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The Pebble SDK Is Out And Apps Aren't Far Behind

The allure of having a smart watch like the Pebble is more than just having a watch with more display options: it’s apps. Now, with the release of the Pebble SDK, the apps can start to flow.

Developers Now Have Access To Google Maps On iOS

Hot on the heels of Google Maps for iOS comes news that Google is releasing the SDK for iOS as well. What that means is that other app developers now have the option of integrating Google’s vector-based maps into their own apps.

Apple Is Rejecting Apps That Use Dropbox Functionality

Apple is reportedly rejecting apps for inclusion in its App Store because they use Dropbox’s software development kit.

Has Anybody Downloaded The Kinect PC SDK Yet?

One of the most exciting things about Microsoft’s Kinect gaming peripheral (aside form Dance Central) is the awesome ways that hackers took it and used it to create really interesting and new user interfaces for engaging with technology. And now that Microsoft has officially launched an SDK that lets users create their own apps using the Kinect camera, we’re wondering if any of you have downloaded it yet.

Microsoft’s Kinect For Windows SDK Beta Is Out

The official Kinect for Windows SDK beta is out now and available for download. It’s for non-commercial use only, aimed at researchers, academics and hobbyist developers, but the download is free, and available in both 32-bit and 64-bit formats.

More Evidence For An iPad 3 Retina Display

Twitter made its way into iOS 5 and its code may have inadvertently coughed up information about the next generation iPad.

Panasonic Launching Smart Viera SDK In September

It’s pretty clear that the next battleground for app developers is destined to be the television – Both Samsung and LG have already pitched their “Smart TV” offerings this year, and now Panasonic is joining the party with the launch of Smart Viera.

Kinect Makes For Easy Motion Capture For Animated Series

Xbox Kinect homebrew hacks have been neat so far, but using it as an incredibly cheap way to motion capture for an animated series? That is incredibly amazing to me.

Sony Gives PlayStation Move Its Own Dev Kit Too

Microsoft recently opened up Kinect to all those developers that made weird homebrew things with the advanced camera, so why shouldn’t Sony? They did!

The Full Power Of Microsoft Kinect Is About To Be Unleashed With An SDK For All

All of the amazing hacks people have unleashed on Kinect to do crazy, weird, awesome stuff? It’s about to get more insane, because it won’t just be hackers doing the noodling.

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