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NSW Transport Is Now Selling Smart Wallets For Opal Cards

So you’ve just received your shiny new Opal card, granting you access to NSW’s fancy electronic ticketing system. You shove the card into your regular wallet or purse… but something’s not right. It’s simply not stylish or convenient enough! Whatever shall you do to escape this quandary of practical fashion? NSW Transport, fortunately, has the answer — an Opal smart wallet you can stick on the back of your phone.

New Android Feature Wakes You Up For Your Bus Or Train Stop

Android Police just discovered a cool new Google Now feature: when you’re taking public transportation, you can set an alarm to make sure you don’t sleep through your stop. No more waking up stranded at the end of the line!

Brazil Train Station Looks Like A Nightmarish Ocean Of Drowning People

It’s like that horrifying scene in World War Z when zombies are just on top of each other. It’s like a mosh pit that never ends for all of eternity. It’s a human traffic jam with absolutely no room to breathe.

China's Batty Proposal For An Under-Sea Train To The United States

A lone report in China’s state-run Beijing Times claims the nation is already in discussions to build an 12,870+ kilometre railroad connecting China, Russia, Canada and the US — including a 201.2km undersea tunnel spanning the Bering Strait. Forget taking this with a grain of salt, you’re gonna need the whole shaker.

Sydney's Opal Card Rollout Continues Out West

Just as Transport NSW promised last year, the Opal card project is moving along at a rapid clip. As of today, Opal card readers have been installed in 120 train stations around the Sydney metropolitan network; the most recent rollout means the tap-on, tap-off system now extends from Casula in the south, to Wyong in the north, to Richmond and Emu Plains out west.

Why A Trompe L'Oeil Tech Bus Is Upsetting San Franciscans

Any mention of tech buses in San Francisco should come with a trigger warning, because pretty much every discussion surrounding the massive, much-maligned vehicles comes fully equipped with deep contention. Now, the winners of an unofficial competition to rebrand the behemoths — which are often partially bright white and completely unmarked — has sparked a new debate over art, ownership, and community. Buckle up.

These Geographically Accurate Subway Maps Reveal Where Trains Really Go

It’s no secret that subway maps are mere approximations of geography. Designed for maximum readability, they map the subway system onto stylised curves and evenly spaced stops. Still, the images of these familiar maps distorted by geographic accuracy are more striking than I even imagined.

9 Classic Posters From The London Tube's 150-Year History

The London Underground secured a place in the pantheon of good graphic design with engineer Harry Beck’s topologic Tube Map from 1933. In addition to that icon, however, the transit system has a pretty substantial history of bringing top-notch visuals to the subterranean masses; posters promoting everything from the Underground’s pleasant temperature control — cooler on hot days and warmer when it’s foggy! — to motor shows to the Regent’s Park Zoo have adorned station walls (and delighted passengers) for decades.

Forget Your Train Pass And Use One Of These Hip RFID Rings Instead

Train passes are annoying. They’re usually flimsy and easy-to-lose. Why not integrate a more high-tech solution into the system? And, hey, why not make it a little bit fashionable too? Well, that’s exactly what these MIT students did.

How One Inventor Secretly Built A Pneumatic Subway Under New York City

Yesterday afternoon, Elon Musk revealed his plansfor a system that could revolutionise transit. This isn’t the first time a private entrepreneur has taken on transportation in America though. In fact, another wealthy businessman and inventor named Alfred Ely Beach attempted to do the same thing in New York, in 1869. Except instead of Hyperloops, he had pneumatic tubes.