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That 'Yelp For Humans' App Is Still Awful

Remember that app Peeple? You know, the “Yelp for People?” It launched this week under the guise of a more sugar-coated definition of rating your friend. But guess what: It still sucks.

Now Superhero Movies Have To Defend Not Being Rated 'R'

Deadpool has been a huge success, but honestly, the most fascinating thing about it is how it’s changed the conversation about superhero movie ratings. Case in point? Suicide Squad producer Charles Roven has had to defend the fact that his movie is targeting a PG-13 rating.

Batman V Superman Is Getting An R-Rated Director's Cut

Does Superman bleed? He might. He might bleed a hell of a lot more in Batman v Superman‘s home video release — which has surprisingly been rated R in the US.

Nielsen Is Going To Read What You Say About TV On Facebook

The ratings company Nielsen has been keeping tabs on what you say about TV while using Twitter for a while. Now it plans to mine what you have to say on Facebook, too.

Video: The History Of The PG-13 Rating And Why The MPAA Sucks

The Dissolve put together this neat animation that briefly looks at the history of the PG-13 rating, a rating that was invented after Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Gremlins was released. And in discussion of the rating, it reveals how backwards the MPAA can be when it comes to violence vs sex, love and nudity.

Uber Passenger Ratings Should Be Public

Uber lets its drivers rate their passengers, and its passengers rate their drivers. These scores should be public.

Grand Theft Auto Officially Rated R18+ In Australia

Grand Theft Auto V won’t be banned in Australia! Oh joyous day!

Nielsen Is Finally Including Online Viewers In Its TV Ratings

Nielsen, the company that determines whether or not your beloved television shows even matter, has been perching dangerously on the verge of irrelevancy for years — but all that’s about to change. After sitting idly by as internet viewership skyrocketed, Nielsen has finally decided to start taking note of the unhealthy amounts of time we spend curled up under the loving glow of a laptop screen.

Apple Highlights App Age Ratings To Clear Up Just How Ruined Your Kids Will Be

Not sure if an app is appropriate for your kid to use? Now you’ll know for certain, because Apple has added age ratings to descriptions to the iTunes App Store.

Every Aussie Social TV App To Enhance Your Viewing Pleasure

TV ratings season is about to be upon us and Australia’s TV networks are rolling out the big guns when it comes to programming. This year it’s all a little different, however, because every network has some form of second screen app, social app or catch-up app to get you closer to the action.

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