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Breakthrough Quantum Cat Experiment Captured On Camera

The paradox of Schrödinger’s cat — in which a quantum cat is both alive and dead at the same time until we check to see which state it’s in — is arguably the most famous example of the bizarre counter-intuitive nature of the quantum world. Now, Stanford physicists have exploited this feature weirdness to make highly detailed movies of the inner machinery of simple iodine molecules.

Scientists Made Beautiful Holograms Using Sound

We’re all familiar with holograms, the projected 3D images created by manipulating light. But can you create a hologram with sound?

Does Listening To This Pink Kinetic Sand Give You The Tingles?

Video: Kinetic sand is a freaky-looking substance made of 98 per cent sand and two per cent silicone oil, so it sticks to itself, but won’t stick to anything else. It’s like an especially granular type of dough, and you can watch — and hear — the stuff in action in a new short “trigger” video from The ASMR Circus.

It's The Physics That Makes Roller Coasters So Exciting

If you’re planning a visit your favourite theme park, take a moment to learn a little about the underlying physics of roller coasters, via the latest video from the folks at SciShow.

Scientists Just Made A Working Laser Using Blood

Lasers are behind so much of our cutting-edge technology. Now scientists at the University of Michigan have successfully shown it is possible to build a working laser with blood, the better to spot tumours in the human body.

Your Bad Driving Is The Reason Traffic Jams Exist

We’ve all been frustrated by city traffic, waiting in a long line of cars for the light to change at an intersection. And then the stupid light turns red again before we can make it through because the cars ahead of us took so long to get going.

We've Solved The Mystery Of Those White Splotches On The Scream

A team of Belgian researchers has closed the case on the origins of a mysterious smudge on Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s most famous painting, the Scream. Long believed to be bird poo, they found that it is bees wax.

What Breakfast Has To Say About Free Will

You forgot to buy milk. Naturally, it’s all the big bang’s fault.

Why Astronaut Mark Kelly Is Now Even Older Than His Twin Brother

Astronaut Scott Kelly returned from a year-long sojourn in space in June. His slightly older astronaut twin, Mark Kelly, stayed home as a control — part of NASA’s twin study to monitor the effects of space on the human body. But there’s a physical change that NASA might not be able to measure that easily. Mark is now even older (by about five milliseconds) than his space-faring twin, thanks to special relativity.

Scientists Just Found Signs Of Supernovae On The Sea Floor

Is it possible to find trace evidence of supernovae from millions of years ago in the sediment lining the ocean floor? One astrophysicist has spent the better part of a decade trying to find the proverbial smoking gun to prove that it is. And now, it seems, he has succeeded.

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