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This Is What Australia's Answer To Home Battery Storage Looks Like

Aussie company Redflow announced its innovative zinc-bromine ZCell battery earlier this year, and tomorrow it’s getting its first public debut at the Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition in Sydney. The enclosure for the 10kWh home energy storage system has just been revealed, designed to be easy to install with failsafes against battery fluid leakage.

Portugal Just Powered Itself Exclusively On Renewable Energy For Four Whole Days

Last week, the nation of Portugal achieved something remarkable. For 107 hours — about four days — the country ran on nothing but wind, solar and hydro power.

Australian Researchers Develop The World's Most Efficient Solar Panels

Most commercially available solar panels only are able to convert between 15 and 22 per cent of the sunlight they’re exposed to into electricity. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the efficiency of increasingly important solar technology, a team from UNSW has created a solar cell module that boasts a world record efficiency rate of 34.5%.

Scotland Will Soon Get The World's Biggest Floating Offshore Windfarm

Congratulations kilt-wearers and descendants of William Wallace! Your country’s seas are about to become the proud guardians of the world’s largest floating wind farm.

Companies Call On Australian Government To Step Up On Electric Cars

Following the announcement of the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3 — with many Australians having pre-ordered the car sight-unseen — a coalition of stakeholders has released a report calling on the Federal Government to act on electric vehicles. Increased uptake of low and zero-emission cars in Australia could be the key to meeting our climate, energy production and air quality goals, with regular vehicles making up Australia’s fastest growing source of emissions.

Aussie Company Redflow Brings A New Home Energy Battery To The Market

Though the technology was popularised by US company Tesla Energy’s Powerwall, innovation in battery storage has often been made by Australian companies — as many remote areas of the country are dependent on off-grid technologies. Aussie company Redflow is no different, announcing their new ZCell battery — an energy storage system that presents an alternative to traditional lead acid and lithium ion batteries.

Look At The Monster Magnet Made For America's First Offshore Wind Farm

Now this is a gadget. Just look at the six-megawatt direct-drive generator, equipped with a huge permanent magnet rotor: it was designed by General Electric’s engineers and it is one of the largest of its kind that ever built.

Renewable Energy Innovator Enphase Is Opening A Facility In New Zealand

Enphase Energy has been in our sights recently for their modular home battery — a more flexible contender to Tesla’s Powerwall — but now Enphase has eyes on the southern hemisphere as well. Today, Enphase has opened a new research ad development facility in Wigram, Christchurch.

Europe's Biggest Floating Solar Farm Is Being Built On The Thames

While Australia boasts a huge percentage of rooftop solar installations across our sun-drenched country, we still lag behind the rest of the world in large-scale solar installations. The Brits seem to have no such problems — despite their general lack of sunny weather — with the construction of Europe’s biggest floating solar panel project going ahead in the Queen Elizabeth II reservoir, London.

The New Joneses Show Off Renewable Technology In Melbourne This Month

The New Joneses is a fully-functional, sustainable, off-grid pop-up home that is launching to the public in Melbourne tomorrow. The project is a collaboration between more than 10 companies providing eco-friendly home solutions — one of which is Enphase Energy, who have brought to the table a modular home battery that is shaping up to be a very real competitor for Tesla’s Powerwall.

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