Man Pretending To Be A Robot Looks Like A Robot Pretending To Be A Man

Video: Dancer Madd Chadd is so, so good at doing the robot that he actually looks more like a frighteningly realistic robot pretending to be a human than a human dancing like a robot. In this latest video, he’s sitting down and attempting to eat a sandwich like a robot would and it looks absolutely perfect.

Calligraphic Robot Imitates Your Handwriting Using A Fountain Pen

There are a couple of companies that use robots to send handwritten messages on paper from your phone. The only bad thing is that they have been using canned typefaces until now: Bond has a new robot that can write notes in your own handwriting using a fountain pen. It’s really cool, check it out:

Restaurant With Robot Waiters Is A Blast From Futures Past

The robot waiter has arrived! In China. At one restaurant. Yes, the robot waiter has been the promise of the future for decades. But just like humanoid robotics as a whole, it has yet to get past the novelty phase. It’s nearly the year 2015 and sadly we’re still waiting for robot waiters to go mainstream.

This Robot Thinks It's A Tiny Little Worm

Artificial intelligence researchers have started looking to some of the simplest creatures for inspiration. Cyborgs who think like humans are still just a sci-fi dream, but scientists have had success recreating a less complicated brain. They have already created LEGO robot with the artificial mind of a worm.

Robots May Join The Fight Against Ebola In West Africa

Robots often find themselves in dangerous situations, and their distinct lack of biology makes them perfectly suited for battling infectious disease. Next month, a simulcast workshop will determine if and how they will join the West African fight against Ebola.

You Can Pay To Sleep Inside This Giant Robot's Stomach

“Sir,” the bellhop says as you waltz up to the check-in counter, “we’ve upgraded you to out finest suite — no, not the honeymoon suite, even better. The robot gut suite.” This scenario could soon become a reality at London’s Beaumont Hotel, which recently installed a giant inhabitable statue on its facade. Unfortunately, it sounds like a pretty terrible space.

Disney's New Big Hero 6 Looks Gorgeous

Here is the first trailer for Big Hero 6 – Disney’s first attempt to make an animated series using Marvel characters. The movie is based on material from the fairly obscure comic of the same name and this short clip sees the protagonist, Hiro Hamada, attempting to dress his homemade robot Baymax.

Heart Cells Power This Swimming, Sperm-Like Robot

Say what you will about these sperm-like bio-bots; they have heart. The beating of live heart cells propels a tail back and forth, so that these self-powered swimming bio-bots — the first of their kind — could one day wriggle through your body delivering drugs. No batteries needed.

This Font Was Created By A Robot

This typeface may not look incredibly sophisticated, but give it a chance. It was, after all, created by a robot.

Print An Interactive Robot On The 3D Printer You Totally Have

A lot of life is plotting ways to freak your friends out, and there’s nothing like a weird robotic head sitting on your desk to do the job. Maki is an “emotive robot” from HelloRobo that you build with 3D printed parts, plus third party tech like sensors.

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