How To Choose The Best TV For Gaming

If you’re an avid gamer that wants to buy a new TV, you’re in a bit of a difficult position. TV makers in Australia go to great pains to sell their screens’ movie- and TV-watching potential, but don’t really discuss how they perform with an Xbox One or PS4 or gaming PC plugged in.

Nook Reborn As A Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 In The US

Itching for a new Nook tablet? Well, you are getting one either way! The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is here to rescue you from a Nookless existence.

Samsung's New Bluetooth Speaker Looks Awfully Familiar

No, that’s not an picture of Jawbone’s now-iconic Jambox Bluetooth speaker. It is, in fact, the new Samsung Level Box mini.

Gizmodo Smartphone Buying Guide 2014: Screen Size And Resolution Explained

Phones these days are big, and they’re only getting bigger. We’re on the precipice of both the Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung and the iPhone 6 from Apple: both of which will likely have bigger, brighter and better resolution screens. But what does that all mean? Let us explain why you should give the resolution of your screen serious thought.

Samsung M7 Wireless Speaker: Australian Review

If you have a smartphone or tablet in your household, you need not be tied to either its tiny, tinny speaker or a single Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker — why not play your music through half a dozen different speaker at once, all in different rooms? Multi-room audio has been around for a decade now, but the race is heating up of late; Samsung’s new M5 and M7 wireless multi-room speakers are the company’s attempt at dethroning Sonos as the Wi-Fi hi-fi system of choice.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Looks Like a High-Res Beast Of A Phone

Forget the Samsung Galaxy Alpha — the Galaxy Note 4 looks like a proper flagship worthy of your attention. Or at least it does according to this alleged retail listing leak, which pips Samsung to the post by apparently spilling all the smartphone’s secret specs.

Samsung Wants To Control Your Smart Home Too

Re/Code’s ever reliable Kara Swisher is reporting that Samsung just bought the smart home startup SmartThings for $US200 million. The news comes almost exactly one month after a rumour emerged that the Korean electronics company was making the move. But now that it’s made, things could get interesting.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Android Brains, iPhone-Like Body

Samsung has just announced its latest Galaxy smartphone, the Alpha. With its chamfered edges, you might confuse it for an iPhone from a distance, but it has plenty of its own fun tricks as well.

Is This Samsung's Phone-Powered VR Headset?

The Verge reports that the boxy set of goggles with a controller above is the rumoured VR rig that Samsung’s supposedly been prepping. If so, it looks way more serious than the leaked schematics we’d seen before. Looks like its primed to fit the rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Leaked Galaxy Note 4 Images Show Off Metal And Pleather

We already know a lot of rumours and speculation surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4, but we had yet to see any leaked images of the thing. These photos provide that last piece to this phablet puzzle.