Here's How You Can Help Build A Quantum Computer

Quantum computers — theoretical machines which can process certain large and difficult problems exponentially faster than classical computers — have been a mainstay of science fiction for decades. But actually building one has proven incredibly challenging.

Japanese Scientists Just Beamed Energy Through The Air

Man-made satellites have long been able to harness the sun’s energy as it washes over them outside the protection of our atmosphere. But what if we could beam all that solar power down to Earth? The science fictional idea may be a reality sooner than you think.

Watch Crickets Fight Until They Get Stoned And Paranoid

Nitric oxide may be better known for turbo-charging snails, but rather than boosting aggressive behaviour, this brain chemical deals crickets a healthy dose of fear, telling them when to throw the towel in and flee a fight.

A Weird Neuroscientific Explanation For Why People Love Cheetos 

Getting sticky, tangy orange dust everywhere is usually considered a drawback of snacking on Cheetos. But that messy, colourful coating is actually one of the reasons people love Cheetos so much. Or at least that’s what companies analysing our brain activity think.

A New Kind Of Brain Stimulation That Uses Magnets And ... Spice

Deep brain stimulation involves threading electrodes deep into the brain — it’s invasive, but it’s also an effective way to treat disorders like Parkinson’s and depression. But now scientists have a new wireless brain stimulation technique, which targets the proteins that sense heat and spice.

How Scientists Will Find Your Next Antibiotic In This Pile Of Dirt

Nearly a century after scientists dug up penicillin, researchers are turning once more to the soil for new pharmaceuticals. But this time, they have tiny, powerful technologies on their side. Here’s how scientists are unlocking the secrets of soil microbes and discovering the next generation of medicine.

Scientists Have Just Invented Synthetic Chameleon Skin

It’s been a big week for chameleons. On Tuesday, scientists announced they’d worked out the secret to the cross-eyed lizard’s colour changing skin. A day later came the announcement that we’d replicated the skin artificially.

Watching Uranium Emit Radiation Inside A Cloud Chamber Is Mesmerising

Video: Here’s a really neat, classic experiment that’s always fun to see. When you place uranium inside a cloud chamber, you can see it decay and emit bits of radiation. It’s like seeing little alpha particle torpedoes shooting out in every direction, leaving a trail behind.

New Error Correction Take Us A Step Closer To Quantum Computing

Quantum computing could make complex calculations trivial in the future, but right now it’s fraught with problems. Consider one of them solved, though, in the shape of a new quantum error correction technique.

A Quantum Computer Isn't Nearly As Glamorous As It Sounds

You’d think quantum computers exist in heavily-guarded labs, with many men in white suits manning control stations filled with unfathomable screens and charts. Actually, they exist in a small cupboard in England’s West Country.