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Playon!HD Mini Takes On The Best HD Media Players

It’s a bit pricier than our favourite media player, the O!Play at $US144, but the miniaturised Playon!HD from A.C. Ryan does include support for internet streaming services, NAS and USB attached storage, along with 1080p.

DLNA Media Center Software, Compiled And Simplified

Want to get media onto your TV using some of that fancy DLNA standard hardware? You still might be at a loss for which media centre software is right for you, but now there’s a handy chart.

Moxi HD DVR Gets 6TB Drive Support, Spawns "Moxi Mate" Media Extender

The Moxi HD, everyone’s favourite not-TiVo, has been joined by a media extender box, alongside a fresh software update, which among other things allows the Moxi to offload video to Lacie’s 6TB drive banks. That’s over 1000 hours of HDTV.

PlayOn Streams Netflix to Your PS3

PlayOn, a program we checked out a couple months ago that streams Hulu, ESPN, YouTube and CBS streaming from a Windows PC to a PS3, Xbox 360 or HP MediaSmart TV, just released its promised update that’ll let you stream Netflix to your PS3 or 360 (though the latter will soon be pointless). It’s still in public beta, so it’s free for the first 60 days, after that it’s $US30—which, after they get all of the bugs worked out, is a small price to pay for Netflix and Hulu on your TV, though I wouldn’t be surprised if native Netflix comes to the PS3 eventually. [PlayOn via Zatznotfunny]

PlayOn Brings Vudu and More to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Netflix Next

PlayOn, a program that allows Vudu, ESPN, YouTube and CBS streaming from a Windows PC to a PS3, Xbox 360 or HP MediaSmart TV, has just been released as a free beta to the public (well, the first 60 days are free, after that it’ll cost US$30). And to make things even better, the software should expand to support Netflix streaming and the Nintendo Wii within the year. Finally, that whole console becoming as complicated as a PC trend is paying off. [PlayOn via PS3Fanboy]

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