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Texting Produces An Entirely New Kind Of Brain Wave Pattern

A research team from the Mayo Clinic has shown that text messaging changes the rhythm of brain wave patterns in a way that’s never seen before. The discovery shows that smartphones are literally altering the way our minds work.

Seven Million Australians Say They Can't Live Without A Mobile Phone

Remember when we could function perfectly well without a smartphone? As smartphone ownership has rapidly increased, so too has the number of us who feel dependent on a mobile phone. Today there are almost seven million Australians carrying around a smartphone they say they couldn’t live without.

Somehow we managed to travel, stay safe, leave work, make social plans and generally stop our lives from spiralling out of control without one. But for more and more Australians, smartphones aren’t just a handy tool, they’re now necessary for everyday living.

Queen's Guitarist Wants You To Use His Plastic Smartphone VR System

Brian May is many things: Lead guitarist of Queen, lover of badgers and astrophysicist. Now, add VR guru to the list — because he’s just announced his very own version of Google Cardboard.

In Australia There Are More Old Mobile Phones Than People

The number of old mobile phones cluttering up Australian homes has reached a whopping 25.5 million handsets, of which four million are broken and no longer even working.

Consumer smartphone saturation and hoarding behaviour in Aussies has created what e-waste experts are calling a ‘critical mass’ of mobile phone clutter, as they call for more education around recycling.

7 Apps, eBooks, Podcasts And Courses For Autism Education On Your Smartphone

There are one in 100 Australians living on the spectrum, and with World Autism Awareness Day tomorrow, 2 April, we’ve put together a collection of educational resources for your smartphone or tablet.

These ebooks, audiobooks, apps, courses and podcasts explore different facets of the autism spectrum for parents, kids and students.

Australian Smartphone Sales Dropped By 1 Million In 2015, But Are Forecast To Rise

1 million less smartphones were sold in 2015, with the market “maturing” and the higher cost of premium models pinpointed as the reason. The Telsyte Australian Smartphone and Wearable Devices Market Study 2016 found 7.9 million smartphones were sold in 2015 compared with 8.9 million in 2014 — that’s an 11 per cent decline.

The future is looking up though, with a forecast 8.4 million units to be sold due to an anticipated major iPhone refresh, a stronger line up of Android-based handsets and new smart accessories that complement latest smartphones such as Virtual Reality headsets.

8 Ways To Use Your Phone As A Scientific Instrument

Your smartphone already wears a number of hats: camera, MP3 player, and it can even make and receive calls — but with the right set of apps, you can do much more with your handset. Here are 8 scientific instruments your phone is capable of transforming into.

The Most Important New Smartphone Feature Is A Little Magic Slot

When LG announced its new flagship smartphone, the G5, at Mobile World Congress, it did something radically different. At the base of the phone, LG built a small slot that might just change everything.

Apple Is Already Being Sued Over The 'Error 53' Issue

Find any problem with an Apple device, and sure as carrion crows will rip the still-beating heart from a carcass, class action lawyers will assemble. So it goes with Error 53, the latest (non) issue to befall Cupertino.

Smartphone Technology Could Be The Key To Aiding Australia's Indigenous Blindness Crisis

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults are six times more likely to go partially or completely blind than non-Indigenous Australians.

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