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Build A Robot Gecko That Climbs Walls Using Suction Cups And Pumps

Instead of using billions of tiny hair-like structures and Van der Waals forces to stick to walls and ceilings like a real gecko does, Thames & Kosmos new Geckobot kit employs tiny air pumps and suction cups to climb vertical surfaces without falling and smashing.

Watch A Robot Golfer Sink A Hole-in-One Just Like Tiger Woods

A robot just pulled off the best possible move in the game of golf.

There's A Robot Inside The Sydney Harbour Bridge

I’m sure our inevitable robot overlords will dish out sufficient payback 50 years from now, but today, it’s better to send in machines than humans when the work required is sufficiently dangerous. When it comes to maintaining the Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW’s Roads and Maritime Services agrees and as such, have enlisted mechanical aid for the job, courtesy of the University of Technology Sydney.

Anybody Can Buy This Exoskeleton For The Price Of A Mid-Range Sedan

Here’s the Phoenix exoskeleton, a 12kg wearable robot that could help everyone from disabled vets to kids learn how to ditch their wheelchairs and walk again on their own two feet. It costs $US40,000 ($56,666).

This Homemade Robot Can Solve A Rubik's Cube In One Second

So a LEGO robot might be able to monster a Rubik’s cube in a little over three seconds, but put together a dedicated machine from a more flexible part list and well, the popular multi-coloured puzzle gets dominated. Try 1.019 seconds on for size.

New Software Could Keep Your Drone From Ever Crashing Into A Tree Again

Drones are cool, until they go and crash. But new tech from MIT might turn your drone into an obstacle-avoiding craft with creature-like reflexes, dodging and making loops around trees or buildings like a nimble hummingbird.

Fukushima Reactor Debris Stands No Chance Against Toshiba's Slicing, Dicing Robot

It’s already been almost five years since the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and the inspection and clean-up is going to last decades. Our best weapon? Amazing robots, like this one Toshiba >announced on Monday.

R2-D2 Is Just As Heroic As His Non-Robot Counterparts

The human — well, organic — heroes of Star Wars are the ones we remember doing the valiant deeds and while no one can forget the likes of little R2-D2, we may not be entire cognizant of all the times the portable droid has saved the day. Warning, spoilers ahead!

The BBC Is Bringing Back Robot Wars, The Original Robot Fighting Show

Sure, BattleBots was cool, but let’s not forget the real father of Robot TV deathmatches broadcast for our pleasure: the classic BBC series Robot Wars. Fans of violent robotic combat rejoice then, because the BBC are bringing back the series with more robots, and some mandatory science bits to distract you from the FIGHTING ROBOTS.

Google X Is Now Just Called 'X'

The most threatening letter of the alphabet is now the new name of Google’s quasi-secret moonshot lab: Google X is now just “X”. Hear that? That’s the sound of paranoid civilians boarding up windows and prepping drone-downing cannons.

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