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These Are The First Ever Images Of A Single Folded Protein

Forgive this picture for being a little blurry, because you’re actually looking at the first ever image of a single folded protein.

The Phoenix Effect Lets You Unboil An Egg

Researchers at Itmo University in Russia have found a way to fold mutilated proteins back into the right shape. Afterwards, the proteins work better than they did before. They call it the “Phoenix Effect”: an exhausted protein is ripped apart by heat, only to rise again better than before.

Meet The Protein That Plugs A Sperm Into An Egg During Fertilisation

The successful union of egg and sperm in fertilisation depends on a sperm cell’s ability to get through an egg’s thick protective coating and latch itself to its membrane. A study published in the journal Andrology yesterday gives us our first look at the protein responsible for the tie-down.

We're Another Step Closer To Impotence Drugs From Spider Venom

The bite of a Brazilian wandering spider might not kill you, but it can make you wish you were dead. The cocktail of toxins in its venom produces a suite of not-so-delightful effects like swelling, intense pain and paralysis. If you’re male, you also get a painful erection that lasts for hours.

Your Brain's Sex System Needs This Protein To Survive

Sometimes, bad luck leads to insights. A study published today in the Journal of Clinical Investigation has added a new twist to the way the system that controls puberty in mammals develops inside the brain, thanks to two brothers who both inherited a combination of genes for Kallmann syndrome.

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