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The average Apple iPhone owner is 41 years old, more likely to be a woman, and earns $54,000 a year. She likely has a mortgage, listens to commercial radio and does yoga.

The average Samsung smartphone owner is 44 years old, more likely to be a man, and earns $47,000 a year. He is more likely to be renting, playing the pokies and going fishing.

Sounds familiar, or no?


The tail end of the year is always a good time to buy some new tech: new gadgets generally launch between March and September, and pre- and post-Christmas sales means prices can drop pretty significantly. To that end, JB Hi-Fi has a bunch of late November price drops on big-screen TVs from Samsung and LG.


SSDs can be a great way to speed up a PC, but for those in pursuit of the ultimate performance, the Samsung 960 Pro is king. The problem is that it costs up to an eye watering $1700, albeit for a massive 2TB. For those on a slightly more modest budget, Samsung has now also released the more affordable 960 Evo.

We covered the launch back in September, but how do the drives stack up in the real world? (Spoiler - they are stupidly fast).


After a longer than usual wait since its announcement at IFA 2016 in September, Samsung's latest and greatest smartwatch finally has an Aussie release date. You'll be able to pick up a Gear S3, made for a Samsung phone but compatible with any Android or iOS device, from November 18.


Samsung just filed its third quarter earnings report, and the results are not looking good. The company's net profit fell 16.8 per cent following the disastrous launch and unprecedented recall of the Galaxy Note7 smartphone launch. Samsung's mobile division is reporting the lowest quarterly profit in more than six years, back when its first Galaxy phone came out. Ouch!


Samsung Pay supports loyalty cards now, so you won't have to carry them all around in your wallet (or forget them entirely).

There are 18 "loyalty partners" on board for the launch, including Dymocks, ToysRus, Oporto and Sanity. Remember Sanity? Apparently it is still around, and has a loyalty card!


After continued reports of the phones catching on fire when charged, Samsung finally put the Galaxy Note7 out of its misery two weeks ago. But 2.5 million recalled devices and $3 billion in projected losses later, the company is apparently no closer to identifying what killed its flagship smartphone.


"Quantum Dot". I know it sounds like a TV show where a guy jumps backwards through time, taking over the bodies of other people and helping them with the grammar and punctuation, but it's a real technology. Honest. In fact, Samsung was one of the first off the mark to integrate quantum dots into its displays, which now includes computer monitors with the announcement of the curved, 24-inch CFG70.