil The Galaxy S7 On February 21

The teaser for Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2016 event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been released. In exactly three weeks, we’ll get our first glimpse at Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone for 2016 — and the smart money says it’s the Galaxy S7 (and its S7 edge curved-display variant). “Get ready to rethink what a phone can do”, we’re told.

OnePlus' US$250 OnePlus X Is Finally Up For Sale To Everyone

OnePlus’ $US250 glass-and-metal OnePlus X is finally off its exclusive and restrictive invite system, meaning you can now buy it like any other phone. The OnePlus X packs in some very respectable smartphone guts for an impressively low price, making it a pretty good choice if you’re looking for a budget phone and if you’re not afraid to do a bit of tweaking to get its software just the way you want.

You Probably Shouldn't Let Autocorrect Write Your Dating Profile

Predictive text and neural networks have gotten crazy good in the past few years, to the extent that I would actually consider turning them on from time to time. But should you let a computer that knows your writing habits make you a dating profile? Oh hell no.

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