Pirate Bay Responds To Police Raid: 'Will We Reboot? We Don't Know Yet'

After almost a week offline, The Pirate Bay is still down following a raid by Swedish police. One of the crew behind The Pirate Bay has broken radio silence following the raid, saying that they still don’t know if or when The Pirate Bay is going to come back.

Don't Trust The Pirate Bay Posers

The Pirate Bay went dark last week following a raid by Swedish police. In its wake a number of sites aping the original have popped up, attempting to fill the void. Don’t trust them.

This Is Hollywood's Global Anti-Piracy Strategy

The Sony leaks have proved to be fertile ground for celebrity gossip and identity theft, but they’re also proving to contain other, more serious details. Like the details of the Motion Picture Association of America’s strategy for combating piracy. This is it.

Greens Won't Support Government's 'De Facto Internet Filter' To Stop Piracy

The Turnbull/Brandis plan to introduce site blocking procedures in Australia as a way to combat piracy doesn’t have many backers outside of the government and content industry right now. Senator Scott Ludlam of the Greens came out and slammed the plan, saying that the party wouldn’t support the government’s “de facto internet filter”.

Why The Government's Anti-Piracy Code Won't Stop Illegal Downloads

Attorney-General George Brandis and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced yesterday that they expect internet service providers (ISPs) to work with copyright owners to help police infringement.

CHOICE Slams Government Piracy Plan, Labels Site Blocking As Internet Filter In Disguise

Depending on how long you’ve been following the Federal Government’s attempts to interfere with common sense and the internet in Australia, you may or may not recall that there was once a plan to filter the internet based on a mysterious government blocklist that was ripe for abuse. Consumer group CHOICE recalls the filter, and says that the government’s site blocking proposals to combat piracy are an attempt to re-introduce the controversial filtering plan.

Government Outs Anti-Piracy Plan: Site Blocking, Infringement Notices And Industry Code Part Of The Crackdown

This is it. After months of consultation, a public forum and enough leaks to sink a commercial freighter, the Attorney General George Brandis and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull have finally confirmed how they’ll deal with Aussie pirates.

The Pirate Bay Raided By Police, Site Down

Swedish police have reportedly raided The Pirate Bay. The portal has been down for several hours. The site has long hidden behind the relatively lax laws of Sweden, but it appears it’s exhausted the leniency.

Australian Copyright Reform: Pirate Sites Blocked, Users Not Punished For Torrents

Living in fear of Hollywood hunting you down for torrenting Game of Thrones? An extremely cut-down copyright law reform proposal spearheaded by government Ministers Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis could remove the possibility of direct or financial penalties on Australians who illicitly download copyrighted files.

Google Continues Pirate Bay Crackdown By Axing Apps From Google Play

TorrentFreak reports that Google has started removing Pirate Bay-related apps from Google Play. Given Google’s recent crackdown on the most egregious pirate sites, this isn’t remotely surprising.

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