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The Blood Moon Was Recorded Back In 19th Century Thailand

This past Monday, people from around the world aimed their cameras upwards in hopes of catching a glimpse of the “blood moon” lunar eclipse. But as this 19th century manuscript shows, it’s a phenomenon that’s been chronicled long before the advent of camera phones and telescopic lenses.

Where Should NASA Send A Space Probe Next?

Going to Pluto was incredible, but as we continue to soak in the glorious images, NASA’s already trying to figure out which celestial target to hit next. The space agency revealed five finalist concepts this week, including missions that would take us to Jupiter’s asteroids and the surface of Venus.

An Ancient Volcanic Collapse Triggered An 240 Metre Tsunami Wave

Scientists have just uncovered one of the largest tsunami events in the geologic record, and naturally, it started with an epic splash. 73,000 years ago, the eastern flank of Cape Verde’s Fogo volcano collapsed into the sea, kicking up an 240m wave.

Elon Musk Clarifies His Plan To 'Nuke Mars'

Remember a few weeks back, when Elon Musk explained how we ought to nuke Mars to warm it up? Well, the billionaire was really just speaking off the cuff, and so during a SolarCity launch event in Times Square yesterday, he decided he ought to clarify.

I'm A Librarian Who Banned A Book. Here's Why

In the library world, access to information is a human right, not to be tampered with or controlled in any way. The books that line the shelves have been carefully selected by a trained librarian to offer the reader a balanced approach to all topics — that is, we try to provide all points of view, whether or not we personally agree with them.

There Is Water On Mars, But What Does This Mean For Life?

We’ve known for a long time that there’s water on Mars. Now we know – thanks to NASA’s latest announcement – that some of it is at the surface.

Careful Application Of Heat Could Extend The Lifetime Of A Battery

Think of heat and batteries, and you probably imagine a li-on cell bursting into flames. But now researchers think that a little heat at the right time could actually be used to extend the lifespan of a battery.

BP, Chevron Charter CSIRO Climate Science Vessel To Look For Fossil Fuels

In a sad turn of events, CSIRO’s RV Investigator, a dedicated marine research vessel that winded up construction and testing earlier this year, will now spend a few months under the employ of BP and Chevron sniffing out black gold… while also studying the ocean and sea floor.

There Are Hints Of Sunbeams And Fog Buried In Pluto's Atmosphere

Earlier this month, New Horizons released a batch of absolutely breathtaking photos of Pluto at dusk, including the one above. In these images, particles in Pluto’s thin atmosphere are causing sunlight to scatter, revealing a complex, layered haze.

NASA Is Sending Bacteria To The Edge Of Space To See If They Can Hitchhike To Mars

Discovering life on another planet, only to contaminate that world with our own pesky microbes, is one of NASA’s nightmare scenarios. To find out whether single-celled Earthlings can hitchhike to Mars and survive on the Red Planet’s surface, NASA is going to see how they like it 36.57km up.

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