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This 3D Printed Robot Moves Using Muscle From A Sea Slug

If you’ve ever enjoyed those horror movies that involve organ harvesting, you may be pleased to know that scientists are one step closer to using organic matter to power robots. Sea slugs are getting first honours though.

We Finally Know How The Real BB-8 Model Works

What you’re seeing in the above gif is the innards of the BB-8 model that flatly disproved fan theories that the beloved droid could only exist as a CGI creation. On a panel with the animatronics experts behind The Force Awakens, we learned that there is in fact a small army of BB-8s, all purpose-built for different applications, and the remarkable engineering in the gif above was strictly for Hollywood’s red carpet.

DARPA's New Robot Is Ready To Go Submarine Hunting

DARPA’s newest Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) can travel on the high seas at speeds up to 27 knots for months on end without a single crew member.

Has The Workplace Robot Uprising Already Begun?

A few years ago, a fast food place near my uni installed computers so that customers could place their orders without ever having to make eye contact with a person. It was meant as a convenience, but my friends and I felt oddly detached ordering food through a computer. And we wondered: Did this signal the end of personable customer service?

The Futuristic Department Store Robot Of 1924 Was Surprisingly Lifelike

If you go to department stores in Japan you’ll sometimes be greeted by a friendly robot.

Hyper Little Dog-Bot Might Be The World's First Robot Chihuahua

Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini is the first robo-dog small enough to be your family’s first artificial pet — but it’s still about the size of a German Shepherd. What if you want a robo-dog that’s small enough to carry in a shoulder bag as a yappy fashion accessory? Say hello to PneuHound, which could very well be the world’s first robotic chihuahua.

Security Robot Pwns Toddler At Stanford Shopping Centre: Report

A 135kg security robot at the Stanford Shopping Centre knocked down and ran over a 16-month-old boy. The parents of the injured boy are understandably pissed, claiming that the autonomous machine is dangerous.

This Tiny Robot Lets You Play God With Huge AI

We were all quite pumped a few weeks ago when Anki announced its plan to move beyond smartphone controlled cars into emotionally intelligent robots. At the time of the announcement Anki indicated that it would release an SDK with the inclusion of Cozmo, but until now details on what that SDK would be were sparse. Now we know, and the SDK is so jam-packed with goodies that it could turn Cozmo into the Commodore 64 of robotics — a device that changes how people interact with abstruse technology.

The Freaky Artificial Muscles On This Human Skeleton Are The Future Of Robotics

Using pneumatic pistons and servos to power robots makes them fast and strong, but also bulky and extremely heavy. No one is going to mistake ATLAS for a real human being. To eventually create humanoid-looking robots like the Terminator, we need to mechanically replicate every part of the human anatomy — starting with the muscles.

This Walking Robot Looks Extremely Drunk

Like humans, robots often need to learn things the hard way. For super complex automatons, like Boston Dynamics’ Atlas, that can mean understanding the complexities of human bullying. But in the case of this bumbling bot named MARLO, it’s just something as simple as trying — and failing — to walk across a hilly field.

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