Molten Lava Fossilised This Plant Down To Its Single Cells

When this Jurassic plant was smothered in molten lava one hundred and eighty million years ago, it was almost instantly fossilised — in incredible cellular detail. In fact, the fern — seen here in cross section through the stem — was preserved right down to the level of chromosomes, which can be seen frozen in the process of cell division.

A Microscopic Lens-Free Image Sensor Could Turn Anything Into A Camera

This tiny piece of glass may not look like much, but in fact its surface is cleverly etched to capture light, and it contains a small chip to process the incident light. Yep, it’s a tiny camera that could provide any object — however small — with the means of capturing images.

Quantum Research Shows D-Wave's Computers Are (Probably) The Real Deal

D-Wave’s quantum computers have certainly demonstrated that they’re capable, but they have also received much criticism from scientists. Now, new results show that their technology could be even more solid than they’d claimed in the past.

Your Nose Is A Super-Machine That Can Detect Over A Trillion Scents

For nearly a century, scientists assumed the human nose was capable of discerning about 10,000 different odours. Turns out, that number was missing a whole bunch of zeroes — new research shows that the human nose can detect over 1,000,000,000,000 distinct scents. Tell your dog to quit being so smug.

The Fascinating Journey Of A Blood Donation

If you’re super squeamish about blood this might be a teeny bit uncomfortable, but I found it absolutely fascinating. City of Hope shows each step a unit of donated blood takes on its journey from a donor’s arm to a patient in need. It’s a peek into the circulatory system that helps your hospital save lives every day.

Beer Brewed With 'Lazy' Aussie Barley Lasts 'At Least 50% Longer'

No one likes stale beer, unless you’re dying of thirst in the desert, in which case anything goes. But for those of us enjoying a healthy state of hydration, the fresher the pint, the better. Australian farmers, with the help of the University of Adelaide and brewer Carlsberg, are growing a new breed of barley called “Charger”, that can help beer stay fresh for longer.

These Eerily Accurate Mugshots Were Created From DNA Alone

Everyone knows that DNA can be invaluable when it comes to solving crimes. But now genetic analysis can be used to generate incredibly precise mugshots of criminals, too.

This Is The Clearest Infrared Panorama Of The Milky Way Ever Captured

You’re looking at the clearest infrared panorama of the Milky Way ever captured. At 20 gigapixels, it’s going to take you a long time to check the whole thing out.

Astronomers Think They've Discovered Waves On Titan

Saturn’s moon Titan, everyone’s favourite Earth-like orbiter, just got a little more Earth-like. That is, if astronomers’ latest findings are correct. Based on strange reflections off the surface of Punga Mare, one of Titan’s hydrocarbon lakes, they think they have found liquid waves on the moon.

Chocolate Is Good For You Thanks To Gut Bacteria

On the heels of great news that dark chocolate really is good for you, researchers have found out some new crap. A study about why chocolate is good for you points to the bacteria that lurk inside your colon.