A Space Lawyer Explains How We'll Forge A Civil Society Off Earth

Without even looking a century or so ahead when we’ll take a Virgin Galactic flight to spend our summers on Europa, there are many legal issues that are already confronting humanity in space. That’s why space lawyers are plenty busy today examining the particular economic and societal challenges found where Earth ends and space begins.

Melbourne Man Receives 3D-Printed Titanium Jaw

3D printing has many applications, but medicine has to be one of the more promising and exciting areas — and one that’s seeing constant advancement. Australia is one of a few countries staying ahead of the game, with a Melbourne man recently receiving a custom-made, 3D-printed titanium jaw.

The 10 Per Cent Of The Brain Myth Is Still Rubbish, Neuroscientists Say

There’s this persistent notion that we use a mere 10 per cent of our brains at any given moment. If only we could tap into more of the magnificent, squishy machine in our heads, we’d become quicker, cleverer versions of ourselves.

New NASA Tool Helps You Imagine A Day On Pluto

Pluto is billions of kilometres away, and it took >NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft nine years to get close. None of us will ever stand on the dwarf planet’s distance surface, but now, there’s a new NASA tool that’s bringing a little bit of Pluto back to the Blue Marble.

India's Recent Heat Wave Was Brutal

India is known for becoming a sweltering furnace in May, but last month was exceptionally brutal, with temperatures hovering 5°C above normal for nearly two weeks. By 4 June, the heat wave had claimed over 2500 lives, making it the fifth deadliest in recorded history.

World's Largest Telescope Begins Construction 

After nearly a decade of planning, construction of the Giant Magellan Telescope is finally underway. And boy, does it look cool. Perched high in the mountains of northern Chile, the GMT — whose primary optics consist of seven separate 8.4m diameter mirrors — will proudly claim the title of the largest optical scope ever built.

By 2017, Australia Will Be Able To Meet 25% Of World's Nuclear Medicine Needs

Nuclear technology has many uses beyond power generation, though it’s certainly the aspect that gets the most attention. If configured to do so, reactors can produce isotopes that are vital for diagnosing and treating cancer and other serious conditions. Surprisingly, Australia is on the forefront of nuclear medicine, with ANSTO’s OPAL reactor doing much of the gruntwork.

India's Air Pollution Is So Bad It's Causing Lung Damage In Kids

The deadly heatwave that swept through India this week has melted streets with its searing 47°C temperatures. But it’s also making life even worse for its cities’ most vulnerable residents — the millions of Indian children suffering from lung damage due to the toxic urban air.

Scientists Are Spinning Spider Silk Without The Spiders

Spider silk is often touted as a wonder material that will soon weave its way into everything from body armour to replacement hearts. But we can only squeeze so much of the stuff out of our eight-legged friends, which is why scientists and entrepreneurs are working hard to reproduce it artificially.

An Inside Look At The Construction Of NASA's Next Mission To Mars

Preparations for NASA’s next mission to Mars are kicking into high gear. And the technology the space agency is building for the Martian lander slated to launch in 2016 is enough to make science fiction fans foam at the mouth.

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