Short Film: We're So Obsessed With Our Phones That We're Missing Life

This short animation Mr Selfie by We Are Seventeen totally nails everyone’s over reliance on their phones. We use it in bed to fall asleep, we use it in bed when we can’t fall asleep, we have our phone in the bathroom, on our commutes, on the footpath, through live events, through nature and basically through life.

Don't Expect A Certain Next-Gen Mobile Chip In A Certain Flagship Phone This Year

We’ve been looking forward to seeing Qualcomm’s new, powerful Snapdragon 810 mobile processor for quite a while now. We saw it feature in a few new smartphones at CES this year, but the company’s own financials tell us that it won’t appear in a certain large customer’s best and most high profile Android phone this year.

HTC One M9 Specs, Price, Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

Last year’s HTC One M8 was one of the, if not the, best Android phone of 2014. Its premium metal design made the rest of the Android competition feel cheap by comparison, HTC’s Sense UI offered some meaningful additions (particularly when it came to depth-shifting photography) and its BoomSound front-facing speakers made headphone-free movie viewing on a smartphone actually pleasurable. But what’s next?

Get Another Chance To Buy The OnePlus One Without An Invite Tomorrow

The OnePlus One is very nearly the perfect smartphone, apart from how you buy it. Although it’s been out in the wild for almost a year, you still can’t just buy one — normally, you need an invite. But for a couple hours tomorrow evening, you won’t.

Bloomberg: HTC M9 With 20MP Camera And First Smartwatch Coming In March

Bloomberg is reporting that HTC will launch a new flagship phone in March, with heavily updated camera and audio features, alongside its first ever smartwatch.

Project Ara Hands-On: Google's Modular Smartphone

Modules! They look really cool. Sadly, that’s about all I was able to take away from a brief hands-on opportunity with Google’s beautiful, exciting, not-coming-to-a-store-near-you-anytime-soon Project Ara modular smartphone.

China's Xiaomi Now Has Its Own Galaxy Note, Its Own Chromecast, And Its Own Headphones

China’s much-lauded Xiaomi has a bunch of new cutting-edge Android smartphones and accessories, including one pretty damn special device, and we don’t get them in Australia. Boo.

Xiaomi Mi Note: A Sleek iPhone 6 Plus Alternative?

You may not know much about Xiaomi, the Chinese hardware manufacturer, but it’s on a swift upward trajectory in China and the rest of the world. Its new flagship, the Mi Note, may explain why. The iPhone 6 Plus-sized handset is sleek, high-specced and not too expensive either.

The Best Look Yet At Google's Ara Smartphone 

Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP), which Google nabbed from Motorola nearly a year ago in its sale to Lenovo, has been hard at work with Google trying to make the future, an impressive resume that includes building a global network of balloons to deliver internet and trying to convince us to strap computers to our faces. But one idea that’s been of endless fascination is ATAP’s Project Ara, Google’s modular smartphone — and we just got our closest look at the project.

There's A Security Bug On 60% Of Android Phones -- And Google Won't Fix It

A security researcher has discovered a serious bug in the WebView component of Android 4.3 and below that could open up phones to malicious hackers. But Google is doing nothing about it.