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This Handsome Bracelet Unrolls Into A Ruler 

We’ve managed to strap computers and even multitools to our wrists. But what happens if you suddenly need to measure the length of something and you’re far away from your toolbox? You’re screwed! Or you were screwed. No longer, thanks to this clever bracelet that doubles as a bendy ruler.

Ray Gun Rulers Make You Actually Want To Solve For Y

At some point in a child’s life they eventually make the connection that a long plastic ruler is not unlike the barrel of a gun, and suddenly maths homework gets a lot more enjoyable as they blast away at imaginary aliens between problems. The folks at Atypyk have taken that idea one step further with a pair of plastic toy ray guns that double as rulers and protractors.

Every Centimetre Mark On This Ruler Is Actually A Tiny Embedded Flower

It’s the attention to detail that often differentiates a good product from a great product, but designer Norihiko Terayama goes above and beyond the call of duty with his f,l,o,w,e,r,s ruler, which uses tiny dried flowers to represent the centimetre markings along its length.

The Gradient Markings On This Ruler Are Visible On Light Or Dark Paper

Here’s a simple but rather clever design improvement for clear plastic rulers that most of us would have probably welcomed back in grade school. Nendo’s new Contrast Ruler features metric markings that fade from black to white, so no matter what colour of surface you’re working on and shows through, you can always easily discern the tick marks.

An App-Connected Laser Tape Measure Will Never Mistake Inches For Feet

Sure, that laser rangefinder made short work of measuring every dimension in that room you plan to renovate. It’s just too bad you jotted all those measurements down on the back of an old receipt that promptly went missing. That’s why Bosch has given its new GLM 100 C laser rangefinder Bluetooth capabilities and an accompanying app so every last measurement is accurately documented.

Interactive Ruler Shows How OLEDs Will Make Mundane Objects Smarter

We’ve heard a lot about how OLEDs are poised to change everything from televisions to smartphones. But a group of researchers at MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group are applying OLEDs too more mundane objects, too — like plain old rulers. And the results are surprisingly cool.

Pixel Ruler Ensures Your App Doodles Are Perfectly Proportionate

Although the ultimate destination will most likely be an LCD display, many apps begin their lives as nothing more than concept sketches on paper. And the next time you start doodling your brilliant app idea, this Pixel Ruler will ensure the various elements in its user interface are perfectly in proportion.

This Tape Measure Concept Lets You Draw Flawless Lines And Circles

Drawing a perfect circle is maybe the hardest thing one can do with a pen in hand. A straight line, while much easier to accomplish, is still a chore for most people. Designer Sunghoon Jung has dreamed up a concept that will make drawing either one incredibly easy.

What's Not To Love About A Ruler With A Handle?

Maybe we’re easily impressed, but the idea of a ruler with a handle on its face has us all infatuated. We have grand visions of measuring and marking everything in sight with extreme ease.

Slash Through The Zombie Hordes 30 Centimetres At A Time With This Machete Ruler

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pop quiz that involves measuring shapes, or the chance their fellow students have all turned into brain-hungry zombies. The last thing you want is to be chastised at the next parent-teacher meeting for not properly equipping your young’n.

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