World's Tiniest Plasma Transistor Can Make Supertough Electronics

The pink glow you see above is coming from the world’s smallest plasma transistor, an unfathomably minuscule device 100 times smaller than the width of a human hair. It’s not just tiny, it’s tough, and theoretically able to withstand brutal environments. And it could massively change consumer electronics.

Using Plasma To Clean Glass Is Amazing, Plus Hilariously Roundabout

So there’s Windex, but if that’s feeling too cleaning product-y for you, be aware that you can also clean glass with pure oxygen plasma. Sure.

Watch A 320,000km Canyon Of Fire Rip Open On The Sun

Trying to watch the sun’s explosions with your naked eyes is a recipe for blindness, but luckily NASA has a couple of telescopes that can show you all that fusion glory with none of the permanent ocular damage. Take, for instance, this 320,000km long canyon of fire.

Reuters: Panasonic Will Kill Off Its Plasma TVs By March 2014

According to Reuters, Panasonic is going to stop production of its fantastic plasma TV sets by March 2014. That sucks, but it’s also not surprising since previous reports had hinted at Panasonic planning to cut its TV production and that the TV market has been overtaken by seemingly every other technology not named plasma.

Samsung 2013 Smart TVs: Everything Australians Need To Know

Samsung brought some of the CES-magic to Sydney last night for the launch of its 2013 TV lineup. Here’s what you can expect from the gadget giant this year, and how much you’ll be paying.

Panasonic To Cut TV Production, Maybe Abandon Plasma

Reuters is reporting that Panasonic is planning to cut its TV production — and perhaps pull out of the plasma TV market altogether.

Would You Buy A Plasma TV Or An LCD TV?

I know, I know. We all want to enjoy a gorgeous OLED TV or eat 4K visual deliciousness in our living room but those sets are ridiculously expensive and going to be pretty unrealistic for a long while. The best TV at the moment is the Panasonic VT50, a plasma screen, but we all know people’s eyeballs have their own preferences.

Panasonic Wants You To Draw All Over Its New Plasma Displays

Interactive displays are nothing new, but the technology behind Panasonic’s latest interactive Plasma display screen is pretty neat.

Samsung's 2012 TV Lineup: Smart TV, Gestures And Upgrades

At last night’s launch of its 2012 TV range, Samsung was at pains to promote its Smart TV offerings, which this year will include fitness apps, Foxtel and both talk and physical navigation options.

Harrods Will Sell A Near Million-Dollar TV

If you suffer from the most enviable predicament of having both too much money and too much wall space, the UK’s premiere high-end retail outlet would like to speak with you — something about a 152-inch plasma TV.