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Skype Is Axing Its Smart TV App

More and more Skype users accessing the service on their mobile devices, as opposed their television, has lead to the app being axed from Smart TVs.

From June 2016 the Skype for TV application will no longer be supported, with no further updates being made.

Skype Finally Hides Your IP Address

Way back in 2012, it came to light that a flaw in Skype made it easy for hackers to acquire your IP address. Now, finally, Microsoft has updated the software so those details are hidden by default.

Email Is The New Generation Gap

Two weeks ago, we surveyed 3670 people online about how they communicate. We discovered a remarkable difference between people over 41, who say they often talk on email more than they do in real life, and younger people who love in-person meetings and use a variety of apps. Is this our first digital generation gap?

These Drones Are Like Floating Lego Bricks

Ever wish your Lego bricks could fly? Someone invented the next best thing — BitDrones are tiny box drones that work like 3D building blocks.

Robots Could Be Better Than Drones For Deliveries -- If They Don't Get Beaten Up, That Is

Remember what happened to hitchBOT this summer? You know, the hitchhiking humanoid that was ripped limb from limb two weeks into its solo journey? Because two of the original founders of Skype want to make robots that will similarly traverse streets, in order to ship goods to your house. It could be a great alternative to delivery drones… assuming the ‘bots make it to your doorstep in one piece.

Use VR To Possess This Teddy Bear's Body For Long Distance Communication

From FaceTime to Skype to WhatsApp, there’s no shortage of ways to chat with people on the other side of the globe. But screw Jetsons-style video chatting: Make way for this Ted-like robotic bear that mimics your gestures and projects your voice from far away, even letting you “see” through its own eyes. It’s like if you woke up one day as Teddy Ruxpin, pretty much.

Skype Translator Is Out Of Beta And Headed To Windows

Skype Translator is out of beta and headed to the Skype Windows desktop app. The tool supports six languages outloud as well as 50 messaging languages] We tried the service and found it promising, but not quite the Babel Fish of our hearts’ desire. No word on when the service rolls out to other platforms yet.

Skype Is Still Working To Restore Service To Some

Skype has been working to get its service back up and running for many users since about 6 PM AEST.

Skype Translator Likes To Swear In Chinese

Skype Translator is an amazing feat of engineering, even if it isn’t perfect. But reports suggest that, in Chinese at least, it has somewhat of a potty mouth.

How Neural Networks Are Turning Human Brains Into AI

If you use Google’s new Photos app, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Skype’s new translation function, you’re using a form of AI on a daily basis. AI was first dreamed up in the 1950s, but has only recently become a practical reality — all thanks to software systems called neural networks. This is how they work.

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