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A Lot Of Published Psychology Results Are Rubbish

Science is a messy, error fraught business, which is why reproducibility is so essential. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be one of psychology’s strong suits, according to a massive analysis published yesterday in Science.

The Case Of The MH370 Wing Segment Keeps Getting Weirder

When a wing section of a Boeing 777 washed up on the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion last month, the Malaysian government quickly ascribed the part to missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. But according to the ongoing investigation, the flaperon’s identity is far from certain.

Green Tech Won't Save Our Planet

What does your vision of a sustainable future look like? Some people imagine a scenario whereby technology solves the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

Here's How Much Better NASA's Weather Models Have Gotten Since Katrina 

Almost exactly ten years ago, NASA’s models showed Hurricane Katrina approaching the coast of Louisiana. At the time, most models had a resolution of 50km. Today it’s down to just a little over six kilometres.

Google X's Zany Life Sciences Experiment Is Alphabet's First New Company

The Alphabet family just gained a member, after Sergey Brin announced that the life sciences team from Google X would become its own company. This is the same group of nerds that’s been building smart contact lenses. And it sounds like more crazy new inventions are on the way.

Scientists Build The Very First Wormhole Device... For Magnets!

Physicists have created a wormhole device that can tunnel a magnetic field through space. It sounds like Star Trek, but we won’t be zapping humans across the universe anytime soon, but the breakthrough could revolutionise certain magnet-based technologies, including MRIs.

How Travelling To Deep Space In Cryogenic Sleep Could Actually Work

Our bodies aren’t meant for space. We require too much maintenance to speed through the stars. We need a steady supply of things absent from space — namely water, food and oxygen. We crave warmth but won’t find it in deep space, where the average temperature is -270°C. Even if we could survive in an icy vacuum without sustenance, we’d probably go insane without distractions and room to move.

Science Keeps Beer Out Of Plastic Bottles, But Japan Might Change That

Ever wonder why beer never comes in plastic bottles? It’s because it affects the brew’s quality. But a major Japanese beer company has new plans to make a better beer bottle.

Federal 'Meth Lab' Was Less Breaking Bad, More Terrible Science Fair Experiment

The news that an explosion at high-tech federal science lab last month might have been caused by meth production quickly precipitated a string of Breaking Bad jokes. But as became clear at a US District Court in Greenbelt on Friday, this particularly meth lab was nowhere near as sophisticated as Walter White’s. It was small, crude, and pretty much destined to self-destruct.

Vomit Machine Helps Researchers Study Disease, Face Totally Unnecessary

Projectile vomiting: Disgusting, yes, but also your body’s natural way of dealing with being sick. Oh and a great way to spread your vile germs to others, according to research conducted with the lovely vomit simulator depicted above.

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