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Online Clock Shows How Long It's Been Since Trump Threatened A Lawsuit

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has a penchant for lawsuits, much like another Republican convention speaker. Recently Trump gave a speech in Gettysburg, where he vowed to sue the many, many women who have accused him of sexual abuse. The Republican nominee said he is fighting “the power structure” and that his administration would not approve of AT&T trying to buy Time Warner “and thus, CNN”.

President Obama's List Of Essential Science Fiction Is Hella Lame

People may disagree on Barack Obama’s accomplishments or the legacy he will leave when he exits the Oval Office, but there’s one way he has truly earned the nickname “Obummer” — and that’s in his list of what he considers essential sci-fi viewing.

Facebook Had An Insane Effect On US Voter Registration

As if we needed a reminder of how intertwined Facebook and politics are in 2016, a new report citing top US election officials says that the social media company contributed to substantial increases in voter registration throughout the US during a brief drive on the site last month. This is hardly the first time Facebook has gotten involved with politics. Indeed, Facebook’s potential impact on elections is becoming more apparent than ever.

Much-Hyped Leak Shows Clinton Cosied Up To Wall Street With Paid Speeches

Better late than never, Julian Assange has made good on his promise to release further email leaks involving US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Released last night, the documents allegedly contain excerpts from lucrative paid speeches she made to Wall Street firms.

How To Stream Today's US Vice Presidential Debate Between Mike Pence And Tim Kaine

The first and only vice presidential debate of this US election season is today at 12:00PM AEST. And there are plenty of different ways to watch Trump’s running mate Mike Pence and Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine square off. Kaine, of course, is perhaps best known as the lead singer of the band Future Islands. And you can’t convince me that it’s not the same guy.

Almost Everyone Who's Ever Worked On Star Trek Is Begging Americans Not To Vote For Trump

In one of the least surprising turn of events in history, the people who worked on Star Trek — a show which envisions a future Earth without sexism, racism, religion and even money — find the thought of a Trump presidency abhorrent. More surprisingly, they all want to be clear that a vote for a third party is a vote for Trump.

How To Catch Up On Today's US Presidential Debate For Free

The first US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was today at 11:00AM AEST. If you missed watching it live, here’s how you can still watch the debate in full.

This Allegedly Leaked Michelle Obama Passport Looks Fake As Hell

The conservative website DCLeaks, which just leaked former US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s hilarious and embarrassing emails, claims that it has gotten a hold of an image of Michelle Obama’s passport. But there’s one small problem: It looks super fake.

The Paris Climate Agreement Just Passed A Major Milestone

Good news, Earthlings: The Paris climate agreement had passed a critical milestone toward adoption. At a UN General Assembly meeting in New York this morning, 31 nations officially signed onto the accord, making it very likely that the deal will enter legal force this year.

Nefarious Promobot Droid Apprehended, Handcuffed By Russian Cops

Yes, that’s right: Promobot, the escape-happy robot, has gotten itself in trouble once again. This time it’s been arrested by Russian police “at a political rally”, a story by the ABC alleges.

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