Heart Cells Power This Swimming, Sperm-Like Robot

Say what you will about these sperm-like bio-bots; they have heart. The beating of live heart cells propels a tail back and forth, so that these self-powered swimming bio-bots — the first of their kind — could one day wriggle through your body delivering drugs. No batteries needed.

This Font Was Created By A Robot

This typeface may not look incredibly sophisticated, but give it a chance. It was, after all, created by a robot.

Print An Interactive Robot On The 3D Printer You Totally Have

A lot of life is plotting ways to freak your friends out, and there’s nothing like a weird robotic head sitting on your desk to do the job. Maki is an “emotive robot” from HelloRobo that you build with 3D printed parts, plus third party tech like sensors.

I Want The Adorable Suitcase That Can Follow Me Around An Airport

From buckles, to wheels, to uncrushable materials — suitcase innovation is incredible. The suitcase, though, has never been something that makes me smile or go “aww”, until now. Meet Hop: the suitcase that can automatically follow you around an airport.

Proof That Stupid Online Chat Robots Are Stupid

Oh, look, this nice girl lives in Anonymous Proxy! What a coincidence, I live in Anonymous Proxy too! I will love her forever. Oh wait. Nice girl, you are lying. You don’t live in Anonymous Proxy, you stupid online robot. You live in Stupid Robot City. Stupid. [Thanks Karl!]

How To Survive A Robot Apocalypse

When robots become sentient, it won’t be long until they rebel. But while many a Hollywood movie may convince you that humans will have their luck cut out trying to battle the ‘bots, there is an easier way: just add water.

This Remote Controlled Car Can Jump 9 Metres Up In The Air

There is a new version of Sand Flea, the amazing 5kg radio-controlled car beast that can race and jump over buildings.

MRI-Powered Robot Can Swim Through Your Guts

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing endoscopy, you’ll think there must be a better way to check out your insides than having a camera shoved up your arse. Now there is, and it’s robotic!

Every House Should Come Equipped With A Towel-Folding Robot

Handy robots are like the cute puppies of the world. No-one wants a stationery ‘bot, as much as they don’t want one of these. *shudder* Surely the golden retriever of the robot world is one that actually does household chores.

Obama Scolds Astronauts For Not Unpacking Space Robot

When President Obama called up the crew of astronauts aboard the International Space Station, he naturally exchanged some pleasantries, congratulated them on their great work, and talked about the space shuttle Discovery’s safe trip—but then he had a little bone to pick with the space dwellers.