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The 5 Best Answers From A Fascinating Q&A With An Ex-TSA Agent

Over on Slashdot yesterday, ex-TSA agent and controversial blogger extraordinaire Jason Harrington answered users’ questions about the life of a TSA agent. And as one of the TSA’s most outspoken critics, Harrington isn’t one for tiptoeing around sensitive issues — which, much to TSA’s dismay, makes for wonderfully fascinating Q&As.

How Sennheiser Designs Serious Headphones For A Smartphone Generation

For decades, German audio company Sennheiser has made some of the best headphones you can buy, regardless of whether you’re trying to keep it thrifty or splurge. In recent years, though, the legacy brand has had to adapt its technology to an era when how consumers listen to music has radically changed.

Sony's Phil Molyneux On How To Weird Your Way Back To Greatness

Sony is a consumer electronics beast with a lot of clout, but not necessarily a great product roster to back up its legendary status. Today, it’s hardly the company that put a Walkman in every backpack and a colour TV in every living room.

Is Quora Actually Smart?

Quora bills itself as nothing less than “your best source of knowledge” — not your dad, not your librarian, not Wikipedia. The company, spawned by two righteous Facebook alumni (one since ousted), has raised tens of millions from investors who think it can back this claim up. But a little poking around shows Quora’s got a lot of learning to do — today it’s the Tumblr of opinions.

Watch Bill Gates Address The National Press Club Live Right Now

Isn’t it nice that we live in a world where the richest man on the planet is also probably the most philanthropic? Co-founder of Microsoft and all-time good guy Bill Gates is addressing the National Press Club right now. Here’s how you can watch it live.

Bill Gates On ABC Q&A Next Week

Normally the ABC’s Q&A program is reserved for lofty opinions, obnoxious politicians and a rabid Twitter discussion, but next week Q&A will play host to none other than Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates.

What Ruslan Kogan's Q&A Appearance Was Really About

Last night, outspoken entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan dropped by the ABC’s flagship panel program, Q&A, to participate in a panel about politics with some of the nation’s most serious political guns. Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop, Cabinet Minister Bill Shorten, Greens Leader Christine Milne and prominent candidate and comedian Tim Ferguson were all there to join Ruslan, and we had been expecting fireworks like we had last time the man appeared on the program. Instead, we got a soft, by-the-numbers quote or two from Ruslan that spoke volumes about why he was really there.

Kogan To Hit ABC TV's Q&A Program Next Monday Night

The last time tech entrepreneur and serial big-noter Ruslan Kogan appeared on the ABC’s Q&A program, he had a few controversial things to say about things like the Carbon Tax and Julia Gillard’s leadership as Prime Minister. Fans of controversial chat everywhere then will be pleased to know that Ruslan will re-join the Q&A panel this coming Monday night.

Q&A With The Mastermind Of This Amazing Rain Forest Treehouse

Did you see Return of the Jedi as a kid and wish you could live in the trees in the middle of the bush, but your family and friends would all be connected in a community? Guess what: now that exists.

Giz Chats With The Antarctic Explorer Behind The Lake Ellsworth Water Drill

This November, a team from the British Antarctic Survey will spend three days boring through 3.4km of Antarctic ice into a small sub-glacial lake in search of wildly new forms of live. They’ll be able to do so thanks to a unique hot water drill designed and built in part by Mechanical Engineer Andy Webb.

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