How One Australian Man's Blood Donations Saved Over Two Million Lives

Today I found out about a man who saved over two million lives just by donating his somewhat unique blood plasma. Australian James Harrison is called “the man with the golden arm” due to the unusual composition of his blood. Harrison’s blood contains an antibody called Rho(D) Immune Globulin that is used to treat Rhesus disease, a severe form of anemia where antibodies in a pregnant woman’s blood destroy her baby’s blood cells.

Why No One Bothers Putting Apostrophes In 'Don't Walk' Signs

No one is sure when exactly the first WALK/DONT WALK style signs were installed. Even the Federal Highway Administration isn’t sure, though it is thought that the first such sign was likely installed sometime in the early to mid-1930s.

If You Still Care About 3D, The Xbox One Is Getting 3D Blu-ray Support

If you are one of that rare breed of AV fanatics that has both a 3D TV and a selection of 3D Blu-rays, Microsoft’s next update for the Xbox One is just for you. The next firmware update for the console will bring with it support for 3D Blu-ray playback, potentially removing the need for one more box under your telly.

The Secret History Of Emergency Exits

When designing a commercial structure, there is one safety component that must be designed right into the building from the start: egress.

Why Australians Are Happy To Pirate

Australian households currently pay the second highest “honesty tax” in the world at $290 per household per year, levied by retailers to offset the $AU1.86 billion in losses they incur from customer theft.

How Australia Connected To The Internet 25 Years Ago

It is a quarter-century since Australia first connected to the internet, but this technological breakthrough had a long gestation. What is now a global phenomenon was once the property of an exclusive community.

The Typo That Destroyed A NASA Rocket

On 22 July 1962, at 9.20pm, the Mariner I sat idly on its platform, ready to make history. After investing years of construction, calculation, and funding, NASA had high hopes that its rocket would successfully conduct a flyby survey of Venus, thus shifting the Space Race’s momentum back to the home front. In every way, it was poised to set a space travel precedent.

My Startup Failed, And This Is What It Feels Like

Nikki Durkin is a 22-year old Australian entrepreneur who failed. After four years trying to make the online wardrobe swapping start-up 99dresses work on two different continents, Durkin has finally conceded defeat and is pulling the plug.

In this guest post, she talks about how it all went wrong, and what she learned along the way in a heartbreaking account of pivots and problems.

Maybe It's Time To Build A New Internet

Last month, the US Federal Communications Commission voted to advance a plan that would strike down one of the core tenets of net neutrality, the principle that asserts that all internet traffic be treated equally. This act marked the latest move in a decade-long fight between internet users and large service providers like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T.

11 Machines That Exercise For You, From The Victorian Era To Today

Time was, humans didn’t have to worry much about getting exercise. When we had to kill, gather, grow, or herd our own food, working out happened naturally. Of course, as soon as we figured out how to avoid those laborious chores, we did. Not long after, we had to come up with new ways of staying in shape; hence, exercise.