Burn Through Your Podcasts Faster Than Ever With The New Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts has long been one of our favourite cross-platform podcasting tools, and there’s a new Android version out today with a Material Design overhaul and even more ways to cut down the amount of time it takes to burn through your podcast queue. You can also get statistics on the amount of listening time you’ve saved overall.

WNYC Explains Why It Deleted A Controversial Podcast On Women In Tech

Earlier this month, we asked a question: Why did WNYC delete an episode of its internet-focused podcast TLDR that criticised Vivek Wadhwa, a professor frequently quoted as an expert on the issue of women in technology? The updated episode is now available online, complete with a painfully tense interview between host Meredith Haggerty and Wadhwa.

Remixing The Serial Theme With Notorious B.I.G. Is Surprisingly Perfect

Did you listen to the Serial finale yet? Good for you, now please don’t tell me what happens. Instead, you should listen to this Notorious B.I.G. remix featuring the Serial theme. Fafu, the New York-based producer behind this little work of genius, even made it downloadable so you can listen to it on the go — just like Serial podcasts.

Spotify Might Be Getting Podcasts

Today in rumours we hope are true, Spotify might be getting podcasts. This could be a great thing to loosen Apple’s stranglehold on the medium.

Podcasts: Where To Start, What To Listen To, And How To Do It Yourself

Podcasting has long since broken out of the niche corners of the internet. If you haven’t gotten into it yet, it’s time to. Here’s what you need to know to get started not just enjoying the vast selection of content available online, but to create your very own show as well. Internet stardom is just a few clicks away.

Apple's Podcasts App No Longer Has Horrible Reel-To-Reel Skeuomorphism

Apple’s Podcasts app has long been a horrid example of Scott Forstall’s most epic crime as a software designer: skeuomorphism. Why do I need a graphic of a reel-to-reel tape machine in my app? HOW CLEVER! Get it? Yes, radio used to be recorded and edited on reels of tape, but that design reference doesn’t do anything good for consumers.

Not Even Podcasts Are Safe From Patent Trolls

Patent trolls are awful. They want money for themselves and misery for the rest of us. Trolls have targeted tech giants like Apple and Samsung, music giants and now, they’re targeting podcasters in a move that might wipe some of our favourite shows off the map. You bastards.

Listen To Wil Anderson Dish The Dirt On Microsoft Australia's Corporate Event

Corporate offsite events aren’t anything new. Companies have them once a year to take their employees somewhere nice to reward them and tell them about the strategy for the company going forward. Quite often, the conference will include some entertainment, and for Microsoft Australia’s recent corporate offsite, that entertainment was comedian and TV host Wil Anderson. Thankfully, Wil has a podcast and is here to tell us all about the inner workings of Microsoft’s employee event.

Do You Listen To Podcasts?

We had something of a collective revelation at the Gizmodo office: we never listen to podcasts. They were once seen as the great killer of radio, but they’ve instead become something more of a compliment.

Podcasts: Apple's Standalone App Arrives Ahead Of iOS 6

I’m so guilty of forgetting about podcasts. Although I’m subscribed to several, they tend to get lost in the chaos of iTunes, Spotify and all the other places I’m turning to for media. But these shows have been given a little breathing room. Prior to the proper release of iOS 6, Apple has launched a standalone app for audio and video Podcasts.