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Have A Robot Paint You Like One Of Its French Girls

Sure, gesture-controlled robots are cool. Even cooler? Scientists have developed a way to control a robotic arm just by blinking at it — no hands needed.

When Robots Start Acting Like Humans You Can Expect The Worst

Corporations aren’t inherently evil, they’re only as greedy as the humans behind them. It’s the same thing with robots. Robots have no emotions — they’re just a pile of metal, screws and circuits — but they will be as mean, selfish, and avaricious as the people programming them.

USA Challenges Japan To A Duel Between Giant Robots

It’s a potential Megabots Inc vs Suidobashi Heavy Industries showdown. Actual huge piloted mechs doing battle. This is what science and technology is all about. Check out the hilarious and awesome team Megabot video challenge for yourself and decide for yourself who will win.

This Is The Robotic Rig That Google Uses To Test Android Latency

Latency on your phone is annoying. But Google feels your pain — which is why it has this dedicated robotic rig, used to test out hardware and software in order to keep Android and Chrome OS devices zippy.

Queen Elizabeth Meets The Future Queen Who Is A Robot And Not A Human

Everybody knows that futuristic robots are going to take our jobs. Jobs in food service, farm work, and perhaps most importantly, monarchy.

Will A Robot Steal Your Job Tomorrow? Take Our Quiz!

Will a robot steal your job in the future? NPR has a new tool to check the probability that you’ll be replaced by a robot in 20 years. But 20 years is so far away. What about tomorrow? Like, literally tomorrow. We’ve come up with our own quiz to answer just that.

I Love The Attention To Detail On This Replica TARS

If you weren’t a fan of Matthew McConaughey’s brooding lead in Interstellar, then the obvious highlight of the movie was TARS, the 70 per cent funny army-surplus robot that accompanies him through space and time. This replica, made for Seattle Comic Con, honestly looks better than the real thing.

I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of This Cool Planter Robot

Video: I wish I had a window with a perfect view of this pack planter robot. I would open it every morning to watch the machine transplant pansies while I have my breakfast — and I would probably be late to work for the rest of my life.

For Sale On Ebay: Military Vehicle To Start Your Robot Army

Ever had a burning desire to start your own robot army? Well, now might be your chance, provided you have $US55,000 to spare. Someone is selling an experimental unmanned military vehicle on Ebay. (Death ray not included.)

Amazon Is Hosting A Robot Contest To Find Its New Employees

Some companies view their employees as an asset; Amazon views them as a problem to be disrupted along the path to perfection (and cheap two-day shipping on paperbacks). The latest ambition is to replace Amazon’s legion of shelf-picking drones with actual robotic drones.

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