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Mark Zuckerberg Shows Pope His Model Plane

Mark Zuckerberg is chilling with the Pope, and the 32-year-old internet professional brought the head of the Catholic Church a cute model plane.

Do They Have Instagram In Heaven?

The Pope has met with so many leaders from the tech industry lately. Last month there was Tim Cook, and today His Chillness met with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. The question on everyone in Silicon Valley’s lips: Is the Pope trying to take over Silicon Valley?

76 Viral Images From 2015 That Were Totally Fake

We debunked dozens of fake photos this year, covering everything from Charles Manson’s baby photos to John Lennon’s skateboarding skills, and everything in between. It was another busy year for anyone spreading fake images on the internet.

9 Viral Images That Are Totally Fake

Some days it feels like everything on the internet is fake. And I’m here to tell you to trust that instinct.

The Pope's Tablecloth Trick Was A Miracle! (Of Modern Computer Graphics)

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for the fantastic feats of Chill Pope! Today, he’s showing off a classic: The old ‘yank a tablecloth, leaving everything else on the table undisturbed’ trick. It’s a miracle! Except that it’s totally fake.

Your Confessions Are Completely Safe With This Plush Pope

In September the Pope will be visiting Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families Congress and to mark the occasion the US will be doing what it does best: churn out heaps of merchandise, including an adorable plush version of Pope Francis himself.


What do you give the guy who has everything, from an entire religion to a Mercedes with a bulletproof glass room on top? You give him a drone. And that’s exactly what some grade school kids from Rome did on Thursday.

Follow The Pope On Twitter For Less Time In Purgatory

Things you can do to get time off Purgatory: help the poor, volunteer and now… follow the pope on Twitter.

How A Pope's Chalice Is Made

I don’t know why I find something so mundane so fascinating but I can’t get enough of watching Argentinian silversmith Juan Carlos Pallarols create a chalice for Pope Francis. It’s incredible just to see his hands and tools shape what will be the cup for the holiest man in the world.

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