Video: Injured Robots Can Now Adapt And Learn How To Walk With A Limp

One thing us blood pumping humans have over robots is the ability to adapt. For example if we hurt ourselves, we could just walk with a limp and move on. Robots aren’t built like that. They’re programmed to deal with specific situations. Lose a leg and they might move in circles, they can’t always just move on. Not anymore.

This Robot Learns New Tasks By Doing Them, Like A Human

One thing robots are notoriously bad at is learning by doing. You can pack plenty of information into a robotic brain, but ask a bot to teach itself a new motor task — even one as simple as stacking blocks or unscrewing a water bottle — and you’re probably out of luck.

Meet The Robots Who Will Steal Bartenders' Jobs (or Not)

So, they say robots are supposed to be stealing all our jobs. Soon. And service jobs at especially at risk. Included in that group? Those who usher us through the magical portal of happy hour: bartenders.

Are China's Robot Restaurants A Threat To US National Security?

It seems like every other week a new robot restaurant opens in China. Meanwhile, you know who hasn’t opened a robot restaurant in basically forever? America. That’s right. Forget students’ maths test scores and fighter jet numbers, China is eating the US’ lunch in the only area that really matters. And that lunch is being served by a robot waiter.

Google's Designed An Intelligent Robot Teddy Bear That Can Recognise You

Google’s hoping there’s a market for sophisticated artificial intelligence voice assistants you can hug. The company’s most recent patent design for an anthropomorphic voice assistant/toy reads like someone dreamt it up after watching an AI and Ted double-feature (and had obviously never seen Child’s Play).

A Rodeo For Bomb Disposal Robots Looks Dangerous

During a five-day “robot rodeo” this week, police and military bomb squads challenge each other’s defusing routines by practicing complex and dangerous situations with their robots.

The Most Amazing Things We Saw At Maker Faire

What’s one part country fair, one part art festival, a side of Burning Man and an educational, geek-filled fun-fest? Maker Faire! We went to the Bay Area Maker Faire this past weekend, and overdosed on creative, inspiring DiY technology. Here’s what we saw.

This Is What A Realistic Gundam Suit Will Be Like

Gundam is a sci-fi anime where humans battle each other in “mobile suits”, which are basically combat vehicles that look like people instead of tanks. It’s one of the pop culture fantasy worlds that set the stage for today’s exoskeletons: wearable machines that grant you superhuman powers.

Four Myths About Robotic Coworkers, Debunked

It’s a robot nerd lovefest at RoboUniverse 2015, and it’s great to be surrounded by other folks decidedly pro-robot. But some naysayers are less keen on sharing space with soulless gizmos. Know this: Misconceptions about robotic companions are aplenty.

Flying Rescue Drones Will Claw Like Eagles And Swarm Like Bees

Nature-inspired engineering isn’t new — but engineers are still finding new ways to take cues from Mother Nature. We got the beastly lowdown at day 3 of the RoboUniverse conference in New York this morning.