Art Is Best Displayed In A Frame That Follows You Around

For artists who want to get their work known — and sold — a static frame hanging on the wall of a gallery just doesn’t cut it anymore. Whey let a potential admirer — or customer — just walk by your work when there are now autonomous picture frames that can track and follow someone walking by, ensuring your work is always perfectly in their line of site?

This Robot Performs Less Intrusive Brain Surgery Through Your Cheek

The thought of a robot burrowing its way through your cheek to access your brain certainly sounds unsettling. But for conditions that require access to areas like the hippocampus located on the underside, it’s actually far less invasive than cutting open the skull on top and having to drill through the entire brain to reach it. This means there’s far less recovery time for the patient.

Questions For The '90s: Should Robots Pay Taxes? Can Africa Be Saved?

The March-April 1986 issue of The Futurist magazine looked at the far off, futuristic decade of the 1990s. In an article titled “Issues for the 1990s”, Edith Weiner and Arnold Brown examined what they saw as the emerging concerns of the world. Well, the world as seen from 1980s America.

This Short Film Would Be Fun If It Weren't So Close To Real Life

Video: The creators of this Shelved – director James Cunningham and eleven visual effects students at the Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand — say their short film a homage to movies like Clerks, Mallrats, Slacker, and Dazed and Confused. After watching these two robotic losers in action, I can see why.

iRobot Now Has One App To Control All Its Badass Bots

Shoot, it used to be you’d have a whole team of iRobot robots, to man your factory or diffuse your explosives, but each one required its own joystick controller. That’s a lot to carry for a robot operator. But not anymore! Now iRobot has one Android app to man all its defence and security bots.

The New Big Hero 6 Trailer Reveals Even More Arse-Kicking Animation

I could not be more excited for the first Disney-Marvel mashup Big Hero 6, coming to theatres in the next few weeks. In a new trailer released today at NYC’s Comic-Con, we get to see more of the action, backdropped by epic San Fransokyo views and superhero suits that were inspired by visits to real-life robotics labs.

Toshiba's Eerie Sign Language Robot Will Silently Stare Into Your Soul

Proving its engineers are just as capable as anyone at developing a creepy human-like robot that embraces the Uncanny Valley, Toshiba has developed an android that specialises in sign language, thanks to a pair of highly articulated hands. One day, the company hopes it could serve as an artificial receptionist, but it’s probably going to need to learn to talk first.

These Robots Are Fighting Ebola In Texas

As the more paranoid among us freak out and reach for the hazmat suits, America is fighting the Ebola threat the only way it knows how: hundreds of thousands of dollars of robots, natch.

John Oliver Wants To Remind You That Drones Are Terrifying

John Oliver took a look at drones on Last Week Tonight and didn’t like what he saw. Oliver’s focus is military drones, not hobbyist quadcopters, and he targeted recent US drone strikes on Pakistan and Yemen.

This 3D Printed Robot Could Secure The Ports Of The Future

Transport by sea has been a favourite of smugglers for centuries — it’s hard to patrol an entire coastline, and it’s easier to move a ton of stuff by sea than by land. In the future, though, getting your contraband through a port might be made exponentially more difficult by this tiny, ultrasound-packing submersible robot.

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