Monster Machines: This Green Monster Was Once The Fastest Car On Earth

The Green Monster isn’t just a wall in Boston. That title was also once carried by a series of land speed record-breaking jet cars. For a few glorious years in the mid-1960s, these vehicles showed the world what six wheels and the engine from an F-104 Starfighter could do.

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Giz Explains: How Thumbsticks Came To Control The Modern World

It’s no small feat translating a user’s wishes into computer commands. Controlling massive robots in chaotic, fast-paced action of modern console games like Titanfall — and yet even children are able to intuitively tear through AI fodder in their digital mechs. How? Using dual analogue thumbstick controllers. And they’re not just for games.

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Breakfast Wrap: Thursday Night's Top Stories

High Quality Images Of The iPhone 6′s Supposed Rear Shell It looks a little bit like… the iPod Touch?

The Science Of Happiness Explained In One Infographic Happiness is maximised at 13.9C? I need at least 19C to be happy.

A Brief History Of Hollywood And How It Adapts More profiteering and less adapting these days it seems.

Astronomers Discover Farthest Stars In The Mysterious Milky Way Halo 400 down, a gazillion left to go.

Uber User ‘Held Against Will In High Speed Chase’ Phew. The driver has been “deactivated”.

Monster Machines: This Could Be The Future Of Military Helicopters (No, Really)

The race to build ever-faster helicopters has seen some rather, um, unique designs take flight in recent years, but nothing quite like this Frankensteined airship from the AVX Aircraft Company. And although it may look strange, this concept chopper could soon be setting some new airspeed records.

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Breakfast Wrap: Wednesday Night's Top Stories

If Google Now Mishears You, Correct It With ‘No, I Said…’ The correction doesn’t even have to sound anything like the word Google thought you said.

These Smart Appliances Could Power Your Future Home I cannot wait for the freshtag. No more digging for mould!

The First Apps And Custom ROMs For Android Wear Are Here It’s finally paying off for early adopters.

We Should All Be Using Vacant Tram Tracks For Personal Pallet Trains Now you just need to find a way to haul it everywhere you go.

Gear VR: Is This Samsung’s Plastic Version Of Google Cardboard? “Samsung Plastic” is way catchier than “Gear VR”.

Monster Machines: This Meteor Missile Can Fly Farther Than The Eye Can See

Sweden doesn’t readily spring to mind when discussing global military powerhouses, but the European nation is far from being a pushover. In fact, the Swedish military — working in conjunction with a cadre of marquee manufacturers and five other European nations — is nearing completion on the world’s first and only air-to-air missile that can strike targets on the other side of the horizon.

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