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Yet Another Study Finds The US Could Quit All Fossil Fuels By 2050

Earlier this year, the Clean Power Plan pledged to cut US power plant carbon emissions by 32 per cent by 2050. A new study says the US can do way better than that: reducing all greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent and running the country entirely on renewable energy by 2050.

Solar, Tesla And Beyond: The Four Possible Futures Of Australia's Electricity Network

Where will your electricity come from in ten years? Or even further in the future, in 2050? Are you planning on installing solar panels on your rooftop sometime soon? Have you been eyeing off one of Tesla’s shiny new Powerwall batteries to put in next to your washing machine? Or would you prefer to just turn on a switch without worrying where it comes from, short of receiving your power bill at the end of the month. The CSIRO wanted to know what Australia’s electricity network could look like 35 years and put together these four potential scenarios.

Disrupting Australia’s Power Supply: Your Home's Future On (Or Off) The Grid

The announcement of Tesla’s Powerwall recently made waves for its huge potential to change the way we use — and generate — electricity, but did you know that Australian consumers have already started changing the power dynamic?

This Little Fusion Reactor May One Day Power The World

Fusion power has seemed like science fiction — a boundless energy source that would light up the world forever, if only we could figure out how to contain it. And yet we’re always about thirty years away from solving that mystery. Until now.

Amazon Is Building A New Wind Farm In North Carolina

Amazon Web Services has announced that it was contracting the construction of a 208 megawatt wind farm in North Carolina.

Denmark's Wind Energy Output Just Exceeded National Demand

When it comes to renewable energy, Denmark is officially kicking arse. Yesterday, Denmark’s wind farms produced 116 per cent of national electricity demands, allowing the country to export power to Norway, Germany and Sweden. According to The Guardian, that figure had risen to 140 per cent by early Friday morning.

Abandoned Golf Courses Are Being Transformed Into Solar Farms

Golf is a dying sport, and country club memberships are seen as an elitist relic of the past. But cultural changes are only one reason golf courses are falling out of favour: The chemical-laden, water-guzzling greens are especially irresponsible for areas hit by drought. Here’s an idea from Japan for those sunny green fairways: Use them to generate solar energy instead.

The US Could Run Exclusively On Renewable Energy By 2050

There are many things holding up the US’s move towards renewable energy, but that one thing is not science: We already have all the technology we need to make this happen. A new study claims that a completely clean energy future is possible by 2050, and it plots roadmaps for all 50 states to achieve this goal.

This Futuristic Megamall Wants To Make Shopping Eco-Friendly

I don’t go to shopping centres much these days — in fact, they kinda terrify me. But if a geothermally heated, solar powered, sky-garden capped extravaganza like this ever made its way into my neighbourhood, OK, I’d probably check it out.

Tesla's Gigafactory Isn't Big Enough For Its Battery Orders

As Elon Musk revealed in an earnings call earlier this week, heaps of people preordered Tesla’s new batteries — over 50,000 Powerwall units were reserved. Now some interesting maths, courtesy of Bloomberg: The 465,000 square metre Gigafactory planned outside of Reno probably isn’t big enough to make them all.

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