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Beware Of Samsung's Exploding Washing Machines [Updated]

Samsung may have another explosion problem on its hands. Today, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that it was looking into some of Samsung’s top-loading washing machines because of “safety issues”.

Update: Don’t worry, guys — this issue does not affect any washing machines in Australia, Samsung has confirmed to Gizmodo.

Wait, Are The New Note 7s Overheating Too?

There’s no nice way to say it. The Galaxy Note 7 launch has been a complete disaster. After initially receiving favourable reviews, the Note 7 made more headlines following reports of spontaneous combustion in pant pockets, cars, aeroplanes and homes. Samsung initially bungled the global recall — but now, more bad news is rolling in.

Samsung Galaxy 2 Spews Smoke And Sparks On Flight To Singapore

After the recall of the very explodey Galaxy Note 7, Samsung just cannot catch a break. On Friday, during an IndiGo flight from Chennai to Singapore, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the overhead compartment started spewing smoke and sparks.

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 Stock Is Now In Australia

After recent mass recalls of the Galaxy Note7 in response to a manufacturing fault causing battery fires, Samsung has confirmed (safe) replacement stock will be available from today — along with software updates to the original recalled devices to limit the battery to 60 per cent.

Here’s what you need to do if you’re a Note7 owner.

Samsung Launches Ultra Fast 960 PRO and 960 EVO SSDs

It’s that time of year again, when Samsung announces their latest solid state drives at an SSD summit in Seoul, Korea. Performance is the name of the game, with a new NVMe drive that bests last years 950 Pro by a decent margin. There is also a slightly more budget friendly EVO drive, which also offers top notch performance. So how much do they cost (spoiler, up to $1700!), and how did Samsung manage to improve speeds yet again?

How A 'Boring' iPhone 7 Put Samsung On The Path To Self-Destruction

To some commentators, the familiar design of the latest iPhone is a serious misstep, solid proof that Apple has run out of ideas. However, the phone’s unexciting appearance may have inadvertently given the company a major advantage over the competition — albeit one few would wish for.

Man Allegedly Burned By Galaxy Note 7 Is Suing Samsung

A Florida man who claimed to suffer severe burns when his Galaxy Note 7 exploded in his pocket is now suing Samsung. Jonathan Strobel of Boca Raton is the first to file a lawsuit against Samsung after the company officially recalled the latest addition to the Note series.

Your Phone Is A Ticking Time Bomb

This is probably going to terrify you, but you’ve got a ticking time bomb in your lap, or your purse, or nestled into your back pocket. If you have a consumer electronic device powered by a rechargeable battery there is a very good chance it is a lithium-based battery. Which means that when you toss your kid your phone, you’re tossing them a firebomb too.

Samsung Has Capped Charging For The Galaxy Note7

If you have a Galaxy Note7, and still haven’t switched off and taken it back, do it. Not only is it at risk of catching fire, as of next week Samsung will begin rolling out a software upgrade that will limit the battery to 2,100 mAh of its 3,500 mAh capacity.

This is in an effort to protect you from your phone catching fire. I don’t mean to overstate the point at all, but if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note7 your phone can catch fire. Seriously, just switch it off and take it back.

Samsung Is Limiting Note 7 Batteries To 60 Per Cent To Avoid More Explosions

As of September 20, Samsung will issue an update to South Korean Note 7 users that will seriously hamstring their batteries, according to the AP. With this update, remaining, non-recalled Note 7s will only be able to charge to 60 per cent capacity, a move that will help save those recall holdouts from explosive consequences.

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