Four Things Google Didn't Announce At I/O

A great philosopher once said that you can’t always get what you want. If you try sometimes, you get what you need. Android got what it needed at I/O this morning in the form of some polish, but there were a few notable absences from the running order. Here’s what we missed out on at I/O.

Google's New Android Features, As Told By GIFs

Android M is here! OK, the developer preview is here but still. It’s got Android Pay. It’s got battery-saving superpowers. It’s got a more powerful Google Now. Here’s the very first look at Android M in the subtle art of the GIF.

Be Relieved You Can't Buy This Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge

Resplendent in red and gold, this is Samsung’s attempt to bring together its Marvel tie-ins with its latest slightly weird S6 Edge handset. The result is… probably not the phone Tony Stark would choose?

Motorola's 'Roll-Your-Own' Smartphone Service Coming To Australia

Lenovo and Motorola’s build-a-phone service, dubbed “Moto Maker”, will soon be rolling into Australia. It’s essentially a website that allows you to custom-order your smartphone’s appearance and specifications, much like you would when purchasing a laptop. (There’s a small catch with the local release, however.)

TPG's New Mobile Plan: 6GB Of Data For $45 Per Month

Need some cheap mobile data to go along with your unlimited calls and texts? TPG’s new mobile plans include 6GB of data for a $45 monthly fee, using the Optus network.

Oppo's Super-Thin R7 And R7 Plus: Coming To Australia

Overnight, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo announced two new and very impressive devices. Taking over from the already excellent R5, Oppo’s new R7 is a super-thin, 5-inch with a decidedly luxurious design and production process. There’s a 6-inch version, too, in the R7 Plus, and both are coming to Australia.

ASUS Zenfone 2 Hands-On: Less Than Meets The Eye

ASUS’ Zenfone 2 is a smartphone Trojan horse. On the outside, it looks amazing. A huge 5.5-inch Full HD display, 64GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, and a 2.3 GHz Intel quad-core processor — all for just $US300. That’s stupid cheap. But once you power up the phone, you might feel differently.

LG G4 Review: The Past Is Worth Preserving

Evolution is tedious work. It fashioned us out of primordial goo into the smartest species in the known universe. But that slow work of removing what sucks, fixing what’s broken, and perfecting what’s great takes time. The LG G4 follows in step, creating not the most exciting Android phone ever made — but maybe the best.

Short Animation Makes Fun Of Our Embarrassing Addiction To Smartphones

Video: We’re missing out on the world around us because we’re all so focused on what’s happening in the world inside of our phones. This bitingly hilarious animation jabs at our smartphone addiction by showing cartoon characters so obsessed with their phones that they don’t notice danger in front of them, or when their clothes have been stripped off, or when people are dying and so on. It’s great.

Moto E Review: When Cheap Actually Just Means Cheap

Last year, all the most exciting mobile phones were dirt cheap. For just a few hundred dollars, I could buy an amazing device without tying myself to a contract. So I convinced myself cheap phones were the future. Maybe they still are. But not Motorola’s Moto E. It isn’t nearly daring enough.