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New Note 5 Leaks Don't Leave Much For The Imagination

Yesterday, Samsung sent out invitations to a New York City event where we’ll all finally (officially) meet the new Galaxy Note 5. But Samsung has done a pretty horrible job keeping wraps on what the new smartphone actually looks like, leaking everything from CAD designs to these new hi-res photos.

Samsung's Next Galaxy Smartphone Will Be Announced 13 August

That’s right. Samsung’s next smartphone is coming in less than three weeks. Given the time of year, it’s probably a new Galaxy Note. And we’re pretty sure you can expect a new version of Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset attachment to go with it.

A Monitor With Built-In Wireless Charging Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense

In the ‘interesting new technology’ stakes, new PC monitors normally rank just above updated versions of power strips. But when a monitor includes a built-in Qi wireless charging pad? Now we’re talking.

Want MicroSD In Your Galaxy S6? Consider This Battery Boosting Case

We called the Galaxy S6 the best smartphone you can buy. Some would consider that a betrayal. After all, the S6 doesn’t have removable batteries or SD card slots anymore — it’s completely sealed. But you know what? There’s a new case that might solve at least one of those problems.

The Galaxy Tab S2 Is Samsung's Next Flagship Tablet

Last year, Samsung redefined how many pixels you can cram into 10 inches with the Galaxy Tab S; this year, it’s back with a thinner and lighter second round.

Samsung Gear VR For Galaxy S6: Australian Review

Smartphones, by and large, are made to be held in your hand and looked down upon and tapped away at with your thumbs. Virtual reality headsets are amazing, but they’re usually strapped to your head and tied down to a powerful gaming PC or gaming console. The newest Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality headset that takes your regular ol’ (Samsung) smartphone and turns it into a head-mounted galaxy of fun.

The Death Of The SIM Card Is Nigh

A report from the Financial Times yesterday afternoon brought news that both Samsung and Apple are close to agreeing on a common architecture standard for an electronic SIM card that would replace physical SIMs completely. It would allow you to change your carrier without having to switch cards at all — an ability that would “fundamentally change how consumers sign up to mobile operators,” as the FT puts it.

Someone Is Finally Suing Samsung Over Its Bloatware

For years, Samsung (and other Android manufacturers) have been crapping all over Google’s simple software design with layers of gratuitous bloatware. So, in the proud American tradition, a Chinese consumer protection group is suing Samsung and Oppo for ruining everyone’s lives.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Review: A Smartphone You Can Take Outside

The Galaxy S6 Active takes Samsung’s flagship smartphone and adds waterproofing, protection against drops, a larger battery and unique physical buttons. As the name suggests, it targets active people. Well, I’m active — can it stand up to my abuse?

Samsung Will Stop Breaking Windows Update With Its Crappy Bloatware

Earlier this week, a Microsoft security researcher wrote a scathing account of how Samsung’s SW Update tool (installed by default on all Samsung PCs) is disabling Windows Update, potentially leaving millions of computers vulnerable to critical security flaws. Thankfully, Samsung’s crack bloatware programmers have seen the light, and are pushing an update.

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