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Watching Robots Get Tackled Is So Very Satisfying

Over the past few decades robots have taken over factory jobs, replaced our pets, and even made presidential impersonators obsolete at Disneyland. Humans have good reason to be frustrated, and that’s probably why watching robotic tackle dummies get creamed is so endlessly satisfying.

This Robot Reads WikiHow Guides To Make Breakfast

As robots become more common in offices and homes, more humans will need to communicate with them. Sadly, bots still can’t converse or read or right well — yet. A European research project is looking to fix this limitation with a WikiHow-skimming kitchen robot that uses text and voice commands to throw together grub.

When Robots Get Wasted

Mind-altering substances are buckets of fun for humans, but what about for robots? An excellent article at Hopes and Fears wondered if our future robot overlords are going to spend their weekends getting baked out of their minds. (Spoiler: We’re not sure.) But for me, the article raised an even more pressing question: What would a robot on drugs even look like?

An ISS Astronaut Will Control A New Type Of Haptic Rover Here On Earth

This has been a year of haptics: From the widespread use of it in consumer electronics through the Apple Watch, to the boom in development of touchable interfaces. Soon, an astronaut aboard the ISS will attempt a major haptic experiment — by controlling a super-precise robot here on Earth using force feedback from aboard the ISS.

I Wish These Tiny Plastic BattleBots Were Sold At Toy Stores

Fetch Robotics is best known for its warehouse bots that can autonomously fill orders. But soon the company might actually be better known for its Weaponised Plastic Fighting League that sees its engineers designing and building plastic toy battle bots that fight to the death.

This Is How US Challengers Plan To Wreck Japan's Giant Robot In A Duel

America’s first giant combat robot needs funds to ready it for a hand-to-hand melee with Japan’s own battle mecha. And the funds — and big name support — are rolling in.

Check Out Mini Maker Faire At The Powerhouse Museum This Weekend

If you’re looking for something to do this Saturday / Sunday and happen to live in Sydney, the Powerhouse Museum is currently host to the Mini Maker Faire, a “family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness”. So expect robots, gadgets and gizmos and good helping of educational entertainment.

The Rise Of The Robo-Meteorologist

Machines can do lots of things better than your average human brain. Hell, a $5 calculator is more gifted at maths than I’ll ever be. And now machines can even predict the weather more accurately than your local bag-of-bones meteorologist.

This Robot Builds Other Robots, Learns From Failures, Builds Better Robots

Darwin probably didn’t expect basic principles of evolution to apply to machines, but here we are: Researchers have created a “mum” robot that independently reproduces “children,” passing beneficial features along to the next generation.

A Human Master Gives This Robot Perfect Balance And Lightning Reflexes

Creating a humanoid robot that’s as agile and fast as an adult human — not a toddler — is a huge challenge as the recent DARPA challenge illustrated. So researchers at MIT have designed a robot that acts more like a puppet, relying on a human operator for dexterity, speed and balance.

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