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This Could Be The 10-Inch BlackBerry PlayBook

Vietnamese tech forum Tinhte is showing off what could be RIM’s new 10-inch PlayBook. But while the hardware looks like it might almost be ready for launch — if it’s real — don’t expect to get your hands on one any time soon.

iOS Apps Can Sort Of Run On A PlayBook

If you paid money for a BlackBerry PlayBook, we’re very sorry for you. But don’t be too sad — apparently it’s possible to port iOS apps so that they run on your awful piece of hardware.

RIM's Got One Billion Dollars… In Unsold Stock

Ouch. Things just go from bad to worse for the Blackberry vendor, as it’s revealed that it’s sitting on a stockpile of unsold Playbooks and Blackberry smartphones worth a billion bucks.

Old Blackberries Aren't Getting BB10… But The Blackberry Playbook Is

Got an existing Blackberry handset and a hankering for the goodies promised with Blackberry 10? Tough cheddar; you’ll have to buy a new handset. Got a Blackberry Playbook? You’ll be able to upgrade.

BlackBerry 10 To Include Screen Sharing?

Now that RIM has shown a preview of BlackBerry 10, more rumours are surfacing about the updated OS. The latest, from CrackBerry, claims that the platform will have a new screen sharing feature, which means you could show someone what’s on your phone’s display during a video call or while you’re messaging.

Will The Playbook End Up Being A Better PlayStation Than The PlayStation Phone?

The Blackberry Playbook has some excellent hardware, but to date it’s been hampered by a lack of really good apps. The same could be said for Sony’s PlayStation phone initiatives; so far it’s been a lot of promise with little delivery. A PlayStation emulator for Playbook might just bridge the gap between the two.

RIM Is Making It Even Harder To Get Quality PlayBook Apps

RIM is killing the option to sideload apps in a future build of the PlayBook OS in an attempt to curb piracy. This means that they’ll have to be added directly through BlackBerry App World, similar to Apple’s modus operandi with the App Store.

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Review

You might not recall, but when the BlackBerry PlayBook came out last year it was close — oh, so close — to being a respectable iPad competitor. But the omission of native email, calendars and contacts was a fatal flaw, both for reviewers and the buying public.

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Test Notes: Worth The Wait?

This isn’t the review of the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software. That comes tomorrow. Rather, these are just some early impressions and comparisons to the 1.0 software running through my head as I get acclimated with the thing. These opinions that may or may not change with time and familiarity.

Your Old Blackberry Now Functions As A PS3 Remote

To go along with the release of the PlayBook 2.0 update, RIM also included new remote functionality in the BlackBerry Bridge app, so that BB phones can control the PlayBook But as people are finding out, it can control much, much more than just a single tablet.

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