What do you give the guy who has everything, from an entire religion to a Mercedes with a bulletproof glass room on top? You give him a drone. And that’s exactly what some grade school kids from Rome did on Thursday.

Follow The Pope On Twitter For Less Time In Purgatory

Things you can do to get time off Purgatory: help the poor, volunteer and now… follow the pope on Twitter.

How A Pope's Chalice Is Made

I don’t know why I find something so mundane so fascinating but I can’t get enough of watching Argentinian silversmith Juan Carlos Pallarols create a chalice for Pope Francis. It’s incredible just to see his hands and tools shape what will be the cup for the holiest man in the world.

What's Inside The Vatican's Black And White Smoke Signal

The Vatican needs to find a new Pope. To notify the world of when a new Pope is chosen, the papal conclave will communicate through smoke signal. Black smoke means they haven’t found a Pope, white smoke (or “fumata bianca”) would mean that there is a new Pope. So what’s inside the smoke?

Inside The Sistine Chapel's Security Tech For The Papal Election

Tomorrow, the Sistine Chapel will fill with cardinals who will spend hours — or days — deciding who should be elected as the next Pope. While they do so, the Sistine chapel will be filled with electronic jammers and swept for bugs to ensure no information is leaked.

The Pope Deserved A Better Parting Gift Than This Comic Sans Photo Album

Officials at The Vatican were faced with a tough question when the Pope announced his retirement: what do you get “God’s Rottweiler” as a leaving present?

God Strikes Vatican With Lightning After Pope Resigns

Something must not have been to the liking of the Almighty if He decided to strike St Peter’s Basilica in Rome with not one, but two major lightning strikes moments after the soon-to-be-ex-Pope Benedict XVI announced that he wants out.

Here's The Pope's First Tweet

The pope has been on Twitter for some time, but he’s only now posted his first tweet. Sadly, it’s rather underwhelming.

Pope Reveals All The Secrets Of Baby Jesus

Pope Benedict XVI has just published a new book, the third volume of his Jesus of Nazareth trilogy, talking about the childhood of Jesus. Like Dan Brown’s bestsellers, Herr Ratzinger promises to reveal lots of mysteries for just $US13. Or you can save the money and read the juiciest bits here, starting with the reality behind the star of Bethlehem.

The Pope Officially Has The Worst Twitter Name Of All Time

The Pope, divine mouthpiece of God himself and owner of vast riches and influence, has taken to Twitter. Half holy, half Kardashian, Hitler Youth graduate Benedict XVI is now social mediafied. So why is his Twitter handle so unbelievably weird?