Restaurant With Robot Waiters Is A Blast From Futures Past

The robot waiter has arrived! In China. At one restaurant. Yes, the robot waiter has been the promise of the future for decades. But just like humanoid robotics as a whole, it has yet to get past the novelty phase. It’s nearly the year 2015 and sadly we’re still waiting for robot waiters to go mainstream.

Giant Robotic Insects Are The Adorable Stuff Of Nightmares

Giant robot insects. Sci-fi fodder of legitimate scientific inquiry? Now it’s both. Biomechatronics researchers from Bielefeld University in Germany created a walking and functioning robot insect, about a metre long, named Hector. Yes, they named it.

This Could Be The World's First Robotic Action Figure

As eerily predicted in 1998′s Small Soldiers, a Japanese robotics company called Speecys is developing what it claims to be the world’s first robotic action figure that can move and pose all by itself — no imagination required.

This Laundry Bot Will Only Eradicate Stains, Not Humans

Willow Garage’s PR2 robot is designed to work in factories performing repetitive tasks, but unlike other manufacturing bots, it’s not purpose-built for a single job. Instead, it can be easily taught to perform almost any task — and that now includes almost handling every step required to do a load of laundry. Rosie from The Jetsons might finally be here.

You Can Already 3D-Print Yourself A Copy Of That Star Wars Ball Droid

If you’ve foolishly gotten yourself all excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens after just the teaser trailer (really? did no one else watch Lost?) you’ll be ecstatic to hear that you can already 3D-print yourself a copy of that adorable rolling ball droid we barely got a glimpse of.

This Watercolour Bot Will Make A Painter Out Of Anyone 

Not all of us are, alas, artistically inclined. Luckily, we now have robots to help. WaterColorBot 2.0 connects right with your computer, turning images on the screen into a bot-painted watercolour on paper.

Could Terminator Actually Happen?

Robots are smart and getting smarter. But will they ever actually manage to become sentient and go all Terminator on us? This video investigates that question.

Gizmodo Visits NASA: Taking Virtual Reality To A Whole New Level

We’ve seen how NASA recreates the vacuum of space right here on Earth, but what about the gravity of space? What about the forces of inertia? When large objects move and behave so differently, how to you train for a mission so you know what to expect when you get there? Like this.

Robots Pretending To Be Humans Lived In These Houses For Six Years

The inhabitants of three houses on a street in Knoxville, Tennessee, would have seemed perfectly average from the outside. Every morning, the showers came on. Every night, the lights and the TV. But there were never any humans living here — only robots pretending to act them.

Watch Two Robots Arms Sword Fighting Using Katanas

Video: Despite it being a bit too slow, this fight between two katana-wielding robotic arms is a great example of how precise their movement can be. I just wish they were not only arms, but humanoid robots fighting — giant humanoid robots.