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How Did Hitler Rise To Power?

Video: When you combine an unhappy group of people with a leader who is more than willing to feed and exploit their fear with wild speeches and rhetoric, things can go bad. When people in business and intellectuals want to be on the favourable side of public opinion, so they start doing things they don’t believe are right, things can get worse. But how can it ever be so bad that someone like Hitler can rise to power and do worse? Ted-Ed explains in this haunting video.

10 Predictions About The Future That Should Scare The Hell Out Of You

Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road

The future looks bright, except when it doesn’t. Here are 10 exceptionally regrettable developments we can expect in the coming decades.

Hillary Clinton Recruits Pokemon In Attempt To Seize Presidency

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have finally broken their silence on Pokemon GO. Their statements today are about what you’d expect.

A Gigantic List Of Tech Leaders Just Publicly Slammed Donald Trump

A lengthy list of Silicon Valley’s top players have signed an open letter slamming Donald Trump’s bigotry and policies, arguing that the bloviating, radioactive orange slime puddle “would be a disaster for innovation”.

Trump's Favourite Real Estate Will Get Swallowed By The Ocean

Celebrity cheese puff and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a problem: Climate change. Despite dismissing our global planetary crisis as a Chinese hoax, the real estate mogul’s prized real estate is directly in the line of fire. In 30 years, Tump’s Mar-a-Lago club could be under 30cm of water.

Internet Access Is Now A Basic Human Right

People may joke that others spend too much time on the internet, but this intricate series of tubes has become an important part of everyday life — so much so that it’s become a human rights violation to take it away.

British Scientists Are Flipping Out About Brexit

Britain is saying goodbye to the European Union, a monumental decision that’s triggering some serious alarm bells among the country’s researchers. Here’s why they have a right to be worried.

Google Searches Suggest Many In UK Don't Understand Brexit

You may have heard the news that the UK voted to leave the EU, which sent the global markets plunging and led to the resignation of the prime minister. But there’s more! Google Trends suggests that many people in the UK still aren’t sure what passing “Brexit” even means.

These Are The Tricks Political Campaign Ads Use To Brainwash Us

Video: Vote for whoever the hell you want to vote for. But don’t make your decision after watching an emotionally prying, stupid-person-targeting, specifically edited campaign ad. Now You See It explains how all political ads, no matter which side they’re on, use the same methods to trick voters into believing the worst in the opposing candidates (or the best in their own candidate). It’s the same trick used in film: the montage.

A US Television Network Used Periscope To Broadcast Because The GOP Killed Its Camera Feed

This morning, House Democrats, led by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), staged a sit-in to force a vote on gun control. Almost immediately after, the cameras and microphones of C-SPAN — which typically broadcasts the action happening on the Senate and House floors — went off. But the network found a workaround: Periscope.

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