Report: 'Android Silver' Could Be Google's New Premium User Experience

Online rumours claim Google is planning some sort of premium owner experience for future Android phone buyers: The Android Silver scheme is said to encourage networks to babysit owners of phones, guarantee the latest version of Android and show them how to buy stuff through Google Play.

Report: Amazon's Planning A Free Streaming Service For Original Shows

The WSJ is reporting that Amazon has its sights set on an ad-supported streaming media service that would be available outside of its existing streaming offerings on Prime. Think of it as an all on-demand Amazon TV network.

WSJ: Amazon's Streaming Box Will Arrive Next Month

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon’s much-rumoured video streaming device will go on sale in “early” April — on as well as through US retailers like Best Buy and Staples.

An Xbox One Media Remote Could Be Coming In March

You can control the Xbox One by shouting, waving your arms or — if you must — using a controller. But a leaked pre-order page suggests that a conventional remote is on the way too.

Rumoured Olympus Kit Lens Looks To Solve Lens Cap Agony

A new Olympus OMD mirrorless camera is (supposedly) just around the corner. Along with it is a new 14-42mm pancake zoom lens. I know, another kit lens — boring. But that lens may include a new type of lens cap that could save you the endless annoyances of fumbling and losing those round plastic sheaths.

WSJ: Google And Audi Are Working On In-Car Android

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has been working with Audi to develop in-car entertainment and information systems based on Android — and the pair plan to make an announcement at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Rumour: Google Is Trialling New Smart-Thermostats

The Information is reporting that Google is testing a new kind of internet-connected thermostat, which allows homeowners to track energy activity and adjust usage remotely. If that sounds at all familiar, it’s because (a) it’s the same as Nest and (b) Google has already given it one shot already. A couple of years ago it developed PowerMeter, which was a web dashboard capable of tracking a home’s energy use. The initiative died in 2011 because, Google claimed, it proved difficult to scale up.

Report: Windows Phone 8.1 Will Finally Have A Notification Center

An increasing number of reports suggest that Microsoft is gearing up to ship Windows Phone 8.1. The new OS, which will apparently be detailed at the company’s BUILD conference in April, will finally (FINALLY) add a notification center as well as a Siri-like personal assistant.

Rumour: Led Zeppelin Will Be On Spotify Later Today

Having previously refused to appear on streaming services, legendary rock band Led Zeppelin is rumoured to be making its catalogue exclusively available for streaming through Spotify later today.