Foxtel Is Upset That You Pirated 'Game Of Thrones', Writes Open Letter To Pirates

Foxtel had to know this was coming, right? Right? When Foxtel signed the papers with HBO to shut out iTunes and Google Play from carrying Game Of Thrones, they had to know that people would pirate the show by the shipload. Despite what should have been an obvious wave of incoming pirates, Foxtel is still upset that you did it, and now it’s shouting about it in a new open letter.

Aussies Can't Stop Pirating 'Game Of Thrones'. Here's Why.

Game Of Thrones is probably the most pirated show in history, and Australians are at the front of the mob, diving head-first into the record books. We download the HBO drama more than anyone else in the world per capita. Why? Why are we such prolific pirates? How did we get here?

Game Of Thrones To Air Within Two Hours In Australia

Australia’s national day of piracy is on again: it’s Game Of Thrones season premiere day! Thankfully, Foxtel is going to air the first episode of season four in Australia within two hours of it ending in the US.

Channel Seven Just Made 'How I Met Your Mother' Piracy Bait With Plans To Air Finale A Month Late

If you laughed, cried and said farewell to your fictional friends on How I Met Your Mother last night, you’re probably a pirate and deserve to burn in the fires of Kim Williams‘ basement (don’t sue me please). Channel Seven has confirmed to us this morning that it will air the HIMYM finale in around a month or so. Because piracy isn’t a problem in Australia, right?

Dropbox Knows When You're Sharing Copyrighted Files

If you’re a fan of storing your important documents on Dropbox, there’s a small chance that you might have some copyrighted files up there in the cloud as well. If those files are copyrighted, there’s a chance they might not belong to you. If you have those copyrighted files in the cloud, you might want to share them with a friend. That’s when Dropbox steps in and puts a stop to things.

Books, Porn, Open Source: The Pirate Bay's Oldest Torrents Are 10 Years Old

The Pirate Bay has been around for a long time; the first incarnation of the site appeared in November 2001. It has undergone more than a few hosting and Web address changes, but like the proverbial Ship of Theseus, TPB lives on, and is hosting some seriously vintage torrents.

US Judge: An IP Address Alone Doesn't Identify A Bit-Torrent Pirate

A judge in Florida has made an important ruling that will make it more difficult for copyright holders in the United States to successfully sue anyone they claim is a Bit-Torrent pirate.

Popcorn Time, The Netflix Of Piracy, Has Already Shut Down

Well, that didn’t last long. Just a little over a week ago, Popcorn Time descended upon the masses as a way to easily (if perhaps not entirely legally) stream torrents straight to your computer. Now, though, amidst pressure regarding piracy, Popcorn Time has officially closed its doors.

Foxtel To Sort Of Fast-Track Mike Judge's 'Silicon Valley' HBO Show

Hey look! Something else cool to watch on Foxtel! That’s right: the Comedy Channel will sort of fast-track Mike Judge’s HBO show, Silicon Valley, to Australian screens 48 hours after it airs in the US.

Google: Australian Piracy Is An Availability And Pricing Problem

Can I get an ‘amen’?! Google Australia’s head of public policy, Iarla Flynn, is your new hero: in a letter penned to Malcolm Turnbull on behalf of Google Australia about the state of Australian media, Flynn says that Australia has a piracy problem. A problem which can be solved by taking a look at the availability of content and the price of the content which is available here.