This iPhone 6 Leak Looks Legit And Comes Direct From The Factory

In just over 24 hours we’ll know what Apple has planned for the next version of its iconic smartphone. But do we have to wait that long? A new leak from China has emerged with a guy holding what looks to be a completely assembled and functional version of a larger-screened iPhone 6.

Is This The iPhone 6? This Russian Leaker Certainly Thinks So

It’s rumoured that the next iPhone will be bigger, smoother, faster and all-round sexier. This Russian YouTuber claims to have the real deal, but we’re not quite sure.

Microsoft Just Accidentally Teased Windows 9

We know that Windows 9 is on its way, but it could appear sooner than we expected. Microsoft China just mistakenly teased the new OS, announcing that it’s “coming soon.”

Bloomberg: Apple's Teamed With Visa And MasterCard On An IPhone Wallet

Over the weekend, it was rumoured that Apple was working with American Express to turn your iPhone into a smart wallet. Now, a new report suggests that Apple is also teaming up with Visa and MasterCard, too.

Looks Like We Will See Windows 9 Next Month After All

Looks like the rumour mill was right. Windows 9 will finally be unveiled to the public on September 30 at a press event.

TMZ Needs To Calm Down About Its 'iPhone 6' Pictures

TMZ got pretty excited last week about the “new iPhone” leak it procured for itself. The headline commanded: “drool, geeks”. We discussed that it probably wasn’t the iPhone 6, but still TMZ is absolutely hammering the fact that it has the new iPhone in the most obnoxious of ways.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Looks Like a High-Res Beast Of A Phone

Forget the Samsung Galaxy Alpha — the Galaxy Note 4 looks like a proper flagship worthy of your attention. Or at least it does according to this alleged retail listing leak, which pips Samsung to the post by apparently spilling all the smartphone’s secret specs.

The End Of Evleaks: Why The Internet's Top Tech Leaker Gave Up

You may not have noticed yesterday that the Twitter account of one of the most prolific tech leakers in history fell silent. The cold light of Monday came around, however, and we knew it to be true: Evleaks has retired his life of leaks. Here’s why.

It Would Be Amazing If This iWatch Concept Was Real

The iPhone 6 is said to be bigger than its forebears, and, if the latest rumours are to be believed, the iWatch won’t exactly be petite either, with a screen said to measure 2.5 inches diagonally. Armed with that snippet of possible information, SET Solution has put together a (fairly) plausible-looking iPhone concept.

Microsoft's Cross-Platform Smartwatch Might Be Here In October

We hope you didn’t blow all your cash on that Surface Pro 3. Tom’s Hardware says that a “trusted source with knowledge of the development” has verified that a Microsoft smartwatch will be released in October.

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