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The US Navy's New Diving Suit Is Straight Out Of G.I. Joe

The United States Navy recently announced a futuristic new diving suit that’s designed to use less helium. There’s only one problem: They made it look just like Cobra Eel, the mortal enemy of Wet-Suit, a G.I. Joe Navy SEAL.

You Have To Scuba Dive To Reach Sony's Newest Store 

Some retailers believe that it’s important to make their stores easy to find. They will even pay a premium for space in popular shopping centres or streets with lots of foot traffic. Sony is taking a different approach with its Xperia Aquatech Store, one that definitely does not value convenience and spits on the concept of foot traffic. For one thing, it’s underwater. For another, you have to scuba to get there. On top of that, you have to be invited.

Vladimir Putin Discovers 6th Century Artifacts While Scuba Diving

In his ongoing quest to prove what an adventurous savage he is, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin went diving in the Black Sea. Lo and behold, after diving down a couple of meters, he happened upon two sixth century urns. Convenient.

Scuba Divers Uncover Homes Sunken In The Japanese Tsunami

A Japanese non-profit group dived to the seabed to film the wreckage left behind by March’s tsunami. A glass sliding door still intact; a Converse shoe; photos… it’s distressing stuff that will tug at your heartstrings.

Oil Rig Converted Into Brand New Holiday Spot For Scuba Divers

Only 120 diving and snorkelling permits are granted near Sipadan island each day, and lately, some of those have been going to folks using an old oil rig’s elevator to drop right into the perfect waters.

Inside The Secret Underwater Lake Fort

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A Nevada family of scuba divers has prototyped an underwater fort – an anchored air pocket in a net – at the secret location at the bottom of a lake in the Sierras. And it’s been there for three years!

Where To Take Scuba Lessons

Want to take Joel’s advice to heart and learn how to scuba dive? PADI is the place to do it. [PADI]

Why You Should Scuba Dive

There are two experiences in life that never fail to give me pause: riding in a plane, looking at the earth and the patterns of nature and civilisation; and strapping a tank of air and diving in the sea.

New York City Water Nightmare is an Underwater Gadget Lover's Dream

The tech we see above ground in New York City is undeniably cool, but underground, where the wild things are, things are not going so smoothly. A giant aquifer, completed in 1944, is leaking up to 36 million gallons of water a day. For New Yorkers, who on average use 150 gallons per day, that’s unacceptable. Trouble is, fixing the leak involves some extreme diving, 14 tractor trailer trucks worth of gear, and a 24-foot room that divers will live in for a month, breathing helium.

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