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Intel Trims Netbooks To Just Half An Inch Thick, Adds Dual-Core Atom CPUs

The bad news: Intel’s new dual-core Atom processors won’t be appreciably more powerful than what’s in your netbook now. The good news: a Pine Trail netbook reference design Intel introduced today at Computex is only slightly thicker than an iPhone.

HP And Dell Cut Back On 10-inch Netbooks

According to Digitimes, Hewlett-Packard and Dell have “significantly reduced their investments” in the development and production of 10-inch Pine Trail netbooks. HP might cut the size altogether, Digitimes reports, focusing instead on its 11.6-inch netbooks.

TESTED: The Best New Netbooks

If you’re in the market for a netbook – the gimpy kittens of the laptop jungle – know this first: on the inside, they’re all basically the same, making the little differences all the more important! And yes, they do add up.

MSI Wind U160 Netbook Claims 15-Hour One-Charge Power

MSI has updated their netbook line once again. While the U130 and U135 already packed Intel’s latest Pine Trail processor, the U160 is throwing down the battery gauntlet. Fifteen hours on one charge? That’s nuts.

Next-Generation Nvidia Ion Powers Up With 10x Faster Graphics

Netbook graphics are inherently weak, especially with Intel’s much-derided integrated graphics. But the new Nvidia Ion – like its predecessor – lets even a wimpy netbook Hulk out to play DX10 games and 1080p videos. It’s your netbook, on steroids.

Oak Trail Is Name Of Intel Atom Z-Series Replacement (Supposedly)

Intel is moving from conifers to deciduous trees as inspiration for its next Atom Z-series platform, if PC Watch is correct. The Z-series is residing in netbooks and ultra-portables such as the Vaio P from Sony, but with Moorestown not compatible with Windows it makes sense Intel would need a new processor.

Toshiba Harnesses Pine Trail For 10-Inch NB300, NB305 Netbooks

Toshiba may’ve entered the netbook market later than most, but I was really impressed with their latest NB205 model. Adding to that range, the NB300 and NB305 have 11-hour battery lives and Intel’s new Pine Trail Atom chip.

HP Mini Netbooks: Pine Trail, Physical Redesign, Touchscreen Option

HP announced three new netbooks in the Mini line today: The 210 (consumer), 5102 (business) and 2102 (both?). They’re pretty standard next-gen netbooks, except for the 5102’s odd touchscreen option.

Toshiba, Gateway Netbooks Add To Growing Pile Of Leaked CES Gear

With the Lenovo laptop/netbook CES leak still fresh in our minds, let us consider Toshiba and Gateway this afternoon, and the netbooks we now know they’ll be bringing to the show as well:

HP's Pine Trail-Equipped Mini 210 HD And Friends Leak Before CES

With CES only a week away, photos and incomplete specs for eight new machines from HP leaked, including the an upgraded Mini 210 HD Pine Trail-touting netbook.

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