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Here's Video Of The Jerk Who Killed hitchBOT

The hitchhiking robot known as hitchBOT was destroyed over the weekend. And now we finally have footage of the jerk who did it. Vlogger Jesse Wellens posted the footage below to Snapchat. It shows a lone man in a sports jersey repeatedly kicking hitchBOT.

Vlogger Claims To Have Surveillance Cam Footage Of HitchBOT's Death

Beloved hitchhiking robot hitchBOT was destroyed by vandals in Philadelphia over the weekend, and everyone wants to know who would do such a thing. We may soon have an answer. Vlogger Jesse Wellens claims to have security camera footage of hitchBOT’s demise.

Robotic Rhythmic Gymnastics Should Be An Olympic Sport

If you thought the debate over giving robots weapons was heated, the day is coming when we’ll also have to decide if we’re cool with them competing against us at sports. If this rhythmic gymnastics bot is any indication, there may never again be a human on the Olympic podium if that happens.

US Hitchhiking Robot Lasts Just Two Weeks Because Humans Are Terrible

When hitchBOT the hitchhiking robot started his journey in Boston two weeks ago he wanted to see the entire US. Unfortunately, he never made it out of the Northeast. The researchers who built hitchBOT announced today that they need to stop the experiment because hitchBOT was vandalised in Philadelphia.

Why We Should Welcome 'Killer Robots' -- Not Ban Them

The open letter signed by more than 12,000 prominent people calling for a ban on artificially intelligent killer robots, connected to arguments for a UN ban on the same, is misguided and perhaps even reckless.

Japanese Cell Phone Companies Are Competing To Sell Robots, Too 

Here in the US, telecom giants like Verizon and AT&T fight for their share of customer data plans. But Japan’s own telecom outfits are embroiled in an additional head-to-head: selling robots.

Mechanical Wrist Will Take Robotic Surgery To Places As-Yet Inoperable

Robotic surgery has become a relatively commonplace, with 1.7 million robotic procedures occurring between 2007 and 2013. This new tiny robotic wrist, however, will take the procedure into the head, face and neck.

Elon Musk And Stephen Hawking Call For Ban On Autonomous Military Robots

There’s no question that the age of autonomous killing machines is upon us. But some very smart and very influential people would like to turn back the clock.

This Robot Stacks Bricks Into Impossible-Looking Building Facades

Bricks are known for their strength and impenetrability — not necessarily for their light and airy facades. But a Swiss firm has created just that, stacking bricks into a sculptural helix-like lattice that zig-zags across the front of a building. And they did it with the help of a robot.

The 5 Best Times Obama Met With Robots

Yesterday, President Obama made history by having a conversation via telepresence robot in the White House to mark the 25th anniversary of the Americans Disabilities Act. But it wasn’t the first time Obama has met with the artificially intelligent.

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