Report: Microsoft Is Banning Google As A Default Search On New Lumias

Microsoft has apparently decided to remove the ability to set Google as a default search engine on new Lumia Windows Phone handsets. The Verge reports that the Lumia 630 and Lumia 930, the first handsets to be released officially under Microsoft control, ship without an option to use Google as the default search engine in its browser.

The Evolution Of Google's Iconic Logo

It may feel like Google’s colourful lettering has been with us since the dawn of time, but it’s been a long, bumpy road getting there. When it comes to logo design, sometimes you have to face-plant before you can fly. And in Google’s case, there’s been plenty of face-planting.

Seven Google Search Redesigns That Are Better Than The Real Thing

Google’s homepage is one of the most recognisable websites on the internet — if not the most. And it’s for that very reason that it’s also one of the most overlooked. So why fix something if it’s not broken? Why the hell not.

Microsoft Wants You To Use Your Apps And Services Within Bing

Microsoft has big plans for Bing, and one of those plans is to use the search service’s ‘entity engine’ to link all your favourite apps. If you’ve got your LinkedIn account already authorised with Bing, for example, searching for someone’s name will bring up their LinkedIn data and your association with them. That’s just the first step.

DuckDuckGo Handled One Billion Search Queries In 2013

Ever since Edward Snowden pulled back the curtain on the NSA’s relentless snooping, the anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo’s been breaking traffic records practically everyday. The privacy-friendly site just announced that it answered a whopping one billion search queries last year.

30% Of The Internet Is Just A Copy Of Itself

Sometimes it feels like the internet’s just the same thing over and over. Google agrees: According to the search giant, 25-30 per cent of everything online actually is a duplicate of something else somewhere else online.

Your Year In Bing Searches: Beyoncé, The Royal Baby And So Many Memes

It’s the time of year when people start looking back over the past 12 months to remember what happened and how it captured the imagination of the population. And to kick things off, here’s Bing’s search history for 2013.

Chrome Finally Gets Hands-Free 'OK Google' Search

Even if your family gets bored and stops listening to you this Christmas, at least your computer will still have open ears. Google has officially released voice recognition for Chrome browsers in the form of a Chrome extension.

Google Announces Massive New Restrictions On Child Abuse Search Terms

Following no small amount of pressure from the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron, Google has announced a new initiative which will see it clean up search results for queries relating to underage sexual abuse.

Uh Oh, Chrome's Incognito Mode Is Broken On iOS 7

Better be careful what you search for on your iPhone. Chrome’s incognito mode on iOS 7 is leaky, and your embarrassing searches might not be as safe as you thought.