This Music Video Is Also An Amazing Lesson In Acoustics

Different places shape sound in unusual ways: a cathedral creates rich reverb, in wide open space your voice gets lost, and in an anechoic chamber very strange things happen indeed. This music video was shot in 15 different locations and it reveals how their acoustic characteristics vary so wildly.

Giz Explains: Your Fear Of Radiation Is Irrational

Radioactivity stirs primal fears in many people — but an undue sense of its risks can cause real harm.

The Supermassive Black Hole That's Growing Impossibly Fast

“Here be dragons” was a phrase once used on ancient maps, often accompanied by mythical sketches, to highlight an unexplored or potentially dangerous area. Astronomers might want to borrow this warning to label the centre of galaxies, which contain supermassive black holes.

Electric Cars Are Ever So Slightly Lighter With Dead Batteries

Drive your car until the tank’s empty, and it will probably be 45kg lighter (minus the 6 extra Red Bulls consumed). But drive an electric car until it’s out of juice, and on a much smaller scale, it will also have shed weight.

This Seaweed Is Blue And Red At The Same Time

Do not adjust your monitor. This seaweed is deep red — but happens to appear a bright shimmering blue on a sunny day because of a quirk in its surface properties.

How Bigger Atoms Could Help Make Smaller 'Lab-On-A-Chip' Devices

“Lab-on-a-chip” devices — which can carry out several laboratory functions on a single, micro-sized chip — are the result of a quiet scientific revolution over the past few years. For example, they enable doctors to make complex diagnoses instantly from a single drop of blood.

Can Lightning Strike An Indoor Pool?

Two swimming pool weather policies have surprised me in recent years. One was when I showed up to swim laps at an outdoor pool as it was beginning to drizzle. “Come on in,” I was told; as long as there was no lightning, the pool was still open. So I had one of my weirdest swims ever: you turn your head out of the water to breathe, but your face is still wet. Thanks, rain.

We May Have Dramatically Misunderstood The Shapes Of Black Holes

Even if you didn’t see Interstellar, you’ve probably heard about how black holes have an “event horizon” — and, once you pass it, you’re mashed into multi-dimensional mush. But now some physicists believe we got it all wrong. Black holes are more like fuzzy balls of cotton with no event horizons at all.

A Sheet Of Graphene Is The World's Thinnest Lightbulb

Amid a revolution in low-energy lighting, some scientists are returning to older ways of thinking. Now, graphene has been turned into a working filament, lighting up when it’s pumped with electricity.

Watching Water Filled Condoms Explode Is Suprisingly Mesmerising

Ever wonder what happens when you fill a condom with water, spin it up with a drill, and jab it with a knife? Maybe not, but now you’re thinking about it. Thankfully, the Slo Mo Guys have yet another mesmerising demonstration to feed our imaginations.