This Might Just Be The Most Ridiculous Personal Watercraft Yet

Any ‘personal watercraft’ is almost certain to be a playboy toy, and this might just be the most playboy-toyish of them all: a $US19,000 electric hydrofoiling experience for two.

Happiness Is This Video Of A Dog Running Towards The Sea

Meet Walter, a happy labrador that enjoys a good run before diving in the refreshing waters of Siracusa — in gorgeous Sicily. His owner obviously knows that and he strapped a Go Pro on his back so we all can share Walter’s joy for life.

Modified Costa Concordia Is The Strangest Ship To Ever Sail The Sea

Video: The infamous Costa Concordia is sailing again after running aground on the island of Giglio, Italy. Francesco Marinari has filmed this drone video as it’s being transported for scrap to Genoa. It’s so weird. It kind of looks badass thanks to the structure that keeps it afloat — like some kind of Mad Max/Waterworld prop.

Mysterious 'Magic Island' Appears On The Surface Of Saturn's Moon Titan

A mysterious new geographical feature has appeared on Saturn’s moon Titan. These two Cassini’s radar images show a “mysterious geologic object” surfacing in the Ligeia Mare, Titan’s second largest sea. Cornell University’s astronomers call it “Magic Island” because they are puzzled by its origin and nature.

Watch Sponges Breathe Out Neon Green Water Like They're Smoking

There’s something completely fascinating in something so incredibly simple. Sponges — animals that can’t walk or swim — are incredibly efficient at what they do and have a super fun history to them too. Watch Jonathan Bird explain how sponges work and where they come from in this Blue World clip.

These Eerie Kinetic Sculptures By The Sea Would Also Make Electricity

Iris is part sculpture, part building, part electric infrastructure. These eerily elegant conceptual structures were designed by Najjar & Najjar Architects as way of reclaiming Beirut’s shore for local residents, counterbalancing the sprawl of luxury residences by the sea.

Watch: Large Ship Gets Deformed From The Inside In Heavy Storm

On the left, a ship in a heavy storm as seen from the deck, going through giant waves. On the right, a ship in a heavy storm seen from a level deep inside, going through the same stress forces. I really don’t know which perspective is scarier.

This Fluff Ball Is A Vicious Beast That Eats Fish Larger Than Itself

Short poem for the bloody hairy frogship: Oh how cute, the hairy frogfish. Walks around, the mighty sea. Check him out, he chomps some fresh dish. What a bastard, you must agree.

An Unknown Disease Is Turning Starfish Into Goop

Starfish may be flexible, but they’re also tough. Yet a mysterious “wasting syndrome” is making starfish from Southern California to Alaska decay while still alive. Populations are being decimated up and down the west coast.

The Syrian Electronic Army Says It's Hacked Obama

In just latest of many head-turning exploits, the Syrian Electronic Army now says it’s broken into Barack Obama’s Twitter account and website. Indeed, the hacker organisation showed images of the website’s backend and Obama campaign email accounts.

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