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Samsung's Gear S2 Smartwatch Is Coming To Australia

Samsung’s round, slim Gear S2 smartwatch — an update to the definitely-less-than-conventional Gear S — has just been formally announced ahead of this week’s IFA gadget expo in Berlin. If you like your watches round, your activity tracked, and your heart rate monitored, and your operating systems Tizen, well this is the smartwatch for you.

Samsung's New Gear S2 Doesn't Sound Like An Apple Watch Killer

In a wearable preamble to the gadget onslaught that will flood Berlin this week, Samsung’s just outed its latest attempt to win over your wrist-puter heart. It’s the Gear S2, an update to last year’s Galaxy Gear S, which was just too weird to love.

Watch Aussie DJs Flight Facilities Perform At The Opera House In Sweet, Sweet VR

Video: The Vivid Sydney festival and an Aussie music label named FCX absolutely rocked the Sydney Opera House back in May. Tickets were super-limited, but you can relive a little part of it thanks to Samsung and the Sydney Opera House: they captured part of Flight Facilities’ gig in gorgeous virtual reality, and it’s really worth a watch.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review: Buy It For Bragging Rights

Some people prefer practical tools. Others would gladly buy gadgets dipped in gold. In a nutshell, that’s the choice between the new Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. They’re two sides of the same coin. They’re both cutting-edge phones. The question is whether you’re willing to sacrifice comfort to make people’s heads turn.

This Is How The S-Pen Can Break Your Brand New Note 5

Samsung’s latest Note 5 is out and about. It’s a nifty little device, except it has one Achilles’ heel: Inserting the stylus backwards can break the damn thing.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Australian Review

Samsung has come a long way in the last couple of years, although you might not realise it. Gone are the tacky, plastic-heavy designs of the Galaxy S4 and S5; glass is in, and big screens are in too. Launching alongside the all-round-excellent Galaxy Note 5, there’s a beautiful counterpart in the equally new, curved glass Galaxy S6 Edge+ — it’s what would happen if the Note 4 and the S6 Edge had beautiful babies.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Australian Review

Sit up, take Note: this is the best Samsung phone you’ve ever seen.

Samsung Made The World's Best Smartphone Display Even Better

The key element for a great smartphone has always been a truly innovative and top performing display, and the best leading edge smartphones have always flaunted their super high tech displays. It’s the display performance that determines how good and how beautiful everything on the smartphone looks, including camera photos, and also how usable and how readable the screen remains in high ambient lighting. It is the crown jewel of the smartphone.

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Yep, It Certainly Is Bigger

So the word “Plus” could mean many things, right? Better processor? Camera? Features? In the case of the S6 Edge Plus, though, it’s just size. This phone is almost an exact copy of this year’s S6 Edge except for its whopping 5.7-inch display. As far as “innovation” goes, Samsung is kind of phoning it in with this one.

Samsung GS6 Edge+: Australian Pricing And Release Date [Updated]

Confusing name, beautiful phone. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ now has an Australian price and release date.

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