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Once Again, You Can Read US Politicians' Deleted Tweets

Politiwoops used to be the go-to place to read tweets that US politicians thought were clever, before quickly deleting. Twitter cut off the service last year over alleged misuse of its developer platform, but now it’s back, and saving more deleted tweets than ever.

Obama's Big Moonshot: Save Humanity

President Obama delivered a budget to the US Congress today. In the history of US policy, there has never been a more ambitious science-focused document to originate from the White House. This is Obama’s moonshot for Earth.

Obama Pledges To Double Spending On Renewable Energy Research By 2020

President Obama will be sending his budget to the United States Congress this coming week, and in it, he’s announced that it will double the investment in research for clean and renewable energy sources.

US Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Wants To Make A NASA For Cyberattacks

GOP presidential candidate and fart-pill shill Ben Carson guest-blogged on Recode to promote his new prescription for cybersecurity: “Heal + Inspire + Revive.” The plan is a mushy combination of buzzwords and contradictions.

Six Ignorant US Senators Want To Slow Down High-Speed Internet

Last year the FCC had the US rejoicing when it upped the minimum requirements for broadband from 4Mbps to 25Mbps. It meant that many internet service providers could no longer classify their service as broadband. So while it didn’t instantly improve speeds, it did shame ISPs and cost them in the tax breaks and grants that come with this classification.

Federal Government: Legalised Marijuana Could Bring In $300 Million A Year

Is the legalisation of marijuana in Australia a pipe dream? Maybe not, if the government takes the Parliamentary Budget Office’s latest estimates under consideration. According to a new report from the PBO, GST on marijuana sales could bring in over $300 per year in revenue — at least to start with.

A New AI Can Write Convincing Political Speeches

Truly rousing political speeches are, sadly, few and far between. But those that are a little less inspiring can, it turns out, be convincingly written by an artificial intelligence system. Yes, politicians may be a little like robots.

Twitter Changed Its Mind On Politiwoops 

Politiwoops, a watchdog tool that tracks politicians’ deleted tweets, was unceremoniously killed by Twitter earlier this year. Today, Twitter reversed its ban.

191 Million US Voter Records Discovered Just Chilling Online

We’ve seen boat loads of personal info dumps online in the last year, but none as bizarre as this: A discovery of personal data from millions of Americans who’ve voted since 2000, found by a researcher in a sloppily configured database. In other words, it was just hanging out on the web. For unknown reasons. And we have no idea who put it there.

US Senator Accuses Tim Cook Of Omitting Facts About Encryption By Omitting Facts About Encryption

Apple CEO and modestly-sized slice of multigrain toast Tim Cook went on 60 Minutes last night. His appearance lacked big, buzzy announcements, but Cook received a strong reaction from US Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), who claims Apple will soon be a go-to company for child pornographers if it doesn’t change its encryption.

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