Watching Desperate Polar Bears Searching For Ice Is Truly Heartbreaking

Polar bears are now swimming for kilometres looking for ice because that’s where they can hunt their prey without being seen. Many of them drown. Some find land and die later, exhausted and starved. All thanks to the ongoing global temperature increase and the collapse of the northern ice sheets.

Here's An Easy Trick To Make Glass Totally Invisible

Even when you are only seeing one test tube disappear into this beaker, there are another two more inside. In fact, there’s also a beaker hidden inside, completely invisible to the eye. How is this sorcery possible? SCIENCE.

MIT Has Made A Breakthrough In Creating Lighter, Harder Metamaterials

When it comes to metamaterials, it’s the magical substance known as “aerogel” that gets all the coverage. But what if we could construct super-substances using materials we’re more familiar with, including regular metals and plastic? Researchers at MIT and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US think they might have something.

Stadium-Sized 'Beast' Asteroid Will Nearly* Smash Into Earth Tomorrow

Asteroid 2014 HQ 124, aka “The Beast”, is a gridiron stadium-sized behemoth, estimated at nearly 400m wide. And tomorrow, it’s going to come perilously close to our beloved home planet. How close? Just a mere 1.25 million kilometres away. In space terms, that’s about as close as it gets.

Soviet Doctors Cured Infections With Viruses... And Soon Yours Might Too

In the Soviet Union, western antibiotics couldn’t make it past the Iron Curtain. So Eastern Bloc doctors figured out how to use viruses to kill infectious bacteria. Now, with antibiotic-resistant bugs vexing doctors, that eerie yet effective method might come our way. In post-antibiotic world, infection cures you!

NASA's Using Space Laser To Download Video From Orbit At Gigabit Speeds

NASA’s latest data download just covered way more distance, and contained way more awesome, than any earthbound file transfer: the agency beamed a high-def video down from the International Space Station this week using a high-powered laser. Go ahead and give your WiFi router a good stern look.

Mystery Solved: This Is The Monster That Ate That Great White Shark

It wasn’t the Kraken. It wasn’t Godzilla. And it wasn’t even a rabid killer whale. The mysterious animal that had killed and eaten the 2.7m great white shark and had stumped scientists turned out to be a super predator feared by even apex predators like the great white shark. So what was it?

An Astrophysicist Explains Our Flying Car Problem

In a new essay in the New York Times, a professor of astrophysics at the University of Rochester asks the retro-futurist’s most daunting question: Where’s my flying car? Or, as Adam Frank’s piece is titled, “I Was Promised Flying Cars”.

Aussie Scientists: A Mysterious Animal Ate An Entire Great White Shark

Scientists in Australia tagged a healthy 2.7m great white shark as part of program to track these animals. Four months later they found the tracking device washed up on a beach. Something – something really big — had eaten this apex predator. But what creature could dine on such ferocious prey?

Why Google's Driverless Cars Won't Solve Our Traffic Problems

Footage of Google’s prototype driverless car has got people talking about the potential for self-driving vehicles. While this seems like an exciting new technological advance, in fact the idea is not so new, with numerous large car manufacturers having carried out their own autonomous car programmes as far back as the 1920s, with a “magic highway” system developed in California in the 1990s.