Why Blocking Piracy Websites Is Bad For Australia's Digital Future

Rumours are flying that the government will introduce legislation before Christmas aimed at blocking certain websites, such as The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents, as part of a range of efforts to reduce copyright infringement in Australia. But is that a good idea?

Individual Submissions To The Australian Government's Piracy Discussion Paper Are Finally Available To Read Online

Feel like some bedtime reading tonight? What about over 600 submissions from individuals to the government’s piracy discussion whitepaper?

Australian Government Minister Admits P2P File Sharing Isn't Always A Bad Thing

When the Australian government is determined to side with content providers rather than consumers, it’s a little surprising to hear a government minister admit that file sharing isn’t always a bad thing. But that happened this morning.

BitTorrent Claims Its Users Do Actually Buy Stuff

The (somewhat unlikely) fact that people who pirate movies are also more likely to spend money on movies has been well-known for a few years now. But thanks to a survey conducted by BitTorrent, we can now put a number on just how generous the pirates are.

Village Roadshow: We're 'Fighting The Good Fight' Against Piracy

The outbursts of enraged anti-piracy rhetoric from Village Roadshow have slowed down in recent months. Ever since Malcolm Turnbull’s piracy forum, the company has kept its mouth shut as the Government works through a scheme to crack down on piracy in Australia. Today at its Annual General Meeting, however, the company told its shareholders that it’s “fighting the good fight” when it comes to piracy.

Disney's 'Big Hero 6' Is Stupidly Delayed In Australia, But It Could Be Worse

Remember how we described The LEGO Movie as “piracy bait” thanks to an idiotic bit of cinematic scheduling around the world? Looks like not everyone was listening. Disney’s latest animated enterprise, Big Hero 6, is the latest film to earn the piracy bait brand in Australia, given the fact that it’s set to be released here a full two months after its US premiere.

Pranksters Get Kim Dotcom Kicked Off His Own Site For Piracy

Kim Dotcom is probably the most wanted man in the movie theatres’ fight against piracy. He’s under investigation by the FBI, and they’re trying to extradite him from sunny, safe New Zealand to the States. But those pale in comparison to his latest problem: his account on Mega, the cloud storage site he founded last year, just got terminated. Oops.

The Real Victim of Online Piracy Is Australian Indie Cinema

Game of Thrones downloaders need not fear data retention plans, said Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull last Friday. Perhaps there is nothing for pirates to fear from Turnbull, but the Attorney-General George Brandis, is a dreadnought of a different disposition. Data retention will go a long way to facilitate his crusade to crack down on internet piracy.

Meet Stan: Australia's Most Ambitious Streaming Service Yet

What would it take to get you to stop downloading shows via BitTorrent or accessing Netflix via a VPN? How about a streaming service that costs less than $10 per month with access to new US shows as they become available across smartphone, tablet and TV-based streaming products? Meet Stan: the new streaming service for Australia, born out of StreamCo.

Netflix's Official Launch In Australia Is Happening, Albeit Very, Very Slowly

200,000 Australians can’t be wrong: Netflix is something that probably should come to Australia in an official capacity. Which is a good thing, because based on all the information we have so far, we’re very close to an official launch of Netflix, in the land Down Under.

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