Most Government Whistleblower Hotlines Don't Even Use HTTPS 

The US government is failing to adequately protect its whistleblowers, with dozens of its agencies’ whistleblowing channels — including the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice — leaving sensitive information vulnerable to attacks.

The DEA Is Buying Off-The-Shelf Spyware From A Sketchy Company 

The Drug Enforcement Agency has been quietly spending millions on off-the-shelf spyware for the past few years. Motherboard’s Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai traced the DEA’s $US2.4 million in purchases of malware for snooping called Remote Control System.

What Hillary Clinton Does, According To Google Autofill

US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton does a lot of things. She runs for President. She rides in vans. She hides her emails from the American people. But what does Hillary Clinton really do? It’s a philosophical puzzle, really — one that only an algorithm can solve.

Why Petrol Is Priced In Tenths Of Cents In The US

The practice of pricing fuel with a fraction of a penny is thought to have started around the 1930s. While we can’t be sure who was the first to price fuel this way, it seems to have become relatively commonplace across the United States all the sudden around the same time. So what happened? In short- taxes and the Great Depression.

The 'Great Cannon': How China Turns Its Websites Into Cyber Weapons 

When anti-Chinese censorship services got hit with a crippling distributed-denial-of-service attack last month, researchers quickly pegged China as the culprit. Now, Citizen Lab has pinpointed the Chinese tool that made this attack happen. They’re calling it the Great Cannon.

Police In India Will Use Weaponised Pepper Spray Drones On Protesters 

Indian police recently purchased five drones so they could dump pepper spray on protesters during political demonstrations. The police force in Lucknow, India (population two million) is prepping the drones to start releasing pepper spray as a form of crowd control, starting next month.

The FBI Lets Criminals Walk In Order To Keep This Device A Secret

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is notoriously secretive about its cell phone tracking tools known as Stingrays. Now, new documents obtained by the ACLU show how the Feds keep their surveillance gadgets shrouded in mystery: the FBI makes cops dismiss criminal cases if they threaten to reveal secrets about Stingrays.

US Authorities Were Dragnet-Spying On Billions Of American Phone Calls For Decades 

Indiscriminate spying was the DEA’s blunt force weapon of choice in its “War on Drugs”. The Drug Enforcement Agency and the Justice Department tracked billions of Americans’ phone calls, even people not suspected of crimes, for decades — and it looks like collateral damage wasn’t much of a concern.

Report: Hillary Clinton Just Hired A Google Exec As CTO Of Her Campaign

Hillary Clinton hasn’t declared that she’s running for president — YET — but she seems to already have one crucial hire in place: The Washington Post reports via anonymous sources that a longtime Google exec, Stephanie Hannon, has been named chief technology officer of Clinton’s not-yet-announced campaign.

The TSA Is Using Behaviour Screening To Identify Illegal Immigrants

The Transportation Security Administration uses full-body scanners and other equipment to gauge whether travellers are a threat or not. And as much as it sucks to go through the TSA’s invasive X-ray and scanning checkpoints, it turns out the TSA’s tactics are pretty messed up even when they’re low-tech.

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