How To Make Sure Your Net Neutrality Comment Matters

If you’re in favour of a neutral internet — one that’s doled out equally to everyone, not preferentially to whomever pays the toll — you have a few more hours to do something about it. At least, to do something about it the official way, by submitting a comment to the FCC urging the agency not to overturn net neutrality. Here’s how to yell so that your voice gets heard.

Stop Pretending There's A Line Dividing Politics And Tech

“Silicon Valley is a place where seemingly impossible problems are solved every day,” Ezra Klein writes in a new post for The Verge. “…while Washington is a place where solvable problems prove impossible to do anything about.” Klein presents a huge chasm dividing the worlds of technology and politics. This idea is misguided at best, and dangerous at worst.

Ask Tim Wu -- The Guy Who Coined "Net Neutrality" -- Anything

Tim Wu is a busy man. When he’s not teaching law at Columbia or writing for The New Yorker, he’s testifying before Congress about the FCC proposed net neutrality. And as of last month, Wu is running for lieutenant governor of New York State. Busy might not be the right term, actually. Tim Wu is brimming with purpose.

Combine Australian Politics With Puppets? Watch The Hilarious Result

The current government has found itself on the receiving end of some unflattering, though humorous satire, not that it’s done itself any favours since coming into power. You can now add a new locally-produced YouTube series called “Puppet Government” to the list of parodies, which combines muppet-like theatrics with, well, somewhat questionable politics.

Who Should Really Decide Net Neutrality's Fate?

Tim Wu, the guy who coined the phrase “net neutrality”, went nose-to-nose with the House Judiciary subcommittee on Friday morning to fight for the future of the internet. Congress wants to know if somebody other than the FCC should decide the fate of net neutrality. Wu, for one, thinks that’s a pretty silly idea.

The Guy Who Coined Net Neutrality Is Running For Office

This week, Columbia law professor Tim Wu announced that he’s running for lieutenant governor of New York. Wu is the guy who invented the term net neutrality, so this is exciting news.

The FCC Is Trying To Do Something Good For Once

In a blog post, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler recently promised the American people that his agency will intervene if more states pass laws that limit community broadband networks. It’s a nice promise. But remember: It’s just a promise.

The Australian Sex Party's Budget Response On The NBN: 'For F**k's Sake'

The Australian Sex Party’s crowd-funding for its 2014 Federal Budget response video raised $16,500, with over 150 donors. It takes aim at retirement pension age raises, the $7 Medicare copayment, handouts for school chaplains and the rising price of university places, but its most concise and most cutting target is the Liberal Party’s scaled-back NBN.

What Would Change If Politicians Wrote Laws Based On Internet Polls?

A new US political party, designed by software devs and engineers, is joining the race in California. If elected, PlaceAVote’s Congressional candidates vow to decide on every bill based on the majority vote of their constituents — as measured via online polling. Could that sort of direct, digital democracy improve how Congress works? Would it make government more dysfunctional? (Is the latter even possible?)

Budget 2014 With Gizmodo Australia: All The Tech, Science And Motoring News

Last night was Budget Night. Treasurer Joe Hockey stood and told Australia to tighten its collective belt in one of the harsher budgets in recent memory. But what will affect you, the Aussie tech lover? Gizmodo Australia has all the coverage you need to stay on top of this year’s budget.

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