A $50 Media Player Is Helping North Koreans Thwart Censorship

A $US50 media player is becoming a threat to North Korea’s oppressive, isolationist regime. Many North Koreans are using cheap, portable Chinese media players to learn about the outside world and watch contraband foreign TV, news, and films.

Rare World War I Propaganda Shows The Biomech Soldier Of 100 Years Ago

One hundred years ago, at the beginning of the 20th century, the first golden age of advertising met humanity’s deadliest conflict: the First World War. The emerging art of graphic design, aided by the invention of lithography and later chromolithography, was suddenly used for propaganda — and the results were terrific: a bold, optimistic, merry and extremely fictive vision of a gory war that killed millions.

North Korea Says It's Manufacturing Smartphones With 'High Pixels'

North Korea is known for a lot of things: propaganda, prison camps, starving citizens. Manufacturing high-end electronics is not one of them. But who says a totalitarian dictator can’t dream?

Nazi Propaganda Leaflets Dropped On Soldiers Are Both Nauseating And Fascinating

Here’s yet one more proof that Nazis — especially Goebbels — were cunning manipulators. Or perhaps stupid manipulators. Look at these propaganda leaflets that tried to convince American and British forces to desert by appealing to their most basic instincts.

Facebook, Twitter, And Google+ Propaganda Posters!

No secret that we’re a quite partial to fun propaganda posters (thanks for playing North Korea), so these gorgeous social media war renderings definitely caught our eye…

The Most Insane North Korea Propaganda

Haven’t you heard? North Korea is the place to be! Wide open spaces, friendly locals, quiet, technology-free living at its finest! Repressive authoritarian government? Us? Noooo.

South Koreans Use Balloons To Float Propaganda DVDs To North Korea

For years, South Korean activists have been sending pro-democracy propaganda to the politically and informationally isolated citizens of North Korea via balloon, in an attempt to share information about Kim Jong Il and his regime. Generally, it’s information that is either censored or illegal in the communist country. Sometimes it’s Bible verses. Today, AFP reports the activists sent out their latest bunch of information balloons even after Kim Jong Il threatened to attack them. Here’s what they put inside.

Egyptian Government Forcing Vodafone To Send Propaganda Texts

With protests in Egypt getting uglier by the day, we now know that the government has been forcing Vodafone to send its customers politically charged text messages. One, translated: “The Armed Forces… will not resort to using force against this great nation.”

How The CIA Spent Secret Millions Turning Modern Art Into A Cold War Arsenal

The most vivid icons of Cold War militarism—the ever-looming destruction that could be unleashed—are usually a mushroom cloud or gleaming ICBM. But we should now count Jackson Pollock, too. The CIA spent millions weaponizing modern art against Russia.

Losing Net Neutrality: The Worst Case Scenario

It’s alarmist, over-the-top anti-net-neutrality propaganda, sure, but this chart goes a long way to explaining why the IT dude at the office wears that “All Packet are Created Equal” shirt to work every other day. Short answer: because tiered ISPs are scary.