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Drones Autonomously Build A Bridge, So The Robot Army Never Has To Stop

In the future war against the machines, humans might have gained a brief respite by powering through the flowing rivers where electronic killer robots cannot tread. These bridge-building quadrotors have now closed off that avenue of escape.

Here's The Home-Made Gun-Toting Quadcopter Nightmares Are Made Of

I’m not normally of the school of thought that quadrotors should be terminated with a shotgun, but then again I’ve never seen a DIY drone just casually flying around with a handgun. Until now.

Lego Wants To Stop Producing Oil-Based Bricks

Since 1963, Lego toys off all shapes and sizes have been moulded from ABS plastic, a material with a long list of pros; but thanks to the reliance on petroleum to make ABS, sustainability isn’t one of them. That’s why Lego is spending hundreds of millions of dollars finding an alternative.

First-Person-View Drone Racing Looks Like All Kinds Of Fun

Combine two up-and-coming technologies — virtual reality and quadrotors — add an abandoned warehouse, tell OSHA to piss off, and you’ve got the recipe for first-person-view drone racing, aka the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Drone-Carrying Drone Carries Drone Carries Drone Carries Gum

It’s like Inception but with UAVs: the guys at Flite Test recently sought to redefine ‘overkill’ by using four remote-controlled aircraft to deliver one stick of gum. Because science.

UAV Drones Will Patrol Queensland Beaches This Summer

The jury is still out on the ethics of drones, but this is one use case I can definitely get behind. Lifesavers on Queensland’s beaches will be handed the controls to unmanned drone aircraft this summer to patrol beaches and keep people safe.

SHIELD's Helicarrier Gets The Home-Made Quadrotor Treatment

The Avengers pack some pretty serious gear, and to haul that gear around, fictional government agency S.H.I.E.L.D uses the helicarrier (part aircraft-carrier, part-helicopter) to move it from place to place, undetected. It was only a matter of time before someone built it themselves, though.

This Quadrocopter Is Being Used In WA To Exterminate Unreachable Weeds

This is how to sort out a rooftop garden from the ground floor. Western Australian gardeners have loaded up a quadrocopter with a weed sprayer and a camera to travel high in the trees and eradicate the problematic Sydney Golden Wattle trees.

The Quadrotor Drone Learns Several Terrifying New Tricks

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The last we checked in with the University of Pennsylvania’s frighteningly manoeuvrable little quadrotor, we noted that it could probably zip through your window and kill you in your sleep. Well, now it can fly through windows while they’re moving. Guhhh.

The Drone That Can Get Through Your Window (And Kill You While You Sleep)

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After watching this quadrotor drone making the craziest manoeuvres I can imagine, I only have three thoughts. One, robotic extermination is inevitable. Two, I want one for next Christmas. Three, send a weaponised squadron to fight the mole men here.

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