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This Is The Smallest Flying Robot Capable Of Landing On Surfaces

Birds, bats and insects can’t fly forever, and neither can microrobotic drones. A new system that taps into the power of static electricity — the same principle that allows a balloon to stick to a wall — now allows robotic insects to land and stick to surfaces, greatly extending their operational life.

BB-8 Would Sound Incredibly Annoying If He Ran On Windows XP

Video: The Star Wars sound effects team does a brilliant job at breathing life into droids like BB-8 and R2-D2 using nothing but bloops and beeps. But what if BB-8 ran an operating system created by Microsoft? As Brian Elder discovered, BB-8 would be far less adorable and much more annoying if he spoke using Windows XP’s notification sounds.

A Major Law Firm Will Soon Be Using A Robotic Lawyer

An “artificial-intelligence attorney” created using technology from IBM’s Watson has snagged its first customer, but that doesn’t mean it will be appearing in the courtroom any time soon.

Watch This Remotely-Operated Robot Thread A Needle

Replicating human movement is an engineering challenge, and robots are slowly getting better at delicate movement all the time. A research team funded by Disney has constructed a remotely operated robot sensitive enough to thread a needle and move an egg without breaking it.

This Robot's Teaching Itself To Twirl A Stick

If you’ve ever tried to learn how to spin a pencil in your hand, you’ll know it takes some concerted effort — but it’s even harder for a robot. Now, though, researchers have finally built a ‘bot that can learn to do it.

A British Museum Wants To Rebuild Eric, The Grandfather Of Robots

In 1928, only seven years after Czech writer Karel Capek first used the word “robot”, the United Kingdom built a working automaton of their own, unimaginatively named Eric. Now, almost 90 years later, a museum wants to rebuild him.

A New Army Robot Has Creepily Nimble Fingers

Robots aren’t renowned for their ability to perform the delicate tasks that humans find straightforward. But the US Army has taken delivery of a new ‘bot that’s really quite handy.

Mankind Doesn't Stand A Chance Now That Robotic Cockroaches Have Started Cooperating

The scourge of puppies, babies and robotic vacuums is no longer a problem for robotic cockroaches. Researchers at UC Berkeley have taught this pair of VelociRoACHes to cooperate and help each other tackle stairs using a tiny magnetic winch and old-fashioned teamwork.

A Robot Has Stitched Up A Pig Gut All By Itself

Robot-assisted surgery is increasingly common in hospitals, but it’s always under the control of a human surgeon. Now, a robot has sewn up incisions in a live pig’s gut, all by itself.

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