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Sansa Clip+ Review: Big Sound, Tiny Body

Sandisk’s Sansa Clip has been the preferred cheap mp3 player for audiophiles for awhile now, and the Clip+ improves on the original in price, design, capacity and features. Basically, this is the best trash mp3 player around.

Survey: 100% of Teens Want an iPod; 0% of Teens Want Any Other Player

News doesn’t get much worse than this for the Zunes and Sansas of the world: a whopping 0% of surveyed teens planned on buying their devices, with 100% wanting an iPod in the coming year.

Build Your Own MP3 Grenade For Free Cavity Searches

Using a (and I can’t stress this enough) inert hand grenade, a 1GB Sansa MP3 player and a hacksaw, you too can make this lethal-looking portable player.

Sansa slotRadio Comes With 1,000 Songs Preloaded

Do you enjoy music but not enough to care what specific music you’re listening to? Then the Sansa slotRadio is designed for you, it comes with 1,000 “hand picked” songs. No taste required.

8GB Sansa Clips Make iPod Shuffles Seem Juvenile

Perfect for those who need a small device for music on-the-go, the Sansa Clip from SanDisk is very much like the iPod Shuffle with its compact size and its ability to clip onto belt, purses and clothing. However, what makes the Sansa Clip stand out—and what the iPod Shuffle could benefit from—is it produces more bang for your buck with its larger selection, increased storage, built-in FM tuner, and the colour OLED screen that allows users to see and choose their audio entertainment. Although it is $US30 more than the 2GB iPod Shuffle, the 8GB Sansa Disk can hold roughly 1,500 more songs than the largest Shuffle, and will be available starting this week for $US99. [cnet via Gadgetell]

SanDisk Buys MusicGremlin; Revisits Wi-Fi Music Player Thing

Today SanDisk announced it would acquire the company that developed the chunky MusicGremlin Wi-Fi MP3 player, a device that made a smallish splash a few years ago for being the Zune before there was a Zune.

Sandisk Sansa Fuze Now Official

The much-rumoured Sandisk Sansa Fuze has finally been brought out of the shadows, coming in 2, 4 and 8 GB sizes for US$79, US$99 and US$129, respectively. Gallery and all the official gumpf after the jump. [Gearlog] galleryPost('sansafuzeoff', 3, '');

Sansa Fuze Turns Up at Amazon

The Sansa Fuze, which we heard word of earlier, has just turned up at Amazon. The listing confirms the PMP will have a 1.9″ screen, voice recording function (that works via the built-in microphone), microSD/microSDHC slot and will offer support for MP3, WMA and MPEG-4 encoded content. Retailing at US$99 for a 4GB edition, the internal battery will squeeze out 24 hours of audio playback and 5 hours of video on a single charge. Checkout some more shots of the PMP below. galleryPost('safgi', 3, '');

SanDisk Prepping Sansa Fuze?

SanDisk may have a new PMP on the way. An accessory bundle for something called a Sansa Fuze was spotted on maker HandStands’ website earlier—currently the address redirects to generic Sansa accessories. The player pictured in the ad looks like competition for a 3G iPod nano, and will likely include 8-16GB of memory as well as video and radio playback. When we know for sure, you will too. [anythingbutipod]

32GB SanDisk Sansa View on the Way?

The recently released Sansa View may already in line for an upgrade if some leaked info on the SanDisk website is anything to go by. The link revealed listings for devices with 8, 16 and 32GB capacities with the high end price topping out at $US330. And since a 32GB Sansa View does not currently exist, we can only assume that one will be released sometime in the near future. Not a confirmation by any means, but if you are planning on picking up a Sansa View, you might want to wait a little longer if a higher capacity interests you. [Dapreview]

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