Samsung T1 Portable SSD: Australian Review

Fast, small, cheap — pick two. This is the adage that stands true whenever you’re buying lots of technology products, but it’s especially true in the competitive world of portable hard drives. Samsung’s new portable SSD, the T1, is a hell of a lot faster than even the fastest mechanical hard drive or USB flash drive out there, and it’s smaller than any other portable hard drive you can buy. It’s not exactly cheap, though.

LG Busted By Australian Court For Saying Its TVs Are Better Than Samsung's [Update]

Remember when the battle for your 3D TV dollars came down to the difference between active and passive 3D technology? LG does, and it’s about to pay dearly for saying its passive 3D tech was better than Samsung’s 3D TVs back in 2011.

Samsung's Next Smartwatch Will Pack A Round Screen And Rotating Bezel

Amidst all the Apple Watch hype, it’s easy to forget that Samsung’s aleady worked its way through two generations of smartwatch, and is prepping to launch a third. And according to a new Samsung software development kit, the next Gear will have a circular display, and rotating bezel to control it with. Digital crown what now?

The Best Look Yet At Samsung's Round Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung has more smartwatches than most shady trenchcoat salesmen out there, and they’re going to add yet another one to the mix. We already know that the next Gear will be the first circular face for Samsung, but a newly released SDK gives an even closer look at the watch’s Tizen apps and a totally cool bezel that rotates.

Samsung Gear VR For Galaxy S6: So Close I Can Almost Taste It

The final Oculus Rift is coming next year. But why wait? If you’ve got a shiny new Galaxy S6, you can get a glimpse of the virtual reality future today. I’m talking about the new Gear VR headset, which turns your phone into a far clearer VR viewer than any you could buy to date.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Australian Review

Holy crap. This is the best Samsung phone ever made.

Samsung Launches External SSD

Need massive yet fast storage that you can slip in a pocket? Samsung has just launched an external SSD using their new 3D V-NAND, but how much will it set you back here in Australia?

Is Samsung Copying Apple's Design Ads?

Video: Apple’s ads about new products have a certain uplifting quality. Scenes of robots working in the dark scored by beautiful music and overdubbed with Jonathon Ive’s dulcet British tones, the promotional material is unmistakable. These unmistakable scenes are now appearing in Samsung’s ads for the new Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung's Galaxy S5 Could Have Leaked Your Fingerprints To Hackers

Your fingerprint is a more valuable security resource than your password — you can change a password, after all. So it’s worrying to hear that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 contains a vulnerability that could leave your fingerprint wide open for hackers to clone.

Samsung Has Some Brand New Tabs, And Everything Else You Missed

Samsung quietly launches two new tablets, Chrome gets a big upgrade, and AMD lets slip Windows 10’s release date. BitStream has the news and rumours you missed in the last 24 hours.