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Here's The First Demand Made Under Australia's New Site Blocking Laws

It was only a matter of time before someone made use of Australia’s new site-blocking laws, but the first party to make the a demand isn’t who you’d expect.

ISP (Quietly) Acknowledges That BitTorrent Doesn't Equal Piracy

It’s rare that we mention ISPs vigorously defending their customers against overstepping lawsuits, but here we are: Cox, which is being sued by a couple music producers, is going to lengths to point out that BitTorrent use does not automatically mean piracy.

Microsoft Is Testing An Amnesty System For Pirates Upgrading To Windows 10

Windows is one of the most pirated pieces of software in the world. Microsoft knows that. Hell, it even has a massive security team tracking non-genuine copies of the operating system at its Redmond HQ. Microsoft is now making it easier for these OS pirates to get a genuine copy of Windows 10, while also excusing them for going non-genuine in the first place.

All The News You Missed Overnight: Google Bins Billionth Pirate Result, Titanfall Is Coming To Mobile, And More

Technology is filled with all kinds of rumours and speculation — real and fabricated. All The News You Missed Overnight collects all those whispers into one place to deliver your morning buzz.

Popcorntime.io Has Been Shut Down

Bad news for illegal streamers: one of the most popular versions of Popcorn Time has been shut down, likely for good.

Why The Drop in Illegal Movie Downloads In Australia?

There has been a decline in online piracy in Australia, according to a report by the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation (IPAF) released this week at the Australian International Movie Convention, on the Gold Coast. But why are the figures actually falling?

The Record Industry Is Suing Aurous, The Popcorn Time For Music 

Well that didn’t take long. Just a few days after Aurous launched its free, torrent-based music streaming service and hours after it won widespread media coverage, the RIAA announced an aggressive lawsuit to bring it down. So much for easy piracy.

Gizmodo's Weekly Australian Internet Update

Here’s where we round up all the Aussie news around the ‘net about the ‘net, every week. Check in here for a quick primer on everything from piracy to privacy, data retention and what’s happening with the NBN.

Choice Says Netflix Is Killing Piracy In Australia In Problematic Survey

The launch of Netflix in Australia really is killing piracy. At least that’s according to a new survey. There’s a bit of a problem with that survey though, and it’s one that keeps popping up when we try to chart piracy.

Village Roadshow's Graham Burke Is Going To Sue The Crap Out Of You

If you thought Australia passed a series of soft, toothless laws aimed at combatting piracy, you were wrong. Village Roadshow co-CEO Graham Burke has surfaced following the passage of the new laws, and he’s not kidding around: he’ll sue the crap out of you for piracy. Real talk.

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