Research: Most New Movies Aren't Available On Streaming Services

Think that Netflix is your saviour when it comes to getting movies online? Think again: new research from KPMG has found that very few new-release movies are coming to the video on-demand streaming services.

Why BitTorrent Could Be The Future Of Buying Music

BitTorrent: It’s how you get movies and music for free. That’s what most people think. But if the musicians and filmmakers who are losing to pirates want to survive, they’re going to have to give BitTorrent a big hug.

'Dear Rupert': Google Pens Blog To Murdoch Over Piracy Claims

Rupert Murdoch, billionaire, noted Bond Villain and executive chairman of News Corporation in his spare time, wrote a letter to the EU last week complaining about Google. Murdoch has had a bee in his bonnet about the web giant for some time now, but he’s now specifically alleging that the company is a “platform for piracy”. Google hasn’t taken too kindly to that, and released a rebuttal that it has titled “Dear Rupert”. *grabs popcorn*

Killing The Australia Tax Versus Killing Piracy

Well this is interesting, isn’t it? Yesterday, a Government-appointed panel on Competition Law just told everyone it was OK to use their VPNs to circumvent international geoblocks in order to dodge the Australia Tax. So what does this mean for a government desperate to get people to stop using VPNs to access overseas services like Netflix?

Studios Are Pressuring Netflix To Crackdown On VPN Users (That's Us, You Guys)

Getting Netflix in Australia has been pretty simple in recent years. Just fire up your VPN tunnelling service and get yourself some of that sweet streaming content. The future functionality of such a method looks in doubt today as studios work towards blocking VPNs coming from Australia to access Netflix.

Pirate Bay Founder Might Have To Carry His Dad's Coffin While In Handcuffs

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi is the co-founder of The Pirate Bay, currently serving an eight-month prison sentence in Sweden for his work on the site. While in prison, tragedy struck his family, as an illness claimed the life of Peter’s father. As the family makes preparations for the funeral, Peter’s brother reports that the Pirate Bay co-founder may be forced to carry his father’s coffin in handcuffs.

HarperCollins Is Now Using Digital Watermarks To Stop Ebook Piracy

Pirating ebooks is a breeze. Their file sizes are so small that it usually takes all of 60 seconds between a Google search and having the book on your Kindle. Now, publishers have hit upon a solution that they hope will trip up pirates: an invisible, traceable watermark on every ebook sold.

Watch Malcolm Turnbull's Anti-Piracy Forum Right Here

A few days ago, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull chaired the government’s Copyright Forum. Industry heavyweights came together to argue about points put forward in the Attorney-General’s copyright reform discussion paper, and sparks most certainly flew. Now the Minister has put up a recording of the Forum online for those who weren’t there. Get in here and watch it.

Here's How Foxtel Wants To Punish You For Being A Pirate

Foxtel hates that you pirate stuff. According to the pay TV provider, it’s costing jobs and hurting the company’s bottom line. In its submission to the Government’s copyright consultation process, Foxtel offers a pretty clear idea of how it would like to see you suffer for pirating content illegally.

Village Roadshow: We're Rethinking Our Australian Distribution And Pricing Model Because Of Piracy

“We made one hell of a mistake with LEGO,” Graham Burke says to a packed room of copyright industry watchers. “No more”.

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