Samsung's 2015 TVs: Everything You Need To Know

Thinking of picking up a new TV within the next 12 months? You could do a lot worse than to choose one from the most popular television brand. Here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s 2015 range of TVs and home entertainment gear.

Samsung's New SUHD 4K TVs Are Out In Australia Now

Samsung’s new SUHD TVs are beautiful. The new quantum dot screens are brighter, and have a wider colour gamut than last year’s tech. If you don’t like OLED, or if you want a screen that’s up to 88 inches in size, then Samsung is your go-to. Free Netflix for six months is a nifty extra, too. By the way, those new Samsungs are out now.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Not The Next Big Thing, Just A Fantastic Phone

Remember the good old Samsung Galaxy S III? It was a fantastic little trooper, but we’ve come a long way since plastic phones were king. iPhones and Nexii and Motorolas and HTCs have been pushing the limits of style and substance, and now the Galaxy S6 is finally, finally catching up with them. It’s stylish, it’s solid. It’s the whole package.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Australian Review

Holy crap. This is the best Samsung phone ever made.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Australian Pricing And Release Date

I hope you’re ready to empty your wallets: the Galaxy S6 Edge is super expensive.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Australian Pricing And Release Date

This is it. The next generation Galaxy S6 is here, and it has an Australian price and release date.

The Best Smartphone Camera: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edition

With spring comes the launch of another Samsung Galaxy phone. The S6 and S6 Edge are on their way into the hands of the masses, so we thought we would fire up the cameras and see how the newbies fare against tried and true competitors for the title of best smartphone camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Has As Much Bloatware As Ever

You know the rumours about how the Galaxy S6 would have dramatically less bloatware? How a bunch of the Samsung apps would be deletable if not completely optional? Yeah, not true. It’s a bummer, but the Galaxy S6 has as much bloatware as ever.

How To Change The Battery On The New Galaxy S6

You guys. The built-in status of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery doesn’t mean the battery is totally non-removable. All you need is your Galaxy S6, a hair dryer, tweezers, a micro Phillips head screwdriver, a spudger tool, an intimate knowledge of electrical engineering and about an hour to kill. Simple!

Buying A New Smartphone? Here's What You Need To Know

It’s flagship phone season, which means that many of you will be hitting your the market to see if you can pick up some new smartphone shiny! Here’s everything you need to know before you buy.