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Cathay Pacific Opens VIP Lounge Access To Social Media Influencers

The internet afford book deals to dogs, and it can turn a shrill teenager into a Billboard chart-topper. From today a Klout score of 40 or higher gets in the international terminal of San Francisco International Airport into the VIP lounge of Cathay Pacific Airways — usually only avaialble to first class and business ticket holders.

Could Telstra Find Nobody Better Than Rebecca Black To Spruik 4G?

Telstra’s launching its ‘4G’ LTE service today, and that means, amongst a blitz of high-speed technology, there’s also a blitz of publicity. As we noted last week, Telstra’s flying Rebecca Black out for publicity purposes — and it turns out it’s for 4G. Why, Telstra, why? I’ve been enjoying LTE so far… up until now. [Telstra]

Telstra Shipping That Friday Chick Rebecca Black To Oz

What do you do when your 15 minutes of YouTube fame is up? If you’re Rebecca Black, you get corporate gigs in far-off countries. Autotune ahoy! [Twitter]

Rebecca Black And Nyan Cat Played Together Sound Awesome

Well, maybe it’s not exactly awesome, but certainly sounds very good. Totally worthy of being copied by Coldplay for their next hit. You can listen to the original tunes below and see what an amazing job Lara did with this mashup.

Rebecca Black's "Friday" Disappears From YouTube

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video was just taken down from YouTube, where it had amassed over 150 million views. Man, we were planning on playing it twenty-eight times in a row tomorrow!

Katy Perry Covers Rebecca Black's Friday

Watch a really popular singer cover a song that nobody supposedly likes. AND YET EVERYBODY KNOWS THE WORDS.

[via Mashable]

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