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Incredibly Patient Siri Helps Cookie Monster With Baking

Apple partnered up with Sesame Street a while back to demonstrate its ‘Hey, Siri’ feature, as the AI assists Cookie Monster in baking cookies. It just released a ‘behind the scenes’ video that’s really cute.

The Next Generation Of AI Will Be Full Of Feels

We’re already starting to see basic AI for setting up meetings and handling the most basic communications. But the next round of AI aims to provide more than just a time-saver. For this purpose, Silicon Valley is turning to poets, playwrights, and screenplay writers to give AI more emotional intelligence.

Siri Is Woefully Ill-Equipped To Help With Your Mental Health Problems

Digital voice assistants, like Apple’s Siri, are really bad at dispensing resources to users facing domestic abuse, depression, rape or mental health emergencies, a new study finds.

Everything You Can Say To Siri On The New Apple TV

Siri is a big part of the next-generation Apple TV. You can use the personal assistant app to choose content, identify movie actors, skip songs and more. If you own one of the latest puck-shaped boxes, then here are just about all the things you can say to Siri — just press and hold the microphone button on the remote and start talking.

Get Ready For Siri On Your Mac

Siri was the first voice assistant to hit mobile phones, and since then, the sometimes quirky feature has marched across all of Apple devices, including Apple Watch and the new Apple TV. Now, according to 9to5Mac, Siri’s conquest will be complete as it finally makes its way to your Mac this year.

Voice Control On Apple TV Is About To Get Way More Useful

When the new Apple TV was announced, the inclusion of Siri was a strong selling point — too bad it turned out to suck. Finally, though, Apple is making voice control on the set-top box rather more useful.

Use Nicknames With Siri And Google Now To Reach Contacts Faster

Both Google Now and Siri now support the use of nicknames for your contacts, so you can quickly get in touch with “mum”, “dad”, “the boss” or “maverick” more easily than ever. Here’s how to ditch those long-winded real names and get your nicknames set up instead on Android and iOS.

Siri's Questionable Beatboxing Actually Sounds Good In This Hottest 100 Rap

Video: While Siri’s beatboxing skills have been called into question since someone first discovered she could do it, Melbourne hip-hop artist Ry decided her electronic beats wouldn’t be a bad backing track for a rap asking his fans to vote for him in the Triple J Hottest 100.

Siri Can Beatbox (Very Badly)

Video: You can rely on Siri for searching the internet, sending a text message and, err, laying down some sick beats. Turns out that Siri can beatbox — just don’t expect too much from it.

10 Tricks To Make Yourself An Apple TV Master

Apple at last decided to give its TV box an upgrade worthy of the name last year, and if you’ve bought yourself one of the new devices (or got one as a gift from Santa) then there’s lots to explore — the Apple TV has a simple, straightforward interface but there are still a number of hidden features and tools available to take advantage of.

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