Join The Debate: 3D-Printed Guns Or Government Regulation?

Here’s the question: in a world where the design of a 3D printed gun is freely available on the internet, can we — or should we — regulate open source design? Or are limits impossible in a world of anonymous file sharing? Does any attempt at control go against the whole spirit of open source, decentralised innovation?

Turkey Has Banned Twitter

Turkey’s Internet watchdog has blocked Twitter, following threats by its Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan fuelled by the network’s ability to carry rumours about government corruption.

The Internet's Biggest Enemies

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released its annual “Enemies of the Internet” index this week — a ranking first launched in 2006 intended to track countries that repress online speech, intimidate and arrest bloggers, and conduct surveillance of their citizens. Some countries have been mainstays on the annual index, while others have been able to work their way off the list. Two countries particularly deserving of praise in this area are Tunisia and Myanmar (Burma), both of which have stopped censoring the internet in recent years and are headed in the right direction toward internet freedom.

The Mobile App Driving Venezuela's Anti-Government Protests

Zello is a walkie-talkie app made by a small company based in Austin, Texas — but if you’ve heard of it, it’s probably because you’ve been following the news in Venezuela or Ukraine. Some of its biggest users are protesters taking to the streets. The app’s creators hadn’t planned on getting involved in political revolutions, so you could say this is one hell of a pivot.

China's New Research Station And The Quiet Rush To Claim Antarctica

In 2048, a very important international event will occur: The Antarctic Treaty, which stops countries from mining the continent’s abundant resources, will come up for review. China — along with the US, the UK and other countries — intends to be ready.

US Air Force Sends Brand New Cargo Planes Straight To The Boneyard

The C-27J Spartan is a hell of a plane. Famous for its ability to take off from unfinished runways, it’s a staple used by militaries around the world, including the United States. At least it was until recently. The US Air Force is sending its latest batch of beautiful, brand new C-27Js straight to the boneyard in Arizona’s desert.

Now World Leaders Are Giving Speeches Via Hologram

When Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan couldn’t make it to the city of Izmir last Sunday to give a speech, he wasn’t too bothered — because he decided he’d give it by hologram instead.

High-Level Independent Review: NSA Phone Spying Is Illegal, Should End

An independent review, by a board made up of senior ex-government members, has concluded that the National Security Agency’s long-running program to collect phone records is illegal and should stop. The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) has written a report — whose contents was shared with Obama ahead of his speech last week — which states that the statute upon which the spying is based “does not provide an adequate basis to support this program.”

Barack Obama Will Announce NSA Reforms On January 17

It’s really happening, folks. On January 17, US President Barack Obama will remark on “the outcomes of the work that has been done in the review process” for reforming the country’s intelligence practices, US Press Secretary Jay Carney said Friday.

Why Is South Australia Still Demonising Video Games? [Updated]

You may have seen this ad floating around your social media channels this morning. Just take a second to read it, because if you’re an adult gamer, it will probably see you spit out your corn flakes. What you don’t know about the image is the broader campaign behind it, and the South Australian government appearing to say one thing while doing another, systematically demonising video games and those who play them.