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Sexy Women With QR Codes On Their Butts Is Bad

QR codes, those impractical little squares that deliver information through a phone’s camera, have seen their fair share of bad ideas. But this explosion of tackyness seems especially dumb and horrible and gross and UGH.

WTF QR CODES: The Definitive Compendium Of A Sad And Horrible Technology

For whatever reason, QR codes still haven’t died. Near Field Communication is far superior in every conceivable way, yet it’s only in a small handful of phones. And apparently I’m not the only one angry about the nine lives of this insufferable technology, because some people have dedicated a Tumblr to its terribleness.

Commonwealth Bank And Hoyts Trialling In-Cinema Smart Ordering Service

Picture this: You’re sitting in La Premiere, watching the latest superhero blockbuster on the big screen. Just as the superhero in question is about to be pummelled by the bad guy, you have a sudden and irrepressible craving for a choc top. Do you leave the movie to satisfy your hunger, missing the key action sequence? Or do you suffer through until the movie shifts to the unavoidable romance subplot? The answer is neither, thanks to a new technology being trialled by Mastercard, Commbank and Hoyts.

Sign Into Your Google Account On Public Computers Without Typing Anything

If you ever want to log into your Google account when you’re at a public computer, where you’re unsure whether or not there’s a keylogger installed, there’s now a solution. And it’s from Google!

Branded With Its Own Blueprints, This Table Could Live Forever

Remember how sad you were when the faithful side table that served you all through university didn’t survive the move home? No table would ever be the same, but such tragedies could be avoided in the future if the idea behind John Kestner and David Carr’s barcoded Rev–>table catches on.

How Wikipedia Is Making QR Codes Useful Again

QR codes have fallen out of fashion and sunk to an all-time low. But Wikipedia and its QRpedia service may change all that.

Secret Sauce Linking Xbox 360 Games And Windows Phone Is A QR Code

At a Seattle event, Microsoft demonstrated a way for Xbox 360 games like Kinectimals to share information with a Windows Phone handset. The connection uses a QR code that can be scanned both by the handset and the Kinect.

QR Codes On Athletes' Butts Is A Stupid, Sexist Idea

For some reason, beach volleyball isn’t taken all that seriously in the UK. Why? It’s a legitimate sport. It’s not all about the sex. So how are these athletes battling the stigma? With QR codes on their asses. You’re welcome.

Buy Groceries At A Virtual Supermarket Inside A Subway Station

I would never do my grocery shopping inside a subway station. The smells? The rats? The slime? Gross. But what about a virtual supermarket where you scan QR codes of items and have it delivered to you by the end of the day?

The Dutch Are Making QR-Coded Coins. Seriously.

When did you last scan a QR code? It probably wasn’t on a coin. But the Dutch are changing that with QR-coded currency.

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