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The Vibrating Sauna Pants

Places I never thought needed more sweat: my crotchular region. But maybe I’ve been doing it wrong! This pair of vibrating sauna pants takes the hot hot heat of the sauna and packages it onto your package. Why oh why.

Pore-Tightening Mask Allows Couples to Fight Crime Together

These Japanese masks don’t only tighten and make your pores microscopic, they also turn it into a très romantic activity with your partner. Creepily reminscent of Jason in Friday the 13th, they provide ample anonymity for psychotic, law-breaking fun as well. Instead of running around with a chainsaw though, robbing a bank might just be more useful because financial bankruptcy is just no fun. Only problem with these masks is you don’t really know what to tell the cops about the person behind the pink mask, holding up the bank teller in San Francisco, do you? [TOKYO MANGO]

Nokia Uses Two Guys In A Sauna To Explain N-Gage To Developers... Wait, WTF?

In Finland, your time is split between two things: working for Nokia and enjoying the pungent odours of man-sweat from your colleagues in the local sauna. Now, the mobile phone giant looks to have combined the two and created an online video series of it in an effort to communicate the benefits of their N-Gage platform to developers.

It looks to be an ongoing series, with the first episode showing more nipple-fur and hot engineer bod than I was hoping for, earning it a slightly NSFW rating (if only to protect your reputation among colleagues as a heterosexual male).

Signature Mini Sauna For Your Personal Health Club

Rather than using traditional heated rocks, the Signature 4 Person Sauna uses a far infrared thermal system to heat the miniature room up to the usual 160-200 degree Fahrenheit sauna temperature. Though the built in AM/FM radio and CD player are nice, for US$6000 I was expecting at least an MP3 CD player or iPod dock. [hometone via bornrich via UR] galleryPost('signaturesauna4', 3, '');

Ice Sauna Goes to 10 Below Zero, Causes Shrinkage

Had enough of the heat? How about sitting in a snowy room where it is 10 degrees below zero? Now that is what I call relaxing. As stupid as this concept sounds, the “Snow Room” exists, and it was recently showcased in a Hotel Equipment Fair in Turkey. Plus, it will go on sale to all luxury hotels and spas starting this year.

Wonder Sauna Hot Pants Are the Most Shameful Products Ever

These Wonder Sauna (Long) Hot Pants are the kind of product you find in the back of your grandparents closet that make you rethink everything you thought you knew about them. Namely, that they aren’t retarded enough to buy a product called Wonder Sauna (Long) Hot Pants in the first place. Sucks for you, dude. The apple doesn’t fall far from the idiotic grandparents. [Boing Boing Gadgets]

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