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Physicists Discover 'Hidden Chaos' Lurking Everywhere

It appears that the standard tools used to identify chaotic signatures might be missing lots of hidden chaos — especially in systems that seem like they’re not chaotic at all.

A Startup With No Website Just Announced A Major Fusion Breakthrough

A small startup has announced a major advance towards fusion power, the Holy Grail of energy that could rid us of fossil fuels forever. Tri Alpha Energy says it’s built a machine that can hold a hot blob of plasma steady at 10 million degrees Celsius for five whole milliseconds.

Stephen Hawking's New Theory On Black Holes Is Fantastically Insane

Black holes have a rap for being hopeless vortexes of destruction, but what would really happen if you fell into one? According to Stephen Hawking, you might end up in another universe.

Scientists Build The Very First Wormhole Device... For Magnets!

Physicists have created a wormhole device that can tunnel a magnetic field through space. It sounds like Star Trek, but we won’t be zapping humans across the universe anytime soon, but the breakthrough could revolutionise certain magnet-based technologies, including MRIs.

Space Makes Things That Are Spinning Act Completely Crazy

Being in zero gravity has to be a never ending amount of fun. Everything that you boringly do in your normal life, all the things you don’t bother to look twice at — they all become instantly more interesting because you have no idea what’s going to happen. Just check this spinning T-handle in zero gravity, it spins one way and then reverses and spins the other way and then just goes crazy.

'Holy Grail' Of Superconductors Could Revolutionise Electronics

The smell of rotten eggs may make you think of a nasty garbage can situation, but someday it could help power your high-speed trains. Hydrogen sulfide — the chemical compound that emits a powerful rotten egg smell — is a superconductor with enormous potential.

'Yolk And Shell' Nanoparticles Could Make Batteries Last Longer

As batteries go through repeated charge-and-discharge cycles, their electrodes expand and contract — and the physical damage that causes leads to gradual battery degradation. Now, a team of researchers from MIT has a new kind of nanoparticle that may ease the problem.

Scientists Created The World's Quietest Gas To Hear Quantum Effects

If you want to hear something very quiet, you need to reduce the ambient volume of your surroundings. For quantum physicists, though, that meant creating the world’s quietest gas.

Meanwhile In The Future: The Earth Is Falling Into The Sun

The Earth, right now, is revolving around the sun at about 100,000km/h. But what would happen if we slowed to a stop? At that point, the planet would have exactly 64 1/2 days before it crashed into the sun. In this week’s episode, we find out what would happen during those 64 1/2 days.

New Graphene-Based Material May Transform Night Vision And Cameras

When physicists Swastik Kar and Srinivas Sridhar were tasked by DARPA to modify graphene so that it provided thermal sensitivity like that of infrared imaging devices, they didn’t know what they’d end up with. Now, through hard work and a little luck, they have a new kind of super material on their hands.

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