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Sony's Upcoming Z5 Flagship (Probably) Gets Shown Off On Video

Sony’s new flagship smartphone isn’t meant to make its debut until later this week, but that hasn’t stopped someone leaking a two-minute video showing off some of the phone’s better features.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review: Buy It For Bragging Rights

Some people prefer practical tools. Others would gladly buy gadgets dipped in gold. In a nutshell, that’s the choice between the new Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. They’re two sides of the same coin. They’re both cutting-edge phones. The question is whether you’re willing to sacrifice comfort to make people’s heads turn.

iPhone 6s Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

How do you make the best iPhone ever even better? That’s the perennial question, one that’s inevitably easier to answer as Apple releases innovative new products. This year, the fan universe finds a plethora of clues in the company’s wearable computer. The iPhone 6s, these clues suggest, will be a giant Apple Watch.

All The News You Missed Overnight: A Former Apple CEO Is Making New Phones, And They're Kind Of Neat

John Sculley is most known for his time with Apple — and his head-scratching manoeuvre to kick out co-founder Steve Jobs from Apple. Now, he’s back with two phones, the SF1 and the SJ1.5. They’re are also meant for those &elusive; 1 billion people Google is always talking about with Android One, and Sculley thinks these two phones can actually pull it off.

Here's What Microsoft's Next Big Phones Might Look Like

Windows Phone enthusiasts have been waiting years — in mobile phone time, decades — for the launch of a new flagship device that can go toe-to-toe with the iPhones and Galaxies of the world. Well, thanks to the @evleaks Twitter account, we’ve got a good look at the two new Lumias Microsoft is supposedly announcing in October, and things are looking fan-freaking-tastic.

Windows 10 Is Doing Pretty OK Actually

Windows 8 wasn’t exactly a beloved operating system, but it sure seems like its successor is off to a pretty good start! Today, Windows VP Yusuf Mehdi tweeted that more than 75 million devices are running the updated Windows 10 operating system.

This Is How The S-Pen Can Break Your Brand New Note 5

Samsung’s latest Note 5 is out and about. It’s a nifty little device, except it has one Achilles’ heel: Inserting the stylus backwards can break the damn thing.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Australian Review

Samsung has come a long way in the last couple of years, although you might not realise it. Gone are the tacky, plastic-heavy designs of the Galaxy S4 and S5; glass is in, and big screens are in too. Launching alongside the all-round-excellent Galaxy Note 5, there’s a beautiful counterpart in the equally new, curved glass Galaxy S6 Edge+ — it’s what would happen if the Note 4 and the S6 Edge had beautiful babies.

OnePlus Two Review: It's Powerful, Cheap And Exciting

Even as Apple, Samsung and Motorola are pounding out their latest flagship superphones, the OnePlus 2 is easily the most interesting handset hitting the market right now. It’s different: An ambitious, powerful phone that won’t set you back too much cash.

This Phone's Claim To Fame Is An Indestructible Selfie Periscope

We’re only a few weeks out from IFA, but if you were hoping for a preview of this year’s most eccentric devices, Chinese company Huawei has you covered. This is our very first peek at the new Honour 7i, where a flippable, selfie-ready camera takes centre stage. Or the world’s fanciest high tech phone projectile. You decide.

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