Why I Don't Think Piracy Is Worth It

Having been a child of the home computer boom of the early 1980s and then worked with computers for many years, I can’t help but sigh every time a new campaign to reduce piracy comes into effect.

The UK's New Anti-Piracy Scheme Is All Carrot, No Stick

The UK has tried a few different methods to stem the flow of rampant torrent downloads, from site blocking through to strike-based warning systems. None of it seems to work, so now it’s dropping the stick and using a little more carrot to get people to stop downloading, in one of the best-looking anti-piracy schemes we’ve yet seen.

World's Best Top Gear Forum Hit With DMCA Notice To Take Down Links To Episodes

If you’ve ever wanted to stream an episode of Top Gear, Top Gear Australia or Top Gear US online, you’ve probably swung by the FinalGear forums. As of last week, however, the website will no longer be linking to episodes of the world’s favourite car show following a takedown notice under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

RIAA Bullies Tiny Music Sites That Pay Fees Instead Of Make Money

We’ve known for years that the RIAA acts like a bunch of hypocritical bullies with nothing better to do than pick on the helpless. But wow. The latest report about how the lobbying organisation is now bullying small music sites that not only have zero revenue but also pay licensing fees is just pathetic.

Pirate Survey: Channel Nine Finds Half Of Pirates Surveyed Would Pay For Content If It Was Available In Australia

It’s no secret that Channel Nine is working on a service that beats Netflix to the punch in Australia for on-demand streaming. There’s now never been a better time for Nine’s parent company to release said service, with internal survey figures showing that over 50 per cent of people who currently pirate shows would pay for them on a decent streaming on demand platform.

Google Chrome Is Blocking uTorrent Client Downloads Citing A 'Malicious' Software Issue

It might be worth holding off on updating your version of light-as-air torrent client uTorrent this week, given that Google’s Chrome browser has been instructed to block .exe downloads from uTorrent’s website following a malware warning.

New Australian-Made Watermarking Tech Could Kill Music Piracy

When a screening copy of a movie leaks out, it’s pretty easy to track who it was stolen from or uploaded by. These early-release screeners usually have secret codes, abbreviations and even named watermarks on them that tells the studio who broke cover when a movie finds its way onto The Pirate Bay. Watermarking audio files without affecting the quality of an audio file is a little tougher, but Australian scientists reckon they’ve cracked it.

Doctor Who's Season 8 Premiere Episode Leaks Online

Fancy an early look at the first episode of Doctor Who‘s eight season? You’ll have to engage in piracy to get it: a rough cut of the premiere episode has leaked onto torrent sites around the world.

Huge Scam Sends 30,000 Fake Copyright Notices Containing Trojans

TorrentFreak reports that in recent days some 30,000 fake copyright infringement notices demanding cash settlements have been circulating in Germany. In addition to defrauding unwitting folks out of cash, the notices also come bundled with malicious software designed to steal personal info.

Taylor Swift Explains Why People Will Always Buy Music

I never expected when I woke up this morning that I’d be saying the words “Taylor Swift has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, and it’s quite good”. But lo and behold, those words were uttered, and it is fairly insightful. So what does the princess of pop have to say about the future of music as piracy skyrockets?