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Samsung Might Skip The Galaxy Note 6 And Go Straight To 7

A Korea IT News report suggests that Samsung will skip the ‘6’ in its Galaxy Note series of large-screen, stylus-toting Android smartphones and go straight to the Galaxy Note 7, in a move to harmonise the phone’s name with its more popular and mainstream Galaxy S7. There’s no superstition or subterfuge behind this alleged move, but it’s just a relic of the fact that the original Note launched a year behind the Galaxy.

Your Move, Apple

It feels like it’s 2001. A ton of companies had released a ton of MP3 players, and they all sucked. The iPod was just months away.

But it’s 2016, and instead we’re drowning in smarthome gadgets, most recently the voice-powered Amazon Echo and whatever Google Home is.

The Boost Mobile Exclusive Samsung Galaxy J2 Pricing And Plans

Samsung’s $199 “affordable premium” Galaxy, the J2, has just been announced as a Boost Mobile exclusive.

The J2 features a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED display, Quad Core 1.3GHz processor, 5MP camera (and 2MP front camera), and access to Telstra’s 4G network.

Hands On: Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

High Dynamic Range continues to prove its importance as Samsung’s UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray disc player lands on Australian shelves.

Panasonic jumped the gun recently in order to announce Australia’s first Ultra HD Blu-ray disc first player — I’ve already put the Panasonic player through its paces, but it won’t actually be on sale until September and judging by overseas pricing it’s likely to sell for at least $1000. Now Samsung has thrown its hat in the ring with a $599 player that hits the shelves this month.

Under The Hood: This Week In PC, Component And Software News

Thinking of building a new gaming PC? Struggling with whatever random error your desktop is throwing up this week? Under The Hood gives you a quick and concise run-down of the most important things that happened to the PC master race in the last seven days.

Samsung Thinks It Can Make Smartwatches Useful By Projecting Them Onto Your Hand

Samsung thinks it has a possible solution to the problem of tiny, hard-to-read smartwatches: a projector. The company has filed a patent for a smartwatch that projects a larger screen onto the user’s hand or forearm.

2016 Samsung TVs: Pricing, Availability And Everything You Need To Know

Let’s be real — “Quantum Dot” sounds like marketing jargon. The surprising thing is that it isn’t. Never one to shy away from innovation, Samsung have literally used quantum physics to create a new standard in picture quality for its SUHD TVs.

And that’s not the only area of focus for the latest range, which hits all the right notes on style, form and function. For a price, of course.

Samsung Just Made It Easier Than Ever To Misplace 256GB Of Data

Briefly: Besting Sandisk’s (or is it Western Digital’s?) 200GB microSD card announced last year, Samsung just announced a $US250 ($340) 256GB microSD card boasting read and write speeds of up to 95MB/s and 90MB/s, respectively. Which means that when it’s officially available come June, you’ll be able to cram over 39 terabytes into a Rubik’s Cube.

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 4G Is Now Available In Australia

Samsung’s flagship 2-in-1 Windows tablet, the Galaxy TabPro S, has been available in Australia since 1 April (you can check out our review here). But now you can pick up the shiny new 4G LTE model for $1,799.

Samsung Has Australia's First 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player, And It's On Sale Now

Here’s the first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player that you can actually go out and buy. Along with the discs that are already on sale, the Samsung UBD-K8500 is your first — and only — option to watch the new 4K Blu-rays that are by far the most detailed, lifelike and colourful movies you’ve ever seen.

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