Man Runs Out Of Train Car And Races It To Get Back In At Next Station

I could have never imagined this could be possible: Watch this guy getting out of a London train car and running all the way to next station to get back inside the same train car.

The World's Toughest Bike Race Is Absolutely Crazy

Video: The Red Bull Harescramble Erzbergrodeo might be the toughest enduro competition on the planet. Five hundred bikers compete in this crazy race that takes place in an old Austrian iron mine. This year’s winner, Johnny Walker, attached a camera on his helmet to share his adrenaline-charged ride.

What Would Happen If Pilots Were Jerks Racing Aeroplanes At The Runway

Video: I just stumbled upon this old video that I first watched in 2005, a fake Xbox commercial called Racing Beats made by visual effects students Alex Kiesl and Steffen Hacker. It’s a crazy race between four douchebags. Like Fast and Furious, but driving Boeing 747s around some airport runways.

Flying Race Car Narrowly Avoids Decapitating Another Pilot

Video: The best part about the video — other than that ridiculously close call of the flying race car launching right pass the driver — is how the driver who almost got crashed into, calmly fixes his side view mirror and keeps driving.

Traffic On A Petition To Prosecute Zimmerman Crashed The NAACP's Site

After the recent decision in the Trayvon Martin case, many Americans erupted in anger and disappointment about George Zimmerman’s acquittal. Almost immediately following the decision, the NAACP posted an online petition for federal prosecution of Zimmerman. And the site got so much traffic that it crashed and has been in and out ever since. MoveOn.org has been continuing the effort, but their site is also overwhelmed and crashing on and off.

What Happens When People Use Google Maps And Apple Maps In A Race?

We don’t need to tell you again that Apple Maps is bad. Hell, at this point, Apple knows it. But how does it actually stack up against the competition in real life? Reuters pits Apple’s solution up against Google Maps in a head-to-head race on the ground in Hong Kong, and the results probably won’t surprise you.

Fitmodo: Kennedy Space Center's Going To Host The Nerdiest Triathlon Ever

Have you ever thought about running a triathlon? And are you a big nerd? Well, you’re reading Gizmodo so chances are you’re at least half way there. Next year, for the first time ever, the Kennedy Space centre is going to open their gates for an awesome sporting event.

Race And Online Dating: An Experiment

I’m a tall, half Asian woman. I’m a performing artist and a healer. I dance in nightclubs, as well as talk to people about their problems. I have tattoos. I dress in black and chrome a lot. I’m Buddhist. I speak Texan fluently.

This Is The City Of Sydney Morphed Into A Male And Female

One hundred and sixty thousand citizens of Sydney, Australia had their faces photographed in order to make one set of composite faces for the city. See the faces of the city’s neighborhoods below.

Hollywood's Racism Exposed... By Lego

While discussing the art for last week’s OKCupid post on the preferences of different races, guest artist, Chris “Powerpig” McVeigh dropped an astonishing fact: “Almost all non-white faces in Lego are scowling.” Easy now, it’s not Lego’s fault.

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