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TomTom's Adorable New VIO SatNav Is Designed To Match Your Scooter

The average GPS satnav is a boring rectangular affair that will stick out like a sore thumb if you tried to mount one to a scooter. But just because you drive a curvaceous classic Vespa doesn’t mean you won’t ever get lost, so TomTom has created an adorable circular satnav designed to complement your scooter.

TomTom's Not A Fan Of Open Source Street Maps

TomTom makes its money from navigation solutions, so it’s not a huge surprise that it’s not terribly fond of open source maps on a general level. It has been accused, however, of overstating the error potential in competing open source map sources as part of a blog post discrediting them.

Galaxy S II As Car SatNav: Reader Video Review

So the GS2 won both the Readers’ Choice and Editor’s Pick in the 2011 Gizmodo Awards — but how does it stack up as a GPS replacement for the car? Giz reader Jason takes it for a test drive.

Pioneer's AR HUD Puts Your Satnav Display On The Road Ahead

It’s certainly not the first demo we’ve seen of a windshield HUD system that incorporates navigation and other info so a driver can keep their eyes on the road. But it is the first from Pioneer, a company with the automotive experience to finally make a system like this a reality.

Lunchtime Deal: TomTom XXL 540 GPS... $149

Though released late 2009, TomTom’s XXL 540 is still a current model usually priced up to $300. It’s got a massive 5-inch touchscreen, 3D modes, speed camera data and IQ Routes (factors in peak hour, traffic lights, etc). While $149 seems like no brainer, the hard part might be working out if it can fit on your dash. [Dick Smith via OzBargain]

TomTom Set To Sell Your Travel Data To The Highest Bidder

TomTom kicked up a privacy duststorm last week by admitting it had sold users travel data to Dutch police so they could better place speed cameras. According to David Ramli at the Financial Review, TomTom Australia is set to sell your data to the highest bidder later this year.

TomTom Helped Cops Cheat By Selling Driver Data

Drivers in The Netherlands who noticed that speed traps were a little too perfectly placed lately weren’t just being paranoid; turns out local cops have had a wealth of TomTom driving data – including historical speed – at their disposal. Because TomTom sold it to them. Et tu, satnav?

Meet Charles, The Disembodied, Terror-Inducing GPS Navigator Robot

You know what’s not terrifying enough? GPS systems. Thank goodness for Charles.

The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Satnavs

GPS navigation is everywhere these days, which is what makes it such a great stocking stuffer. Here’s the best way to get your Christmas shopping from point A to point B. Recalculating… Recalculating…

Galaxy Tab Shipping With Navigon GPS Software

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab at IFA back in September, they made a big deal about the fact it would double as a satnav out of the box using Google Maps’ Navigation software. But Google doesn’t offer turn by turn navigation software for Australia yet, so it’s good to see that Samsung has partnered with Navigon to offer Navigon mapping on the Galaxy Tab, straight out of the box.

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